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  1. You can go to AZGFD Draw and on the right side you'll see some links to the hunting regulations and a printable application form. If you're serious about putting in we've got plenty of time until the next elk and deer draws so we can talk about where to put you in. Take a look at the regs and I'll send you an email regarding where we should put you in for. Joe
  2. Mike (Furness), Check out the Sportsmans Forum for a nice bull just taken by one of Az Guides friends. Looks like this is going to be a great year for large bulls in Az. Joe
  3. Joe Kauffman

    Yo, Joe Kauffman

    Ron, Sorry for the delay. I meant to reply several times yesterday but kept getting pulled away. I'll shoot you an email today. Joe
  4. Joe Kauffman

    Some Rye-patch nuggets

    Gus - Welcome to the forum and nice gold! The Rye Patch just keeps producing year after year. I also see you're swinging one of my favorite coils. The 16" NF mono is #1 or #2 in my arsenal depending on where I'm hunting. Again, congrats on the awesome finds! Joe Kauffman
  5. Mike, How's the hunting outlook up there for this year? We've got some pretty high hopes on antler growth due to the early rains we received. Most of the bulls we've been seeing have nice symmetry all the way to the tops instead of last year where we saw great fronts but they lost mass as they went up. Archery elk seasons start this friday so we'll soon see! My son got his first javelina and coues deer tags this November and I have a late coues tag for December. So we'll be busy all year long! You need to put in for a rut elk hunt down here next year. You'd have a blast and I'll make sure you get a dandy. Joe Kauffman
  6. Terry, It isn't so much the width of the wash as much as it is the depth. If there is still some bedrock showing and it's not several feet down then detect away. I've taken nuggets out of those gullies that are more of just a depression on a hill and also out of washes that are 20+ feet wide. There is one that comes to mind in the Bradshaws that is easily 20-30 feet wide in some spaces, but the bedrock is protruding throughout the entire length of it and it's been a real producer over the years. Another benefit of those larger washes is that they usually will get moving pretty decently after a large monsoon storm which will help the gravels move and expose new bedrock several times each year and being that they are larger usually have more tributaries that could potentially carry gold. Joe Kauffman
  7. I still remember my first trip to Quartzite years ago and it was a confusing one to say the least! A good mate of ours Bob Armstrong from Oz was in town and Chris, Steve, Bob and myself took off on a several day venture to see what we could stir up. I think the original plan was to check out a few Central Arizona spots that we had been researching and spend 3 days hitting these new prospects. 1 day into the trip we got a wild hair and decided to head to Quartzite and ended up making it a 5 day trip with quite a bit of gold coming out. One morning the 4 of us were overlooking some new to us ground and deciding our directions. After I took a quick "leak" next to a bush Bob turned on and nailed a nice 4 grammer right in my foot prints.....we poked fun about the pee spot nugget for a bit but he definately ended up on the right end of the joke with a bit heavier poke! We ended that night cooking marinaded elk steaks that I brought to introduce Bob to Arizona game meat.... I will say after detecting much of Az, New Mexico and Australia, Quartzite took a bit of mental adjusting to for me. Being such a vast river placer it was tough for me to initially get the mind set of hunting that type of ground. But I was able to adjust and found some decent bits for my first trip. ....Memories! I'll have to dig out some photos of the trip now. Thanks for bringing up another enjoyable gold memory Lunk. Joe Kauffman
  8. Joe Kauffman

    more gold on the colorado

    Walt, Good going! Whether it's a rough nugget or a smooth ring gold is gold! You've been a bit quiet lately....I thought maybe you've gotten onto a nice patch and were keeping it secret . Take care and good luck! Joe Kauffman
  9. Lunk, no worries there's always more left once you step foot on a patch. We'll have to hit some new areas as well this winter and see what we can turn up. It doesn't look like the monsoons are going to help move much gravel this summer, unless they kick into high gear the next 2 weeks or so. Glad you're still being able to pull nuggets out of that spot. For the effort you must have to put into it you definately deserve it! Joe Kauffman
  10. Great idea Bob. There are so many people out there and it's nice to hear a bit about where they're from and what there interests are. I went ahead and pinned this topic in hopes to catch as much people as we can. For me, it's been nose to the grindstone! But at last there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Starting to get back out and find some gold again and it feels great! Bob - Garrett (my son) turns 10 this October and was drawn for deer and javelina this fall. You can't even imagine the smile on his face when I told him he got not one but two tags for the fall season. Joe Kauffman
  11. Joe Kauffman

    Leaving for Oz Tomorrow

    Good luck guys! Had fun shooting the breeze with you yesterday. You got one heck of a deal! I'll start planning some nice additions for us for when you return so get ready to cash in the new Oz finds! Have a safe and fun trip! Joe
  12. Joe Kauffman

    Anyone heard of this?

    Some car manufacturers are selling their cars & trucks with nitrogen already in the tires as well. My brothers' father-in-law just bought a new Toyota Tundra and the tires came prefilled with nitrogen. Most of the aftermarket offroad shocks I've purchased are also nitrogen filled. Joe Kauffman
  13. Ron, If I remember right, they were spending one night somewhere in Guatemala but I'm not sure which one or where exactly. Good thing is it was located a bit off shore and approx. 40 miles below the earths surface and they say there wasn't much damage. Some homes and a few high buildings but for a 6.8 quake that's pretty good news. Joe Kauffman
  14. Joe Kauffman


    Brian, I was fortunate enough to get to drive the new RZR a few days ago as a friend of mine just bought 2. I'll be giving it a heavy workout this weekend and am anxious to see how it does. I'm excited to check it out since I'm a big Polaris fan and the original Ranger was just a bit too big for my taste. This is a good size machine and is even a bit smaller than the Rhino. Joe
  15. Fred, I'll search back through the files, but if I can't find it, I planned on giving Steve a shout this evening anyhow and will ask him. Joe
  16. Joe Kauffman

    We're Outta Here!

    Have a blast guys! The events you have planned should make for a great trip. Just be careful when you spend the 1 night you know where! Joe Kauffman
  17. Joe Kauffman

    More food for thought

    Don, Setting at just over 6'2" I jumped at the first chance I got as soon as Chris got some in stock. I used it for a solid 5 consecutive days when Chris and I took a little trip and it honestly made all the difference in the world. I really didn't notice much problem with the previous GP & SD machines, but noticed quite a change with the 4000's. I was constantly hunched over to make sure the coil was far enough out to not pick up keys in my pocket or my pick flung over my shoulder. I also usually run larger coils so this added to the helpfulness of the longer shaft. It's also nice that the shaft has the stock Minelab turn knuckle at the end. Being able to run the stock Minelab lower shafts was another selling point to me. Job well done! Joe Kauffman
  18. Happy Birthday bud! I thought it was cool turning 21 5 months before you, now it kinda sucks since you can now poke fun of me for being older . Hope you have a great b-day and Alyssa whips you up some of her famous chicken enchiladas....just save one for me would ya? See you Saturday! It's going to be a blast! Joe Kauffman
  19. Very nice! That's one heck of a transformation you guys did. The place really looks great Bob. That should last probably longer than you need. Great job! Joe Kauffman
  20. Bob, As soon as you get some time, get those boat batteries charged! We've been having fun with some tremendous top water trips the past few weeks. The striper action still doesn't quite compare to the massive boils at Powell, but it's pretty dang close. Joe Kauffman
  21. Hope you hit a lump nugget today! Or a nice crusty space rock.. Joe Kauffman
  22. Grustake, Not sure what the deal is with you not being able to post pics. I'll check on it and see what I can find. I may have to reset your password so I can log on as you and see what you're experiencing. If I do, I'll email you and let you know. Then we can set it back to whatever you want it as. Joe Kauffman
  23. What a blast! Chris and I originally dubbed this trip the Feast or Famine Trip of '07 but it turned out to be much more than that and we were able to find a happy medium somewhere in between. Being that this was a new area to us, we figured it would either be a skunko or a shot at some real goodies. And we ended up finding some very nice gold while have a great time exploring new areas. Like Chris mentioned, we put quite a few miles on the quads exploring new ground (I think it was more like 125+ miles ) and even got a bit turned around and almost ran out of gas once! With dark quickly approaching it was a bit disturbing, but we found our way back with only a little bit of stress . The area we were exploring didn't have the text book look to it and it actually took me a couple of days to get into the right mindset that there actually is gold there. Even with the old timer workings in some of the gullies, it's sometimes hard to break the norm and hunt areas that don't look "just right" for holding nuggets. Once this hurdle was crossed it really opened up more ground and creeks for exploring. My only problem was the one nugget creeks! There was several times when Chris or I would get into a new creek and bang! one of us would hit a nugget right off the bat. But after another hour or so of detecting we wouldn't be able to squeek out any others. We just kept our fingers crossed that one of them would end up giving up a few or even better a nice lump! But with over 34 grams of gold found between the 2 of us and a ton of new country opened up it was an extremely successful trip and another one for the memory bank. I also have to thank Alyssa for the excellent food she prepared for our tired and worn out evening meals. Without those we'd probably have lived on canned beans and sandwiches! Thanks again! Chris - had a great time as usual. We'll have to get to work on the other ideas we had . Here's another photo of the gold. This was taken on the bank of the larger nugget gully that Chris pulled his 1/4 ouncer out of. Joe Kauffman
  24. Joe Kauffman

    GPX-4000 is a Bloody Ripper

    Jonathan, You lucky cuss! I've been itching to get my hands on the new NF 18" since the first words of it came about since I love large coils . It's great to see you're having luck with it. That just drives my determination to have Chris set one aside for me even more! The 20" NFSLM is still my 1st or 2nd favorite coil depending on the ground I'm working and I know it's one of yours as well, so at first impression how would you compare the sensitivity, depth and mineralization stability of the 18" NF compared to the 20"? I also love seeing those pictures of your boys and hearing that they spend so much time helping dear ol' dad in the field. The time I've spent with my boy over the past 5 years (he's 9 now) detecting and general prospecting has become some of the greatest father-son memories we have; not to mention he'll be giving me a run for my money when I upgrade him to a PI machine! Joe Kauffman
  25. Jade, The pics were a bit too large, so I resized them for you and added them to your post. Great pics! One of the few individuals who has legally been able to go after a Jaguar with dogs. That's a great honor. Joe Kauffman