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  1. Ron,


    Let's hope it's not, there have not been any reported sightings that far from the transplant area. In the last couple of weeks, there was a cross breed sighted towards Flagstaff; I believe they are trying to determine now if it was a cross with one of the reintroduced wolves or not. I have seen wolves in the wild and if you know coyotes well, there is no comparison. I'm sure you've seen your share of coyotes out your way so there won't be any question if you do. They are substantially larger, more block shaped nose and a more square face. Mature adults are around 30" tall and can be 5 - 5 1/2 feet long. I have seen some really interesting colored coyotes including some almost black, if you see your new buddy again try to snap a photo, I'd love to see it.

  2. One of my primary frustrations is that they have let access, unnecessary roads and vehicular traffic get way out of hand to begin with. Unfortunately now they most likely will swing too far the other way and eliminate more than they should. I, for one, am all for closing a lot of the trails and roads that people have taken upon themselves to create. From a prospecting perspective it will make it more difficult to get to your location with all the gear you are used to bringing and from a hunting perspective it will weed out a lot of the road hunters and bring hunting back to what it should be.


    Completely different location entirely, but in the high country of Az I used to hike 5-6 miles a day chasing elk or mulies, now there are few places you can hike that far without crossing a road or trail with a quad parked on it. Access is needed but the trails and weekend warrior roads that have sprouted up is a bit out of control in my opinion.

  3. Gary - Internet Explorer 11 is the main browser that is having issues. We are hosted through Invision Power and I have discussed this with them, they have been working in conjunction with Microsoft to correct the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. I am using Chrome and do not have any issues, I would suggest switching to Chrome or Firefox to clear up the problem until then.

  4. Steve,


    This is similar to the process we have in place here. The benefit is that spammers get blocked in the front end, the drawback is that it takes the manual approve/disapprove process. People & spammers get smarter so new releases come out regularly to help with the security. Unfortunately the time between new spam technologies and new releases is always behind the curve so the human administration factor will always be needed.

  5. Hello Dredgebug,


    Before prospecting, I grew up big game hunting all over the state and have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in all areas including those down along the border. I have personally had encounters with illegals, both friendly and not so friendly. Obviously, the closer you are to any towns the less likely you are to have any issues and the times I've come across them have been when I was back in the hills away from the general public. For the most part, the times I have been approached by illegals they were looking for food or water and were very hesitant to talk to anyone but there's always a risk of running into the smugglers and drug runners who are not as happy to see you. They are much more concealed and harder to spot especially when you're swinging a metal detector and staring at the ground.


    I have dozens of friends who have hunted down South and only a few of them will not go there any longer do to bad experiences, but I feel there is always a risk of having issues regardless of how far South you are....but the risk gets higher the closer you get to the border. We've also glassed up illegals packing through the desert on the West side of the Bradshaws which must have been a group that didn't have anyone arranged to pick them up when they hit the city limits :).


    Joe Kauffman