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  1. Thanks for the update Chris, that is great news. If anyone is speaking to him please pass on my regards JP
  2. Jonathan Porter

    Bob Dansie

    Thanks for getting back to me Chris and Chris, the world can be small when everyone's online but gets huge when they stop. I hope he's well and enjoying his fishing. JP
  3. Just wondering if forum members ever hear from Bob Dansie? From memory he moved away from Arizona some time back. If anyone is in contact with him could they pass on my regards. JP
  4. Jonathan Porter

    Awesome 21-ounce haul!

    Clermont gold
  5. Jonathan Porter

    Saying Goodbye

    Noodle was amazing Chris. She could smile and lick and half snarl all at once, I never knew if she wanted to bite me, lick me or both. I've got heaps of footage of her ruining shots when we were filming Nugget Hunting Essentials. :-) Rest in Peace Noodle the Labradoodle, a much loved pet and family member that I'm sure has left a huge lonely void in the Gholson household. Kind Regards JP
  6. The SDC is a real performer and fun to boot, it would have to be the best switch on and go power house detector of all time. Great result Chris, especially in the warmer weather. JP
  7. Jonathan Porter

    Show us your GPZ 7000 finds

    We have a term for "throw away comment" Trolls in Australia kyle, it has a bit to do with Richard and Cranium!! For the record, the gold came out of virgin ground and there were no tractors involved, to imply otherwise is highly insulting. 15 ounce piece was at 3 feet, 14 ounce at 2 1/2 and 13 ounce around the 2 foot mark. General/Difficult and General/Normal were the go to modes, the 15 was a very broad signal, the other two were boomers. JP
  8. Jonathan Porter

    Show us your GPZ 7000 finds

    There you go, all found with the GPZ 7000..... 15oz, 14oz and 13oz, so the rumour is true!! JP
  9. Jonathan Porter

    Happy Birthday JP!

    Hi Chris, thanks so much for thinking of me and also reminding me of some wonderful memories up in the wilds of Cape York with my family and yourself, finding lots of gold and having amazing adventures (would love to have a crack at it again with the GPZ 7000). Your visit with us was a true highlight especially the filming and quad bike rides in the search for gold, although the green ants I stirred up in that tree and you then you riding your quad into said stirred up ants was probably something you could have done without, I can still see in my minds eye when I turned back to check, your quad bike riding along all on its own because you had bailed out!! My has time flown, my boys are now over 6 feet, and I try very hard to avoid having to threaten to open up a can of "Whoop Ass" in case it back fires and they "Boil" me up a "big 'ol can" of it instead! Our winter is just about to arrive and I've once again gathered a few excess summer kilo's (OK more than just a few ), now that its announced and being sold I'm finally free to go wherever I like with the GPZ 7000, I have a head full of valuable knowledge on how to use it to full effect and intend to do so. I remember our discussions around many a campfire of what or if Minelab would ever bring out a totally new technology and here we are at the dawn of a new era, exciting times to be a metal detectorist. I hope you desert dwellers have a fair few weeks of reasonable temps to give the 7000 a good shake down before the Arizona furnace turns back on again, those Prescott hills will be getting a pounding this summer for sure. Regards JP
  10. Jonathan Porter

    Signal Enhancers

    The inbuilt amp in the 5000 battery was not developed by Bruce Candy....... the problem with the inbuilt one is you don't have enough control over the volume of the detector when coupled up with speakers, its either just right in low noise areas or over modulating/distorting, it also lacks a bypass function making it hard to turn it off or down when needing to quickly talk with others or listen for potential threats. JP
  11. Jonathan Porter

    hey potholes bob

    That great news about "Potholes Bob" Chris, I enjoyed meeting him and RD when I was over there. I also remember freezing my manly bits off in that camper!!!!! Is that also your Jeep in the pic? I remember bouncing around in that thing on the day I found my first American nugget with you and Bob Dansie, somewhere out in the Bradshaws from memory. Do people still find decent gold up at Rich Hill? I've still got your book you co-wrote about Rich Hill, the potato patch still gives me thrills thinking about it, imagine finding a virgin large nugget patch area like that with a GPX? JP
  12. Jonathan Porter

    Threshold ?

    Increasing the threshold will not increase depth, it will actually decrease your ability to differentiate a target signal from the loudness of the background threshold noise. You want the threshold to be a steady hum, not broken or stuttery, conversely not too loud and in your face either. The concept behind having a threshold noise is the operator can use it as a benchmark to measure detector noise variations that are being emitted by the machine, signals that break through the threshold that are also repeatable no matter how faint are the desired result. The beauty of the 4500 is it can produce identifiable signal noises from faint targets even ones at great depth in extremely harsh mineralised ground. JP
  13. Jonathan Porter

    Incredible day on old patch!

    Good on you Chris, looks like your weather has finally cooled off in the desert country, I can tell because it's stinking hot here in Aussie land!!! The SDC really is a game changer in that it just about guarantees gold in a lot of areas we have all given up on, sounds unrealistic I know but that's how it's turned out for me and a lot of other users I've talked to here in Australia. Sometimes just coming home with a few little bits in the jar is all that's needed to put a smile on your face, having confidence you can do this on a regular basis is the best thing I love about the SDC. JP
  14. Hi Shep, I did this with my SDC when they first came out, there is a Jaycar part that would suit this purpose, it is a curly cord with a male 1/4 " stereo jack on one end and a 1/4" stereo socket on the other, I just cut off the socket and spliced it into the SDCs connector section that I cut off the bottom of the headphones, I can now plug in either the curly cord which runs up to the B&Z booster on my right shoulder for speaker or headphone use or after soldering a 1/4 jack onto the original headphones plug in that way. The good thing about the booster on the shoulder method is I can run in bypass mode (no amplification) using headphones that have vulnerable cables that would normally not be strong enough to be used when connected directly to the detector. When soldering the wires of the SDC headphone lead be aware they have a fine nylon material that runs with the wires, this has to be burnt off when soldering so you need a lot of heat, unfortunately this then tends to then cause the soldered part to become vulnerable to cracking (brittle), keep this in mind when securing the adapter to the detector to make sure it doesn't get tugged too much when detecting. Hope this helps, JP
  15. Yeh I try not to dwell on the 'through the motel wall snoring' and the sleeping guy with his eyes open. Ha ha ha. :-) Good times though, really knew I was alive on that trip I can tell you. JP