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    Jonathan Porter got a reaction from beatup in Hitting an old patch with the GPZ!   
    Man those scratches in the top of the coil look nasty, those cactus you work in sure do a number on anything that comes close.🙄 I remember the tops of my work boots looking like that after I detected with you and Bob Dansie all those I years ago and that was only a couple of sessions!!😯
    Good going on the gold Chris the GPZ sure is a beast on those old patches. I find placing the bungee wrap at the balance point then wrapping the Minelab bungee around the handle just below the pod (starting from the left side if your right handed) pulling tight and then holding in place with a zip tie were the bungee crosses itself in combination with a Hipstick on a good solid webbing belt takes a lot of the weight off the GPZ. I also use the guide arm to help control the coil, it’s a plus in hilly terrain to help push and pull the coil on the steeper slopes.

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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Chris Gholson in Customer's GPZ finds!   
    Here is a great testimonial I just got from a very happy customer. He picked up the Minelab GPZ 7000 a while back and is off to an amazing start! I sure appreciate the feedback and the great photos. Keep up the good work! 
    “Hi Chris, been out with the 7000 four times now. 6 grams the first trip, nothing the 2nd trip, found the quartz/gold specimen on the 3rd trip, and 5 grams on the last trip. Been real happy with the 7000, finding more gold than ever before!”

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    Jonathan Porter got a reaction from frank c in Long time member/contributor passed away   
    Really saddened to hear the news, Fred was a good guy and a good friend. RIP M8😥
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    Jonathan Porter reacted to frank c in Long time member/contributor passed away   
    To all it may concern Fred Mason passed away this morning.
    Great guy helped a lot of people throught the years I'd know him since 05.
    Sad news. 
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    Jonathan Porter reacted to frank c in Long time member/contributor passed away   
    Fred was ill for quite some time, that's why he hadn't made the trips he loved to do.
    He grew weaker as the months passed, wrenched ill health, bad lungs etc. we carried on with messages back an forth "soldiering up" as he would instruct me to do !
    He just didn't have the strength to come to Az. as he wanted and  tried a few times.
    I enjoyed his friendship for many years. He left a big impression on my soul.
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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Chris Gholson in Social Distance Gold   
    Hi Everyone,
    I hope all of you are doing well and keeping your sanity during this crazy virus lockdown. It’s been slow at the shop, so I’ve been spending a bit of time out in the sunshine chasing gold with my detector. What a perfect hobby for social distancing! 
    Here are a few nuggets that I picked up earlier this month. They were all found with the GPX-4500 and Nugget Finder 15” EVO Coil. They were all very deep and in places I had walked before. The only thing I can guess is that prior to my visit it had really rained out there in the desert. The surface was dry, but down a few inches the soil still had moisture in it, so I’m guessing that helped carry the signal and make these nuggets easier to hear. Check out the weird toothpick shaped piece! I was totally convinced it was going to be a nail; instead I got a nice surprise. Total weight for the hunt was about 6-grams. 
    I’ve also been getting some great customer finds photos which I will also be posting up soon. Stay safe out there everyone & happy hunting! 

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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Chris Gholson in Nice chunky piece! Almost a 1/2 oz.   
    This amazing find comes from another great friend and customer. He recently scored this beautiful 10-grammer with his Minelab GPZ 7000 here in Arizona. From the short video clip he also sent, the hole looked at least about 20” deep, maybe more. What a gorgeous nugget – well done!!! 
    I wanted to personally thank everyone that has been sending me photos of their recent finds. Not only do I love seeing this stuff, I know our forum & social media followers do too! Please keep them coming!

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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Chris Gholson in Friend scores a new Nugget Patch!!!   
    This beautiful spread of nuggets was found recently by a good friend of mine here in the southwest. He said that the entire patch fit inside a 200 square-foot oval piece of ground. Everything was found with his Minelab GPZ 7000. The nuggets all appear to be fairly rough with some attached host rock. What amazes me is the variation in color amongst the gold. Some nuggets appear more orangish suggesting copper, while the others look to have more silver in them. It makes me wonder if everything came from the same vein, or if perhaps there were several different stringers that all combined to form the patch. Either way this is a heck of a nice haul and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy!
    He asked to remain anonymous, so I won’t say much other than he is a true inspiration. He is dealing with some major health issues that would have had most folks bed ridden and depressed. Instead he is out there digging holes in the desert making the most out of each day. He is an amazing guy whom I’m proud to call a friend. As the Ozzies would say, “Good on ya mate!”  

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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Reno Chris in Bob Dansie update - some more recent news   
    So on JP's recent thread, none of us had any real news about Bob (only old news), but I got hold just the other day of a friend I'd not seen in more than a year, and he has seen Bob much more recently. In fact he said he was out detecting with Bob as recently as last August. Bob had heart surgery of some type (dont know any details) but has rehabilitated, purchased or acquired detecting equipment and is out prospecting again. Don't know why he is still radio silent as far as the forums, but Bob is up and about prospecting again and my friend said he looked in good health when he was out there.
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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Reno Chris in Bob Dansie   
    I saw Bob several times after he moved from Arizona to California and even detected with him. However a couple years back he suddenly sold all his detecting gear and I've not heard a word since. I was concerned then that it was bad news.
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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Uncle Ron in Bob Dansie   
    Hey JP, the last I heard he was fishing a lot and was planning to go to Alaska to fish...He said he was giving his gold equipment to his daughter as I recall ... I also recall hearing he was having some fairly minor health issues ... Last time I hunted with him he seemed healthy and he scared me to death when riding in his Razer with him ... He took us straight up some cliffs at about 50 MPH!!!! El D may have more recent knowledge.... Cheers, Unc
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    Jonathan Porter reacted to Chris Gholson in Bob Dansie   
    Hey JP,
    Bob did move up to northern Cal and was active on the forums for quite a while, but has gone quiet over the last couple of years. Last time we talked he mentioned a renewed interest in fishing, so perhaps he is chasing trout now rather than nuggets.
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    Jonathan Porter got a reaction from nugget108 in Bob Dansie   
    Just wondering if forum members ever hear from Bob Dansie? From memory he moved away from Arizona some time back. If anyone is in contact with him could they pass on my regards.
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    Jonathan Porter got a reaction from Uncle Ron in Awesome 21-ounce haul!   
    Clermont gold