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  1. This coil has now been sold! (pending payment) Thanks, Don
  2. Dropping the price to $145 with Free Shipping! -Don
  3. I have a used Nugget Finder Advantage 14" Round Mono Coil for Sale. This coil has been used but works same as new. I used this coil on my GPX-5000 with great results! The only reason I am selling it is because I have way too many other coils. ***Price lowered to $145 with Free Shipping in the USA.*** Please email or call me if interested. Thanks, Don Newell 206-755-8927 minersgear@gmail.com
  4. This coil has now been sold. (pending payment) Thanks, Don
  5. I have one Minelab CTX 3030 6 Inch DD Coil for sale. It has only been used once or twice. (almost new condition) Price is $160 Shipped. (Free shipping in the USA) Please email or call if interested. -Don Newell 206-755-8927 donnewell10@gmail.com (located in Washington State)
  6. Hello Ray, did you stop using your new F-19? -Don
  7. Don71


    Does the F-19 seem as sensitive as the Gold Bug Pro? Any advantage when hunting gold over the Pro?
  8. Don71

    Out again...

    Hi Ray, which Gold Bug Pro coil did you find those tiny pieces with? Thanks, Don
  9. If anybody has a Coiltek Pocket Rocket Voltage Regulator to sell in good working condition, I would be interested in buying it. It's the one that switches between 7.3V for the SD an 6.7V for the GP Series detectors. I have the older SD2100V2 that I want to run at 7.3V Thanks! Best Regards, Don in Washington State (email: Donald@prioritycomponents.com)
  10. I am dropping the price on this coil to $295 including UPS Ground Shipping. -Don
  11. I have a lightly used Nugget Finder Advantage 14x9 elliptical S.L. mono coil for sale. It was only used twice and for a very short time. Price is $295 including UPS Ground Shipping in the USA Only. (PayPal ok) If interested please contact me. Regards, Don Newell (206) 755-8927 (cell phone) donald@prioritycomponents.com (Located in Washington State)
  12. Dropping the price on this to $310 including UPS Ground Shipping. Regards, Don
  13. Price Drop to $310 including UPS Ground Shipping on this Coil. Thanks, Don