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  1. If a government employee is telling you this then tell them to put it in writing. Also, buy a little digital recorder and tell them you are recording all the conversations. This usually stops their make believe regulations. You can escalate anything they put in writing to D.C. -Don
  2. Their service department definitely hasn't improved. I think it has gotten worse. When I call there, I can tell that they don't know what they are talking about when it comes to detectors. You might as well be giving your detector box to an inexperienced High School kid to repair. I don't know why they would put the repair facility in Chicago....what a dumb idea. They need people who actually use these things and have interest in detecting, not careless people off the street. -Don
  3. I am about to send in my GPX-5000 for repair. I will let you know how it turns out. My 5000 has started making echo or confused signals on every target. I think the problem affects ground balance as well because it started to drift. Not Good. -Don
  4. Thanks Lunk, I am going to start digging those low-high signals again. On the SD2100, I think that low-high signal must start close to the 10 ounce size depending on the physical orientation of the nugget. I tried my detector on a 10 ounce nugget once but it still gave a high-low signal but it was laying flat. I never tried the 10 ouncer on edge. (It was my friends nugget so I didn't get to play with it for long.) I too am wondering how many large nuggets I have passed up. -Don
  5. Did any of these larger targets have a low-high signal on the SD2100? All of the gold I have dug has been a high-low signal on the SD2100V2, even large multiounce nuggets. All low-high signals have been iron trash but sometimes I wonder if I am passing up an unusual big one. -Don
  6. Hello Perry23, What area are you prospecting in? I am also in Washington State. I have found a few nuggets with the Minelab brand detectors. (4500 & SD2100) I have known a few people with the TDI but they were inexperienced and not able to give a good report. These people always had serious problems with ground balance from the high mineralization here. (Central Washington) -Don
  7. Here is a cool website with various detectors tested against each other in a test garden. http://www.detectortest.info/ -Don
  8. The 12" Round Advantage coil has now been sold. (Pending Payment) Thanks, Don
  9. I have a lightly used Nugget Finder Advantage 12" Round Mono coil for sale. I have tested this coil against the 14"x9" Elliptical Advantage coil and it goes about 1-3" deeper on larger targets and is just as hot on the smaller targets. Price: $245 including FREE UPS Ground Shipping (in the USA only) Please call or email me if interested. Best Regards, Don Newell (206) 755-8927 (cell) donald@prioritycomponents.com (located in Washington State if picking up in person)
  10. Hello Gus, Are you using the stock 11" DD Coil? Best Regards, Don
  11. I am selling my used GPX-4500 detector with 2 extra non-stock items included....Goldscreamer AMP & Pocket Rocket. It is approximately 1 year old so it has a few very minor scratches but otherwise is in perfect working order. (virtually no scratches on the screen or front and back panel of control box) Extra Item: Includes Coiltek Pocket Rocket Lithium Ion Battery System, with 2 batteries, and charger. ($300 New Value) Extra Item: Also Includes Doc's Goldscreamer Amp. ($125 New Value) For times when every faint signal is important. Standard Items Included: ----------------------------- GPX-4500 Detector Box (Serial # 1001231) 11" Stock DD Coil Lithium Ion Battery & Harness (never used) Koss UR-30 Headphones (never used) Original Minelab Shaft Wall outlet and Car Adapter chargers All parts and other pieces complete with Minelab Manual & Box Also includes AZO camo control box cover ----------------------------- Price: $4,300 for everything including free UPS Ground Shipping. (Only Shipping to USA Addresses) FYI: I had this unit posted for sale in the past but the buyer never mailed payment thus it is for sale once again. Please call or email me if interested. Best Regards, Don Newell (206) 755-8927 (cell) donald@prioritycomponents.com (located in Washington State if picking up in person)
  12. The GPX-4500 has been sold. Best Regards, Don
  13. Hello Lost Prospector, I will also be up in Liberty this weekend. Maybe I will run into you there. (I think I know which open pit you are referring to.) FYI: There is a miner's meeting at 4 pm this Saturday at the old Liberty Tool Shed. (look for the North Central Cascades Mining Association sign on Liberty Road.) To eliminate those hot rocks I usually run in Enhance (for the 4500) or Sensitive Smooth. At the pit it is hot rock hell so you will still hear a lot of them. (Basalt and Huge iron hot rocks) Best Regards, Don
  14. This coil is now sold pending payment. Thanks, Don
  15. Hello, I have a Coiltek Goldstalker 14x9 elliptical mono coil for sale. It has only been used 1 time so it is in brand new condition. (selling because I already have another 14x9 coil) Price $300 including shipping in the USA. Please call or email me if interested. Best Regards, Donald Newell (206) 755-8927 (cell) donald@prioritycomponents.com (I am in Washington State)
  16. Hello, What State are you located in and what kind of detector are you using? Best Regards, Don
  17. Don71

    adavantage coils

    Hello JP, Oh, I see what you mean now. Do you have any "pull" with Nugget Finder? We need some help to get those coils over here fast. I am really looking forward to trying them out. I have heard so many good things about them in Australia. Best Regards, Don
  18. Don71

    adavantage coils

    Hello JP, I think you have a typo in the first sentence since the new Coiltek coils are the Goldstalker coils. Thanks, Don
  19. Don71

    adavantage coils

    Hello JP, Now that you have been using the Advantage coils for a while would you say they go deeper than competitor's product or just run smoother? I have 2 of these coils on order with AZO and I am hoping Nugget Finder can get some out to the USA as soon as possible. My prospecting season is actually just starting because the rest of the year is snow. Best Regards, Don
  20. Hello Mike, I just received the same PM. -Don
  21. Hello, I have a used Minelab X-Terra 70 detector for sale with 3 coils included. It includes all the standard items plus 2 extra DD coils in addition to the standard 9" coil. (The standard coil was never used) 2 Extra Coils Included: ($300 value when new) ---------------------------- One 10.5" Round DD 7.5Khz Medium Frequency Coil. One 10.5" Round DD 18.75Khz High Frequency Coil. --------------------------- The high 18.75Khz frequency coil is best for gold and the lower 7.5Khz frequency is better for coins/relics. It also includes the environmental cover that protects the control box and a free carry bag & pouch. This unit has been used but is in excellent condition without any damage. There are a few scratches on the shaft and of course on the bottom of the skid plates. The unit takes 4 AA batteries not included. Price: $550.00 USD including Free UPS Ground shipping in the USA. Please call or email me if interested. Best Regards, Donald Newell (206) 755-8927 (cell phone) donald@prioritycomponents.com (email) (Located in Washington State)
  23. Ok, thanks Lost Prospector, I will wait for your response then. -Don
  24. Hello Bob, Did you have to take your normal settings down a few notches to tame the EMI on the 16" round coil? I would like to use the larger coils but always have too much EMI even on the GPX-4500. I used to own the old white plastic version of the 16" Round Nugget Finder. I was able to reduce the EMI on that coil but I had to dumb down the machine in the process and I felt I was losing any extra benefit. Do you think your smaller 14x9" coil would not have found those targets up to 16" deep? Best Regards, Don
  25. Hello Chris, I saw the new Nugget Finder Advantage coils have modified shielding. Have you noticed any reduction in EM interference vs. the older nugget finder coils? I have always had problems with interference in my area when using the big round coils. Best Regards, Don