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  1. Thank you for everyone who offered nuggets for sale. My customer selected one he liked. Doc
  2. We were all waiting for it to COOL OFF, not FREEZE OUR ASS OFF. For me, cool off, would be like mid 60' to low 70's. I'm with Chris, I'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Doc
  3. I am all for the live and let live philosophy too, unless they don't rattle. I have no use for a snake that comes from a gene pool that doesn't know enough to rattle to at least give someone fair warning to move in another direction. Out in Gold Basin I have ran into Mohave Greens that regardless of how much noise you make or banging the pick on the ground to cause vibrations, they just lay there quietly waiting for you to get within striking range. No bueno! One early morning I pulled onto a dirt road and laying in the road sunning itself was a Mohave, it was the most beautiful shade of emerald green. I stopped my truck short and got out to take a picture. I was at least 30 feet away and as soon as I walked to the front of my truck, he started rattling. I took my picture and got back in my truck and took a wide loop around him to let him resume sunning himself. I liked it that he went on high alert really quickly. Doc
  4. They may have fixed the download issues. I reported it to Minelab when I had a meeting with them last week. But 9 out of 10 guys were not able to successfully upgrade using the Xchange 2 program, so you got lucky. Doc
  5. Trying to use the Minelab instructions and using the Xchange2 program did not work at all. It told me there was an update available, I started to download it to the detector, it failed to download it, at about 70% downloaded it crapped out. When I exited the program and went back into it, the xchange2 program no longer recognized that an update was available because it had already attempted to download it so I assume it thought it was successful. OK so here is what I did to successfully download the firmware upgrade. Total time no more than 10 minutes. Step 1 Plug in the USB cable of your detector to your computer and turn the detector on and leave it on. Under no circumstance turn it off. The upgrade will turn off the detector when it is done with the upgrade. Step 2 Go to My Computer and look for the E drive. It may be another letter, but it will say Minelab GPZ7000, this is looking at the storage on your GPZ7000. Just make sure it is showing up in My Computer. Step 3 Go to: http://www.minelab.c...?view=downloads Download GPZ 7000 Firmware October 2015 (9.69 MB) to your computer on your C: drive in a folder where you will remember where it is. The file will be named: GPZ_7000_UPDATE_IMAGE_20151009.ml3 Step 4 Once the file is downloaded on to your C drive go to the file. Copy the file from your C Drive to the E Drive or other drive letter that indicates this is your GPZ7000 detector. Step 5. Once you have copied the file successfully, go to the E drive, do a right mouse click on the E drive, and select EJECT. This will terminate the connection between your computer and the detector. Step 6 Unplug the USB cord from the computer. DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR DETECTOR. The detector screen will sense you have unplugged the USB cord and it will start the upgrade. Once it has initialized the upgrade it will ask you if you want to do a firmware update. Push the check mark to indicate that you want to proceed. Step 7 the firmware will start to update and show you a percentage complete. Around 80% the screen will go black. Don't panic! What has happened is that the firmware upgrade has actually been successful and it has completed 100% and turned the machine off. Step 8 Turn the machine back on, and it will ask you for the language, units of measurement, etc. Just like it did when it was brand new. Do a noise cancel on it and let it go through the noise cancel procedure until it gets to the point where it wants you to push the tracking button in and move the coil back and forth to balance the machine. It is at this point that you should notice that the picture on the screen is indicating you should be balancing the machine over the yellow ferrite ring. This will be your confirmation that you actually have successfully installed the new firmware. Hope this helps and saves you some frustration. Doc Certified Minelab Gold Machine Trainer
  6. I already had trigger finger surgery on three fingers on the same hand. That worked out well and I healed quickly. No problems and no trigger finger. I also have Dupuytren's in the right hand which is thickened lumps under the skin. It is not a big deal unless the scar tissue starts to shorten and close the hand. Doc
  7. Oh Fred, I know. I have tried swinging left handed and it isn't pretty! I knocked out three other people I was detecting with. It appears that my left hand has a mind all of it's own. Doc
  8. Sorry I have to bail out. Got home from Rye Patch and my hand was killing me. Went to a hand surgeon, he said I have carpal tunnel. I sort of knew that was the problem. I have had issues on and off for 6 months, trying to baby it. However, 4 days of detecting at Rye Patch was the straw that broke the camel's back, So I have to get a EMG nerve conductance test and then surgery. Going to have to learn to detect with my left hand while I heal. Sorry to miss the outting, Doc
  9. Mike, There are probably thousands of untold stories just like this that we will never know about. We can never underestimate the power of evil. Doc
  10. I wrote that in 2001 within a week after it happened. I was just coming out of the denial phase. It would not compute in my head that something like this could happen in our Country. I watched the first tower as it was burning, still a lot of questions flying around and then live I saw that second plane hit the second Tower, and I knew immediately what was happening. I was literally sick to my stomach. It is a very dangerous world we live in, and unfortunately our government under its current leadership has done nothing to improve matters, in fact they have made it worse. We can't possibly build a 2200 mile long border fence! My God the Great Wall of China is like 5500 miles long and was built 200 years before the birth of Christ. Who is kidding who? Doc
  11. You're welcome Mike glad you like it, Doc
  12. DOC

    Saying Goodbye

    I don't think anyone who has not lost a pet can understand, that it is really losing a member of your family. Dogs, want nothing from you but love foremost, and a little kibble. They give nothing but love. They are there for you always. Not just when you are in a good mood, they are there when you don't feel good, when you are sick. In fact they always seem to know. We lost both of our dogs, the last one we had put to sleep just a year ago this month. It is just mind numbing the pain you feel. We waited about two months and then got two more puppies they are over a year old now. We miss our other dogs, and we will never forget them, but having these 2 new ones does taken the edge off of the loneliness. Dogs give you so much love that they actually can squeeze it all into 12 years. Sorry for your loss Chris. Doc
  13. Well I have the covers. And Minelab does have the batteries, but they are 10 amp hour versions not the 13.3 amp hour version. The only time you will get the 13.3 amp hour battery is with a machine. It has something to do with the restrictions on Lithium Ion batteries. Apparently when they are packaged with the machine they can contain more lithium. However, when they are shipped by themselves there is a weight limitation on how much Lithium they can contain without there being a major issue with transportation. This is the word I got from Minelab this week regarding the batteries. "There is a spare battery for the GPZ 7000, it is just a different battery. (It is 10 amp hour) This battery is great keeps us within the Li ION requirements globally for a spare (not shipped with the machine)" Doc
  14. DOH - all great minds think alike. I posted almost the exact same recommendation. Doc
  15. Not yet, give me a call 1-800-477-3211 Doc
  16. Greatest fire starter in the world is as close as your wife's clothes dryer. Put a zip lock bag there and ask her to start collecting the lint out of the lint trap. That stuff goes up like gasoline. Also very fine steel wool. Doc
  17. Thanks Dean, When I ordered one of these from my knife distributor, I was half expecting to be disappointed as I have been so many times in the past with so called "Survival Knifes." When I got it, holding the box it came it, before I even opened it, I was thinking to myself, "Why in the hell is this box so damn heavy, did they screw up and put two knives in there?" NOPE, just one amazingly made knife. I immediate ordered another 20 of them. I watch fat guys in the woods, and Creek is always giving one of the guys this knife he uses, Ontario SK-5 Blackbird Survival Knife, and the thing is like $128 without a sharpener and fire starter. I just don't see anything this expensive knife has that this SCHRADE knife doesn't. Although I think he has a special leather sheath made up that includes the fire starter and sharpener. Thank you again Dean for the great pictures. Doc
  18. The slag was magnetic. I soaked it in wink and it just looked like a very random piece of metal. Smelled that way too. I placed it in the garbage for safe keeping. If I ever need it I will know it will be at the landfill. :-) Doc
  19. Two nuggets on the left. a .6 gram and a 1.02 gram. On the right on the bottom a meteorite, and om the top, I do not have a freaking clue sounded off like crazy, heavy, just never seen anything like it before, No doubt it is some kind of crap. Doc
  20. WO? Changes voltage as well? Now you have my attention. That's pretty amazing. We were just using the gender changers so people could keep using their old Gold Screamer Amplifiers from the 4 pin machines and use them on the 5 pin machines. Doc
  21. I am a Minelab Dealer so I have to be a bit careful with my comments. I too, still have my SD2200, the old green machine. The thing acts as if it is bullet proof. However, that machine is over 20 years old. Minelab has a bunch of boards made up in a run, and after the years go by, they run out of extra boards. This isn't something that is cost effective to go into production to produce 50 more SD2200 boards. The tooling and set up costs alone would be astronomical. So I understand when some machines become obsolete, and at some point a company just has to say... Sorry, we don't support that machine anymore. Now I do know of several cases where Minelab has given customers with old machines, that were not repairable, a LOYAL CUSTOMER COUPON that entitled them to buy a new detector at a certain percentage discount. I don't know whether they are still doing that or not, so don't run around screaming, "BUT DOC SAID YOU WOULD GIVE ME A DISCOUNT." However, it never hurts to ask Minelab for that kind of consideration. The thing I don't understand is not stocking some of the smaller inexpensive items. The one thing that comes to mind is the alkaline battery holder for the old XT18000. The XT18000 is the forerunner of the Eureka Gold. Has three frequencies, works exactly the same. It had a proprietary chargeable battery, and it also had a little clip package that held 8 alkaline batteries that you could use in place of the re-chargeable battery. Now I can certainly understand why the rechargeable battery would reach a point where it was senseless to carry. I mean those batteries don't last forever. However, last I knew, Minelab also does not have the little plastic alkaline battery adapter set either. I mean that had to be a one dollar item. On the other hand, you can only stock so many old parts. So I have had customers who have contacted me and said they have a perfectly good XT18000 that they can no longer use because they have no way to power it up. I generally recommend that they go to a Battery Plus store. They usually can custom build a rechargeable battery pack. To Minelab's credit, they have gotten away from proprietary battery systems on some of their newer machines like the Xterra Gold, and the new Go Find series. That means that customers will always be able to get batteries for their machines inexpensively, and not have to worry about a proprietary battery package becoming obsolete. A little hint for those of you that have older machines that use the old lead gel acid cell battery with the dome top. You have a couple of options. You can invest in my Gold Screamer Lithium Ion System which Chris carries, or you can still buy aftermarket dome top lead acid batteries from Chris. And, for those of you who are handy, DO NOT THROW, your old battery away, carefully pry the dome top off and cut the wires off at the battery terminals. Buy yourself a new battery, the 6 volt 12 amp hour battery fits the dome top fine. Resolder the connections and re-glue the dome top, and you are back in business. BCOT! Doc
  22. You mean welding slag? There is plenty to go around. I've been taking gold out of Gold Basin for 25 years, there are still nuggets out there. The place never fails to amaze me. Big ones are really rare, but there are a lot of little ones. Doc