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  1. You're welcome Tom, use it in good health. You know what they say, it's not really yours until you cut yourself. Doc
  2. I've got it soaking in Wink right now to see what happens to it. The thing with slag is that it usually has a flat bottom where it hit the ground when it was molten. This thing is rough and irregular all around. I am sure whatever it is it has no value what-so-ever, it's just that it was very weird. It also has like little black shiny bubbles that reminds me of miniature Apache Tears. Doc
  3. I would like to hear what you think about the quality as I have been contemplating carrying them in my shop. Doc
  4. So I have a customer who purchased one of my after market Coil Covers for the GPZ7000 machine. He calls me and says this coil cover sucks! (Perplexing to me because I have gotten 12 trips of hard use out of this coil cover before having to replace it. It works great.) I asked the customer "What is the problem?" He said, "It is making my coil false like crazy I can't even use it." I said how do you know it's the coil cover? He says because I took it off and it runs really smooth, I put it back on and it goes crazy again, I can't even touch the ground with it. It sounds like there are targets everywhere. I think the coil cover is squeezing the coil too tight. I said NO, I doubt that is the problem. That coil cover fits perfectly. Let me think about this a minute. I pick up a new coil cover from stock and I am looking at it, and all of a sudden it dawns on me, "Sir, you did remember to remove the gold foil label inside the coil that says "Doc's Detecting Supply" right?" "Ah, no, why does that make a difference?" Well would you put a pull tab between your coil cover and your coil, because that foil label has the same effect, The customer says hold on I will peel it off. He peels it off puts the coil cover back on and SHAZAMM, the GPZ7000 is purring like a kitten. STUPID ME! I assumed that everyone would know enough to peel off the gold foil label before putting the coil cover on the detector. I'm an idiot! Doc
  5. Not sure why. I personally have posted a lot of videos of finds with the GPZ7000. But there are not a lot of guys that have them when you look at the big wide world of prospectors. However, I think the thing that may be causing a lack of commenting is that it has been so darn hot. Too hot to even go out and hunt. I go out and find a little nugget or two and I an spent by noon. Of course I start at like 5 am. But it get's hot quick. It's supposed to start getting cooler. I hope so. Doc
  6. They are ready to be shipped now. Chris only has an allocation of 10 covers until the bulk of the production run of 500 pieces gets here by boat in about 30 days. So get your order in to Chris early. Orders made tomorrow will be drop shipped Priority Mail for Chris FREE and you will have the cover by Friday or Saturday. Thanks! Doc
  7. Crap Mike after 45 years of marriage I am so emasculated I'm not allowed to do anything without asking. You know your balls have shriveled up and fell off when you pull your pants down to sit on the toilet to pee, because your wife has chewed you out so many times for standing and peeing on everything but the inside of the toilet. I sit like a woman to pee. How embarrassing. I will admit I am not a very good aim. I mean we have one of those little toilet closets. There are bath towels hanging on the right, and toilet paper on the left, and if I am standing when I pee, one or the other is going to get wet. I think that's why I like the desert so much, I can pee anywhere and on anything it is truly a liberating experience. Doc
  8. I screwed up. The rules in the POWER BALL contest say that the winning number will be the FIRST BALL DRAWN according to the Arizona Powerball Site. Accordingly, I looked at the results for Saturday night and saw #2 as the first ball and declared Dean Bado the winner. Gary Smith brought it to my attention that the results on the Arizona site do not reflect the order in which the balls were drawn, they just list the balls drawn and put them in lowest to highest order. Powerball is a multi-state lottery which means a lot of states have this game but they are all using the results from the same drawing. So this is the way the Arizona site orders the balls drawn: As you can see they are listed lowest to highest. 08/26/2015 02/22/2016 2-22-32-45-56 12 5 However the Wisconsin site actually lists the balls in the order they were drawn, which is what we need for the contest. We need to know the actual FIRST BALL DRAWN. Here are their results: Wed, Aug 26, 2015 22 56 2 45 32 12 So #2 was not the first ball drawn. #22 was the first ball drawn and Tom H. was the actual winner. SO, Bad News - Good News. The Bad News is, I gave the wrong information, and #2 was not the first ball drawn. GOOD NEWS - In the future contests I will know to direct people to the Wisconsin site so they actually will see the first ball drawn: https://www.wilotter...historyOD.aspx# I already declared Dean Bado the winner in error but it was my fault, so Dean will receive a knife. And Tom H. will also receive a Schrade knife because he actually had the winning number. Tom send me your address so I can get your knife off today. Congratualtions! Dean is going to send me pictures of him and the knife, and I hope Tom H. sends me pictures as well. Doc
  9. Hey Mike, pm me your address. You won the knife over on the Nugget Shooter forum. Congratulations! I'm planning on attending as long as something stupid doesn't come up. Three trips ago I was planning on going out to Gold Basin and my wife comes busting into the bedroom at around 9pm wakes me up yelling can you help me. She had the worst nose bleed I have ever seen. She has never had a nose bleed. Took over an hour to get it stopped. Next day had to scrap the gold trip and take her to the doctor to get it cauterized. Doc
  10. 5rxdc4+-0. ROFLMAO, well you are right. My wife thinks you are very funny and said "See Tom even agrees with me, YOU'RE STUPID." Doc
  11. Dear fellow forum members. I was chastised on another forum for this post because the person felt that I was implying my customer was somehow at fault. That is the problem with the written word, it sometimes does not convey the tone of what you are trying say. I took a little literary license when writing this, and I was trying to be facetious and tongue in cheek when I said I assumed everyone would know to peel the foil label off. The problem is it doesn't look like foil, it's a It is a dull matte finish gold not shiny. But apparently it is a thin film of foil. I thought everyone would know I was accepting the blame by saying STUPID ME, and calling myself an idiot. I mean how dense can you be to unwittingly booby trap the coil cover, and leave my poor customer with a predicament in trying to figure out why his detector was not working. It was a really dumb move on my part. I use those labels on everything, and I actually thought they were printed in gold ink with black print. I had meant for this to be a somewhat humorous and informative post, that sort of reminds me that you just never know what will cause interference with your detector, so you need to be careful and think ahead. In reading the original post over I can see the criticism of this post is well deserved and it could have come off as being flippant. Bottom line is if you see one of those foil labels that says Doc's Detecting, don't get it around your metal detector. Sorry for offending anyone. So I posted this response in the other forum: You are right, in re-reading my post I could have done a better job. I was actually making fun of me. Because I am the "STUPID ME", and the Idiot for putting a foil label on it. I didn't even think of the fact that it was a foil label and someone might not remove the label. I mean it took me a few minutes to figure out what the problem was. This isn't on the customer. It's not the customer's job to figure out my stupidity. It was just stupid of me to even put anything on a coil cover that could interfere with the detector. Buying an accessory item shouldn't have booby traps on it that make it harder for the customer. #1. I should not have used a foil label #2. Customers should not have to play a guessing came about the items I sell. Not all customers are as anal as I am and I should not expect them to remove all the labels. The fault is mine for assuming. Not the customers. #3 My intent was not to make fun of my customer, and perhaps my telling of the story was not worded very well. My customer and I both had a good laugh over the story and he was aware that I intended to post in on the forum. I was the idiot for putting a foil label on the coil cover in the first place. Obviously the telephone conversation was much more light-hearted and comical. I actually said to the customer, Oh no! I bet I know the problem, I'm an idiot, I put a gold label that says Doc's Detecting on the coil cover, I'm wondering if that could be the problem. Did you remove it or is it still there? He said it's still there. I said oh come on, "You didn't remove the metal label that I put on there? Did you take the pull tab off? What about the horse shoe I taped on there with duct tape?... I'll bet you anything that is the problem. I am so stupid." (By the way at the time I did not know that the label is actually foil, I thought it was printed gold background with black lettering. I have used thousands of these labels, I put them on everything, I have just never put them on coil covers before, and I won't do it again) It doesn't look like foil, but apparently it has a thin gold foil layer. Whatever it sure causes havoc with the detector. I apologized to the customer, and told him this is my fault I am so sorry that he had to jump through hoops with this coil cover. "However, I am really happy you called me because I wonder how many other guys have had this same issue? Obviously I have to get different labels, or maybe label them with dog tags, do you think that would interfere with the machine much?" And he laughed and said, I think plain paper labels would be the way to go. But your point is well taken. I'm sorry my post read the way it did. My intent was not to make my customer look stupid, it was me. The next time I went to change my own coil cover I could have just as easily grabbed a cover out of stock, and not thought to remove the label either. I mean it's not like it's in the way or would be visible when the coil cover was snapped on to the coil, most people would never think to peel it off. So thank you for bringing this to my attention. Sometimes the written word is inadequate to relate the tone in which it was written. I am laughing while I am typing it, in a sort of tongue in cheek style, wondering if I could be any more dense in trying to confuse the crap out of my customer, and you are reading it with a furrowed brow thinking, what an asshole Doc is. I am not perfect, but I work on being better every day. I don't think you will find any of my customers that are unhappy that they have done business with me. I twist myself in a knot to help my customers whenever and where ever they need help. Doc
  12. Back in the very first place I found my first nugget 25 years ago, and low and behold, a little .7 gram nugget that was nestled in the roots of a bush in the side of a small gully. Very faint at first, it was down 8 inches. GPZ7000 - High Yield, Difficult Ground, Low Smoothing. I like low smoothing when looking for little nuggets. For my ear it allows me to hear those little subtle variations. As an aside, I can't believe the quality of the pictures phones are taking now. This was taken with my Samsung Note 4. The detail and the color is amazing. Doc
  13. Thank you everyone for playing hope you enjoyed it. Dean pm me your address so I can send your knife. Please take a picture of you with it and post on the forum. Let me know how you like it. Doc
  14. These things are sharp as heck. Really a good heavy duty knife. Doc
  15. Hey fellow prospectors, treasure hunters, purveyors of adventure and tall tales, This contest is exclusive for Chris' AZO forum only. All guesses must be listed here. Here is a quick contest just to liven things up a little over here. Winner will be determined by the first ball drawn in the Arizona Powerball drawing this Wednesday August 26th at 8:00 pm. Only 59 numbers are drawn so only 59 contestants are allowed. Cut off time for guessing is 7:30 pm on August 26th. Guesses after that time will be disqualified. Pick a number, 1 through 59. List it here on this thread on Chris' AZO forum. No other guesses anywhere else are allowed. Once you list your number you may not edit your post and change it. You may only have one guess of a number between 1 and 59. If the number has already been listed here, then that number is taken, first person to submit their guess owns that number. On Wednesday August 26th go to the Arizona Powerball website after 8 pm to look at the numbers drawn in Power Ball for that evening. The official drawing time is 10:59 EST. https://www.arizonal...games/powerball The person who guesses the number of the first ball drawn is the winner. If there is no one who guesses the exact number then the person whose guess is closest to the first ball drawn, WITHOUT GOING OVER wins a great: Schrade survival knife. It includes a holster, sharpener and a fire starter. This is one helluva knife, I own one myself. I will try to keep the list below current but to be sure you don't guess a number that has already been taken go to the end of the thread and look for the latest numbers that have been submitted. GOOD LUCK! Doc 1 Fred Mason 2 Dean 3 Crown King Steve 4 Ron (CA) 5 Sciairia 6 Gold River Mike 7 Grubstake 8 Gone Digging 9 Rich 10 Jim Straight 11 Matt 12 Bob from NC 13 Beatup 14 Explorer 15 Boulder Dash 16 Trinity AU 17 Mike T 18 19 Gold Seeker 20 Mugsy 21 Dick Ward 22 Tom H 23 Adam 24 Renegade Miner 25 Mike Furness 26 Mad Tuna 27 Terry Soloman 28 Sandtrap 29 Mike 30 CalDave 31 Norm 32 Nugget 108 33 WLTDWIZ 34 Mike C 35 Incognito 36 Beavertom 37 Nuggetnut 38 Wes 39 juntphx 40 Pondmn 41 Kelly 42 Chris Gholson 43 Rege-PA 44 Gold Bug Ron 45 Gary 46 Paratrooper 47 Radysh 48 McNuggin 49 Kid Gold 50 Flyin Jeff 51 Mitchel 52 53 MXTSniper 54 Hawkeye 55 Vets 56 AZGold Maverick 57 AuTSaurus 58 Gary Smith 59 Tony R
  16. Power ball drawing at 7:59 PST 10:59 EST. First ball number wins. Doc
  17. So I've heard? I mean I would have no first hand knowledge. Doc
  18. Upon further checking it appears this is a hoax against SNOPES. It doesn't change my opinion of their site. Hey folks, My brother updated me on the original article and it appears to be satire from a site that's known for this type of journalism. Sorry to pass that on without checking it out first. Goes to show the internet is still the wild-wild-west in places. Proceed with caution. Rick Rolsheim http://drrichswier.c...and-corruption/ I knew Snopes was a garbage site when they defended the fake Birth Certificate that Obama posted on the White House website. I examined that document, being a former cop with extensive experience in document examination, this "BIRTH CERTIFICATE" was an obvious altered document. I was able to bring it into one of my programs and completely disassemble the document showing that it was altered, had dates cut and pasted as well as other irregularities. Snopes reported that it was an accurate copy and all of these weird alterations are sometimes caused by scanners when you scan a document... BULL-SH-T. If anything a scanned document would have removed all evidence of cutting and pasting as it would have "delayered and flattened" the document making examination much more difficult. This document was fake as a Las Vegas Strippers boobs! Doc
  19. 10:59 EST Power Ball Drawing. We are looking for the number of the first ball drawn. There are only 59 balls. https://www.arizonalottery.com/en/play/draw-games/powerball Good Luck everyone, only a few numbers left. If you have not guessed or know of a friend that belongs to the forum who has not guessed let them know to get their guess in. Thank you to everyone for participating., Doc
  20. The contest here on Chris' forum only NOW has only 6 numbers left open. If you have not guessed yet give it a go, it's FREE! Win an AWESOME Schrade knife. By the way anyone that wants one of these knives I have a dealership and I can get them for you at cost, $25 plus shipping. They retail for like $43.95 I believe. Not looking to make anything off of them but I need to meet my annual minimum purchase requirement to keep my dealership. Doc
  21. Schiara I gave you number 5, number 4 was taken. If you want to change it let me know, Doc