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  1. Look at the first post in the contest thread it shows the numbers still available. Thank you Doc
  2. Contest to win great survival knife. Winner announced August 29, at 8 pm - 59 entrants only. You must post your guess on the Nugget Shooter forum at: http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=28939 Good Luck! Doc Doc's Detecting Supply
  3. The numbers you wanted 19 and 59 were already taken on Page 2 please select new numbers. Thank you, Doc
  4. Guess where my wife and I went on our honeymoon. Hurry ends tomorrow night over on Rob's forum. http://forums.nuggethunting.com/index.php?/topic/11586-chucks-ghost-nugget-up-to-be-won-again-new-rules/ Doc
  5. And now you see why Minelab has changed their tagline to: Minelab, We change people's fortunes. What a neat thing to be able to say. Minelab has helped people come from abject poverty to being wealthy and to not just live, but to thrive. Doc
  6. My guess posted on Rob's forum: 09/09/1949 Doc
  7. I had a drop ship the other day and Chris made sure it got out the same day. It makes me look good too when things get to customers quickly! Thanks Chris! You rock. Doc
  8. From what I understand the GPX4500 never went away. They were still selling them in foreign markets, because in places like N. Sudan it was all the people would buy. I think Minelab realized that their current three offerings still left a segment of the market untouched. GPX5000 - $5795 - too expensive. However used all of the great accessories that have been developed, Nugget Finder and Coiltek coils, Gold Screamer Battery system. SDC2300 - $3750 - better price, however limited accessories. Only 1 coil, not interchangeable. Limited versatility due to lack of being able to use big coils to get deeper nuggets. GPZ7000 - $10,000 way expensive. Right now limited to stock coil only. Proprietary battery. Now comes along the GPX4500, a proven performer. Probably at least 50 coils available between Minelab, Coiltek and Nugget Finder. Lots of accessories, battery systems, amplifiers, lower and upper rods. And it comes with a bonus 12 X 15 coil for under $3000. This is what we dealers have requested for the last 7 years. Dealers have always requested an all around machine, that uses all current accessories, for around $3000. Minelab has gone above and beyond by dropping the price lower than $3000 and throwing in a 12 X 15 coil. Remember at the peak of the rush on GPX4500, dealers were getting full retail on this machine which at the time was over $6000 and we couldn't sell them fast enough. It is safe to say, that due to the popularity of this machine during the Sudan gold rush, the GPX4500 Minelab changed the fortunes of more people than any other detector ever made. And it's true. I saw people in Sudan who only 6 months prior had nothing. They now owned small tractors and 5 GPX4500's and had a team working for them. That is how it was done there. You started by working on a team and getting a cut. The primary goal was to earn enough money to buy your own GPX4500 and then build your own team. Remember back then, the average price of a GPX4500 by the time it got to Sudan and to the end user was anywhere from $20,000 to $28,000. But when you consider, at the top of the rush the average take of gold per week per detectorist was 2 pounds, that detector got paid for quickly. Doc
  9. You had to go there didn't you!!??? Doc
  10. They are using Minelab metal detectors almost exclusively. The one guy who is the one using the Minelabs wears a Minelab hat the entire time. So far I have seen them use the Excalibur II, the CTX3030 and the SDC2300. I am sure Minelab must have sponsored this expedition. They are in search of gold stolen from the INCA's. They have a great treasure map and have already found some pretty reliable rock carvings on this island indicating the treasure is buried there. They have also found old block and tackle that was obviously used to off load the gold from the old ship and hide it. Diving around the island they have found a ship wreck and several silver coins. Now the BIG problem is, SNAKE ISLAND is not inhabited by humans, just venomous snakes. Golden Lancehead Vipers/ An average population 2000 to 4000 nakes, or 1 snake every square meter. So 1 snake about every square 30 inches. Very worthwhile television viewing. I really enjoy it. http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/treasure-quest-snake-island/ Doc
  11. The first 40 SDC2300 Covers of a run of 500 will be in tomorrow. If you get your order into Chris now, the first 10 people will receive a free BZ Booster Cover to cover your BZ Booster amplifier. The cover with the booster cover is $96, but the first 10 people will get the cover for $89 with the Booster Cover included free. This cover is SUPER TOUGH and durable. 1. Lined with nylon covered neoprene to add cushion and protection for your $3750 metal detector. 2. Bottom of cover is lined with conveyer belt material, easy to wipe off and provides a tough surface that is hard to wear out. 3. Extra loops to thread that expensive headphone adapter through to take the strain off of the jack. 4. Flaps that open from the top to access your controls, and not block your view. Flaps that open from the bottom block you view of the controls and take two hands. 5. PVC stabilizer foot to make sure your detector does not flip over on its side. This removable foot is made of unpainted PVC with end caps. (The picture shows the foot painted, it was too labor intensive to paint all of these so we provide a natural color PVC foot that you can paint if you desire. The caps are removable.) I suggest you glue the caps on once you install the foot through the loop. 6. Easy open access flap to battery compartment. 7. Straps to hold the arm cuff open. This cover has taken a while to get made because I wanted to make sure it met my high standards. The first prototype, (picture below that was taken in the desert) had just a rubber strip on the bottom instead of conveyor belt material. I found out that this material quickly ripped out when used so we opted for conveyor belt material. The flaps of the cover were just material and were floppy and not consistent with the quality of the rest of the cover, so we lined those flaps with neoprene as well to give them structure. I hope you are all pleased with this new cover. Thank you for your patience. Doc
  12. I love your PVC arm cuff idea. Very innovative. I figure you can never go wrong putting a few webbed loops on anything. If you are like me, which apparently you are, you will find some use for the extra loops. If people do not need them, they are not in the way, if they do need them, they are invaluable. Doc
  13. Wow, great gold Dean. Seriously how did you find the stabilizer bar in helping keep the detector upright? I looked at the other cover Rob had been carrying with the little aluminum plate foot that you have to rotate to make it work. First I don't want to add any metal to a cover. Second, I didn't thing it actually did a good job in keeping the detector upright. So I fidgeted around with different ideas and this design seemed to work the best, without interfering with your detecting, and it involved no use of metal. I would love to see pictures of you guys using the cover in the field, so I could use it in my advertising. Thank you, Doc
  14. Oh come on Chris, the heat hasn't stopped me. I have been out when it has been 110, 112 this year. I have made it out almost every week since March. I like heat stroke. Although I did buy a little pop up sun shelter for $39 off of Amazon. It collapses and actually fits in my gear carrier on the back of my ATV. There simply is no shade in the desert. I actually get out into the gold fields around 4:30 in the morning, and I am off detecting as soon as I can see to detect. Usually by noon I have 6.5 - 7 hours in and I call it a day. I get home and my wife meets me at the door, and says, "Take your clothes off right here in the garage you smell terrible. Go right in and take a shower." I go take a shower and then take a dip in the pool. Then shower again to get the chlorine off. I've been dieting and trying to get in shape so making myself get out there once a week has been good for the weight loss. I've been posting my gold find videos on you tube. Doc
  15. Yeah Jennifer no one would ban you, we are too scared of you. I've seen people try to give you a hard time. After you get through giving them a piece of mind you leave them whimpering in the corner with wet underwear crying for their mommy. Doc
  16. Glad you like it Dean. Took a while to get them produced but I wanted them to be perfect and high quality. Doc
  17. Just got the final prototype for the cover for the GPZ7000. I have eliminated the shade cover, it actually is not necessary as the GPZ7000 screen shows up better when it is not shaded. The cover is tailored to the machine and really looks nice. The bottom is covered with conveyor belt material to make it extra tough and durable. It also makes it easy to keep clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth. Keep your eyes out for this new cover to protect your ten thousand dollar investment. Take care, Doc
  18. STEVE - I will have an Aussie distributor who will be carrying them. That should keep the overall price down as it will save on shipping. I don't know exact price as I don't know total weight of shipping them here to U.S. from overseas. I am aiming for under $100.
  19. The first production run of Doc's Gold Screamer Brand SDC2300 covers are being made. The initial run will be 500 units. If you want a cover make sure you get your order into Chris. I will need an estimate because I am going to have the pre-orders shipped by air, with the balance being sent by sea freight which will take another 30 days. The cover will be $89, if you want a matching integrated cover for your BZ Booster, or Treasure Screamer amp they are an additional $10 when ordered at the same time with the SDC2300 cover. Here are some of the key features. Top quality material with neoprene lining to cushion your machine against rough handling, scratches and bumps. Flap doors to reach controls and headphone jack are made so they open from the top. so when you open the flap you can see what you are doing. Flaps that open from the bottom block your view of the controls. Extra loops to help hold, protect and guide that expensive headphone adapter jack you purchased. The bottom of the cover is stitched with a strip of thin conveyor belt material so as to make the bottom extra tough to stand up against wear and tear. It is also easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. Solid stabilizer foot to keep your SDC2300 in the proper position when you set it down, it WILL NOT fall over. No metal used in this cover or foot. The foot is PVC. Always in position. Ready to use. Does not interfere with your swing. You simply will not find a better made cover. I put a lot of thought into this cover and I spared no expense in making sure we used the best materials. This cover will last. Look for the new GPZ7000 Gold Screamer Cover coming soon. It will be made with same materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Last picture is of previous prototype before we got the conveyer belting and foot figured out and beefed up the flaps. However, it does have the cover for the BZBooster shown. Thanks! Doc
  20. Chuck you are probably right. But that means I would have to clean my machine up. I actually posted pictures before of the cover on the SDC2300. I posted it again under original post. That was first prototype that is on the machine. Doc
  21. Those probes worked good, however, they didn't give the depth of the 6 inch round. Doc
  22. I usually use a 12 X 17 around that size. Larger coils do pull a bit more energy but not that much. It is the speaker that really draws on the battery. Doc