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  1. You are only getting 6 hours because you are running the speaker. The amp driving the speaker burns the battery up a lot faster. With headphones I get 7 to 71/2 hours no problem. The nice thing about the batteries is that they weigh around 10 ounces. So if you feel like you might need the other battery sometime during the day, just slip the spare in your hip pocket. BCOT! Doc
  2. DOC

    A very good day

    Great job! Usually you are spot on. If you find a nugget or two right off the bat you might as well pack up and go home. Happened to me last Wednesday. First 5 minutes I hit 2 nuggets with the GPZ7000. I thought WOO HOO, I got the rest of the day to find more. Turns out I had the rest of the day to just get some good exercise. Congratulations! Doc
  3. I believe that fifth pin is used to charge the battery. So while it is not used in the power cord to the machine, it is used in the power connectors from your AC and your DC charging wires when connected to the battery. Of course I have to ask the obvious question. Why don't you buy the Lithium Ion Gold Screamer kit from Chris? It has a built in regulator, and an audio amplifier and comes with two Lithium Ion batteries. All for a little bit more than the cost of 1 Minelab GPX battery. Be careful, and good luck with your modification. Doc
  4. I just got a nice email from a customer in Australia. "Just a quick note to say how useful your startup notes were, very easy for beginners to use. thankyou very much. Dawn Marotti." I am glad the people are finding the Qucik Start Guide useful. That is why I designed it. Doc
  5. Last Night, Saturday October 5, 2013. During the Minelab Annual Dealer Conference held in Las Vegas Nevada. Chris Gholson and his father Steve of Arizona Outback were awarded the very prestigious: 2013 Minelab PIONEER AWARD The Pioneer Award rewards creativity, invention and entrepreneurship. The Minelab Pioneer has taken initiative to suggest, communicate and champion a new idea, policy or product that has resulted in improving Minelab’s position in the industry from a sales, service or industry perspective. Pioneers in American history have explored and travelled to undiscovered places and often places that are not yet understood; such is the case with AZO. CONGRATULATIONS to Chris and Steve Gholson and the Arizona Outback team! Doc
  6. A SPECIAL OFFER for AZO customers. For the next 25 people who purchase their Gold Screamer Power Pack From Chris, we are giving away a FREE Voltage multi-meter, batteries included. This way you can easily check your batteries to make sure that they are topped off and operating at peak performance. For those of you that have the old SD or GP machines, the Gold Screamer Power Pack makes your machine act like a totally different machine. It weighs only 14 ounces. These older machines simply did not have the volume necessary to help you find those faint target signals. The Gold Screamer has a built in amplifier that actually gives you about a 300% increase in volume over the standard sound you hear in your earphones. The amplifier is so strong it actually will drive an optional speaker. The complete system is $469 plus shipping. It comes with two batteries, Gold Screamer Amplifier regulator, AC/DC battery charger, and Control Box cover. How does this compare to using a stock 5 pound Minelab Battery? Let's compare. If you were to buy 2 Minelab Batteries at $128 each = $256 Minelab AC Charger $51 Minelab DC Charger $172 Machine Cover $39 avg TOTAL $518. And you still have no amplification with a Minelab battery, it weighs 5 pounds, and additional batteries are $128. With the Gold Screamer System, additional batteries are only $50. Once you have your initial investment, if you want to add additional batteries it won't cost you another arm and a leg. To sweeten the deal, along with supplying you with the Deluxe Digital readout charger, we will throw in an additional FREE economy AC/DC charger, so you can charge both batteries at once. Call CHRIS at AZO 1-928-777-0267 to order your system today. You will never go back to that heavy 5 pound brick again. Gold Screamer is a Federally Regisitered Trademark of Doc's Detecting Supply.
  7. Another thing about these kits is they work the opposite of how you think they would. As you know with a hypodermic syringe, in order to create suction you need to pull the plunger out. Which mean you are pulling in the opposite direction the the pressure you need to hold the syringe against the skin. So you are holding the syringe down with one hand, and trying to pull the plunger out with the other to create suction. THESE KITS thankfully, do not work this way. The syringes in these kits are totally different. You can operate one handed because while holding the syringe down against the skin you ALSO PUSH the Plunger DOWN and it creates suction. So it makes it extremely easy to use. The suction it creates is really really strong. If you ever need to pop someone's eyeball out, this will do it in a heart beat. Gross, I can't believe that just popped into my brain. Doc
  8. I have updated the photo to show what comes in the Gold Screamer Power Pack. The system is available for either the SD/GP series of machines or the GPX. Chris has them in stock. On the older machines, the amplification of the Gold Screamer makes all of the difference in the world. I have this system fine tuned with great accessories. 1. The Gold Screamer Power Pack regulator has a built in Gold Screamer amplifier. For older machines the regulator steps the the power down to a safe 6.7 volts 2. The padded control box cover has been redesigned. The pouch has been raised to the top of the cover, and we have manufactured the cover with a WEB LOOP to guide the power cord through. This keeps the regulator off of the ground, and protects the short power lead from rubbing on the ground when you set your detector down. The inside of the control box cover has extra reinforcement over the feet of your detector to protect it. 3. The batteries are 7000 mAh 7.4 volt batteries that will give you 7 to 8 hours use each. They have a two year warranty from the manufacturing company. Two batteries come with the system and extra batteries are currently only $50 each. CAUTION. There are a ton of these batteries on the market and I have tested my fair share. Most are crap. The Chinese are very liberal in their labeling. They will label a battery 7400 mAh and when we test it we find it will only run a GPX5000 for around 5 hours. AND, they have NO WARRANTY. The quality varies greatly. We have had these batteries actually come apart. The front just comes unglued from the back. Also stay clear of Lithium Polymer batteries. They seem great, because they are so lite. However, the ones we test were garbage. They did not give good run time, and seemed to fail after about 10 chargings. We have had the best luck with these batteries we supply. They are robust in their design give excellent run time, and with proper care, are very reliable. I have been using mine for over 2 years. 4. The charger. This has been our greatest challenge. We have finally found what I consider is THE BEST charger on the market for this battery. This charger has a digital read out that tells you when the battery is 25, 50, 75, 100 percent charged. No more guessing. AC and DC equipped, 100v or 220V, we even provide the proper Aussie mains plug adaptor with the diagonal blades for our prospecting customers Down Under. These chargers seem to charge the batteries in about half the time as other chargers. There is nothing that comes close to the performance this Gold Screamer Power Pack system offers. A WORD OF ADVICE and CAUTION: I have had a few instances of late in which prospectors are out in the field and they complain that the Gold Screamer has just quit working all together. IN EVERY INSTANCETHIS WAS OPERATOR ERROR !!!! What has happened is that the operator has not been dilligent in exercising care in sliding the battery onto the battery mounting plate on the Gold Screamer regulator. You must make sure the battery is sitting flat on the plate before you slide it forward and lock it into place. What is happening is that operators are not using caution when sliding the battery forward and are bending the contact pins of the regulator down under the battery. The battery has two female holes for the pins to go into. When the pins slide under the battery there is no contact, and hence the system dows not operate. Simple fix. Remove your battery, carefully use a small screw driver and bend the pins back in proper alignment, and carefully mount the battery so the pins enter the female connection terminals on the battery. Pictured below is the sytem as it is currently offered. For a limited time, until we run out of stock, we are also including FREE a second economy charger. It's not a great charger, but it will allow you to keep both batteries topped off until your next outting. Thanks! Call Chris to order your Gold Screamer Power Pack, Doc
  9. Thanks Bunk, When you are only typing with two fingers sometimes they argue about who gets to push the key first. Doc
  10. The SD21100 is a great machine, however there is one big CAVEAT. There was a series of SD2100's where the boards got coated with black paint. It was later learned that this black paint had a metallic property in it and it threw the whole machine out of whack. These machines only worked well with the coils that they came with and then not all that well. If you tried using later coils, or after market coils they really acted whanky. The boards in Minelabs are generally coated white. I had a guy that wanted to sell me his SD2100 dirt cheap, his coils were brand new, the machine was barely used. Unfortunately, it was one of the dreaded black board SD2100's and I took a pass. I could not in good conscience buy one of these machines and turn around and sell it to someone else. Minelab actually did a recall on these machines many many years ago, however, there are still some out there floating around. The serial numbers involved are 36,000 to 38,000. If in doubt open the machine and look at the board. Doc
  11. Yep, didn't used to be so suspenseful, if it was a little piece of gold it sounded like a little piece of gold. Now with these new fandangled Minelabs, it's sort of hard to miss a nugget if you get over it, unless you are just too lazy to bend over and dig it up. Nice to know you are still out there banging around Gary. Doc
  12. Well I started March off on the right foot. I had two GPX5000 customers I had to train on March 1, but around 1 pm they were pooped, and decided to call it quits. I decided to go back to the very first place Hoss Blackman ever took me. I found a nugget that day, about 20 years ago, but it was one that Hoss had planted for me. I have gone back to that same place numerous times and found plenty of nuggets myself since that time. As the years have passed, the area has become very well known and it has been beat to death with detectors and dry washing. However, as a tribute to Hoss I thought I would go back there just for the heck of it. I tell you, these new GPX5000's are very deceiving. Back when we used to use SD2100's and SD2200's when you got a nugget that would scream you probably had a 1/4 ounce piece. Now even little dinks scream. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udL3xksS9Gk&feature=share&list=UU9excX6It0zmVqf3QaoDgTw
  13. Happy Birthday Bunk! Doc
  14. It is a common misconception that if you are arrested you must be read your rights. Your rights must be read to you if you are subject to an in custody interrogation. In other words, the officer has already made a determination that you have committed a crime or has probable cause to believe that you have committed a crime, and now he wants to question you further to determine the specifics of your involvement. Even if he doesn't read you your Miranda rights, and asks you questions, the cop didn't do anything illegal, it's just that he/she is stupid because any incriminating statements you make in response to those questions will not be admissible in a court of law. Cop see's a guy on a corner, gun in one hand, bank bag in the other and a bank alarm is going off across the street. Cop orders the guy to drop the gun. He drops it. Cop handcuffs him and says, "Did you rob that bank?" Sure did! Inadmissible, guy was in custody and he was not given Miranda. Same guy, but cop handcuffs him, they don't give him Miranda, they do not ask him any questions. Other cops arrive and bring bank employees to detained suspects location. They make a positive ID. No harm no foul. No one asked the suspect anything about the robbery. Miranda does not apply. Doc
  15. OK, personally I would say scratch the Eureka Gold off the list. Not that it's not a great detector, it is. But the technology is old, compared to the Xterra 705 Gold. The other issue is that Minelab only makes 1 coil for the Eureka Gold. They make several for the Xterra 705, including a 10 inch round. Also Coiltek has just come out with a 15 inch coil that Chris can get for you. The other thing I love about the Xterra is it runs on 4 AA alkalines. Great machine, lightweight, you will not be sorry investing in this machine. Doc
  16. There was a coil war? Chris sells Coiltek coils for the Xterra 705, and I have many Coiltek dealers that sell Nugget Finder coils as well. There has never been a restriction by either Chris or myself that dealers had to sell one coil or the other. Years ago when Nugget Finder came on the scene, Chris and Steve and I had a conversation down at Rich Hill, and we were all in agreement than the wider a selection of coils we were able to provide Minelab customers, the better. I don't know of any other brand of detectors, other than Minelab, that has such a wide variety of coils. Considering all the different sizes, configurations; for the pulse induction Minelabs, I believe there are something like 50 or 60 coils to choose from when you look at all the offerings from Minelab, Nugget Finder, and Minelab. BCOT, Doc
  17. Sorry I missed you Chris. I came into camp around 5 pm on Sunday, they said you had already left at around 2 pm. I had arrived out in the area around 7 am that day and had hit some old patches, and scored 2 Gold Basin dinks quite a ways away from the camp. One thing hasn't changed about Gold Basin, the gold is elusive, but it is out there. Takes a lot of swinging and a lot of luck, and the right equipment. I visited with quite a few of the guys that were in camp, without exception, everyone was having a great time. Doc
  18. The new Minelab GPX5000 training DVD that Chris hosted for Minelab was released at the Dealer conference in Chicago. I just got through watching all 95 minutes if it, and I must say it is a MUST HAVE if you own a GPX5000. I, for one, being a Minelab dealer, will be making sure all my customers who have purchased a GPX5000 also invest in this video. This DVD is very professionally produced, and Chris makes the GPX5000 extremely understandable with his step by step explanations of each of the settings, their functions, and how to best adjust them for variable conditions. This is a no non-sense, straight forward instructional video. How to put it together, how to set it and how to use it. For those of you with a thorough understanding of the GPX5000 video, then this DVD will probably reinforce what you already know. But for new users and those who are still struggling with the settings or find themselves still using the factory presets, this DVD will give you the knowledge to launch yourself to advanced user status, fairly quickly. This was a brilliant addition to training by Minelab and Chris did an outstanding job. Doc
  19. Sorry about the double post. I didn't think it posted so I hit add reply again.
  20. DOC


    Hey Bob! I don't get it? Why would you need investors when you have a LRL that will take you right to the gold ? I mean, what's the deal? Did they spend so much money on the LRL that they don't have any left for gas money to get to the location ? Something doesn't click here ! Merry Christmas Bob! DOC
  21. I need about a half ounce of 1/2 gram pieces, or there abouts, .4 .5 or .6 . They have to be suitable for soldering to a flat surface! Thanks. You can contact me at cop704@yahoo.com DOC
  22. Some of you have emailed me and asked me for the entire story so you could read it all at once instead of installments, so here it is: Click on the link below: http://www.kamakazi.com/xmasminer/chapter5.html Merry Christmas ! DOC Chapter 5 through 10
  23. As is usually the case in families, everyone is someone elses Santa ! Merry Christmas! DOC
  24. Chapter 4 He had that last mile hike down to a science. In fact he sort of liked to do a fast walk, it was great exercise. That cart would slow him down a bit. He usually used his big back pack to lug stuff up to the cabin when he was going for a long weekend, but this was different. He wasn’t going just for a visit; this was where he'd be hangin' his buckskin gold pouch from now on. He recalled a couple of years back when it was one of those summers in the high desert that just made it unbearable to go metal detect the local haunts. He didn’t know why they called it the high desert, it was only about 2100 feet above sea level. But that particular summer they were experiencing days when it was 109 degrees in the shade! Sam took to the air conditioned comfort of the public library to start looking for an area with a little higher elevation and a little lower temperatures. He had studied some old maps, and did quite a bit of reading when he happened across an area that looked just about right. It was about a five to five and a half hour drive away, but he would soon learn that when it was 109 in the high desert, it could be anywhere from 75 to 89 degrees up there at 7200 feet in the Techatticup mountains, where the little sleepy town of Good Hope was nestled among the tall timbers. That's how he came to learn about Good Hope. He thought about the first trip he had ever made to that area. After about four and a half hours of driving, things sure started to look different. Gone were the cactus, and the desert flat lands and tumble weeds. They had been replaced by green carpets of vegetation and beautiful mountain flowers growing alongside the highway and so many mountains that you couldn’t tell where one started and the other stopped. The glorious smell of pine and fresh air was a welcome aroma. It had been a long time since he had taken a breath of air that didn’t smell of automobile exhaust. He looked at the road laid out in front of him. It looked like a long sleepy snake just basking in the glow of a sun drenched day. He didn’t ever recall the sky being such a stunning shade of blue. Off in the distance, with the mountains as a backdrop, he could see majestic pine trees as they stretched skyward, some of them just barely tickling the bottom of fluffy cotton like clouds that laid lazily around the mountains. He recalled that the mountains were so high they were actually above the clouds. Who was the reclusive artist that had painted this magnificent landscape, because surely it was a painting, it couldn’t be real. The difference in the temperature between his home in the booming suburb of Desert Rose and the mountains soon became apparent when he realized that it was too cold with the air conditioner on in his car. He turned it off and opened all the windows and like a crazy high school kid he put the pedal to the metal and headed for Good Hope, while he sang at the top of his voice, John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High. Well at least he sang what he knew of it, the part about "Rocky Mountain High, Colorado…" the rest of the tune was filled in with enthusiastic la, la, la’s. There was only one song that Sam knew all the words to by heart; "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers; that was "their" song. As he slowly passed through the little town of Good Hope he wondered what it would be like to live in such a beautiful secluded place. They had to be at least seventy miles from anything that even resembled a big city. It seemed like they had what they needed to get by. He noticed an old two story building that said General Store. In the window was also a sign that said Post Office. There was a little café called Mabel’s, and a gas station that looked more like a house with one antique pump sitting in the driveway. But, there was a sign that said "GAS - Open for Business." And there was even a little church. The one thing he didn’t notice was a police station. Why heck, people there probably didn’t even have locks on their doors. A little outside the town of Good Hope he pulled off the road and consulted his map. By golly he may not have found much gold, not yet anyway, but he had plenty of maps. Why the back of his pickup truck looked like he was a traveling salesman for Rand McNally. There it was, the place he had highlighted. There was a string of five locations on the map indicating mines and he had figured out the approximate GPS locations. He entered the coordinates into his GPS and was pleased to see that he was only a couple of miles away. He found the mines he was looking for that first trip, but not much else. There was a lot of trash, and old worthless artifacts, but his metal detector never did sound off on anything that ended up even being remotely related to gold. Sam didn't mind, it was sort of an adventure just exploring new places. He fell in love with that place. It was quiet, and peaceful, and untarnished by modern day man. He took a lot of pictures on that first trip. Maybe if he had swung more and snapped less he would have found some yellow metal. Over the next three months he had gone back up there again on two occasions. He’d always try to make at least a three day trip out of it. He’d just sleep in the back of his pickup truck, and cook on his little two burner stove. He wasn’t finding any gold, but he was sure enjoying the wildlife and the scenery. There was just something that kept tugging at him to go back again. In early September when he told Mary he was thinking about heading out again, she asked in passing, "How is it you go on these three day gold hunting expeditions but I never see any gold? If it wasn’t for the fact that you come home with so many dirty clothes and you smell like you been wrestling goats I’d think you had a woman on the side. But then I always tell myself who the heck would want an old fart like you anyway, besides me?" And she’d laugh that laugh of hers, the one that was music to Sam’s ears. All the heavenly choirs of Angels and Saints singing couldn’t make Sam’s heart skip a beat like Mary’s laughter. Sam thought perhaps this time he should be a little more persistent in his quest and try to bring home something sort of nuggety, just to show Mary that he wasn't all smoke and mirrors. After all, he didn’t want her to think he was leaving town just to get away from her, because nothing could have been further from the truth. So on this trip he decided that when he got into Good Hope he’d stop at the General Store and have a chat with the keeper and maybe some of the locals. That was the day he met Billy Beaumont and his wife Ellen and their nine year old daughter, Peggy. Billy was a descendent from one of the original miners that worked that area back in 1863. His family had always ran the general store in Good Hope, and Billy inherited the business when his daddy had passed away some eight years earlier. It was a nice little store. There was a little bit of everything. Canned goods, soda, over the counter medications, and a little section of the store dedicated to hardware. When Sam first entered the store Billy met him with a "Howdy Stranger." Sam gave him a big smile, and returned a greeting, "Hi, there! My name is Sam, Sam Lewis, I live about 5 hours away in Desert Rose, outside of Nelson. I been coming up here for the past few months and camping out. It sure is glorious up here." Sam was eager to put Billy’s mind at ease as he figured they probably didn’t get many strangers up in those parts and they might be a bit suspicious of a man all by himself. "Yeah, we like it. It ain’t got all the modern conveniences like you probably do in Desert Rose, but we ain’t got all the modern problems up here either." Sam continued, "Well heck, it’s good to know you have such a well supplied little store here because I’ll just start buying my canned goods here when I come up to these parts instead of haulin' them from Desert Rose." "Well we’re always happy to welcome a new customer, by the way excuse my manners, my name is Billy Beaumont, and that pretty lady over there stocking shelves is my wife Ellen. Ellen, say hi to Sam, he’s from Desert Rose, he comes up here camping." "Nice to meet you Sam." said Ellen, without losing her rhythm of can from box to shelf. Sam had accomplished what he had hoped for, in a few short minutes he had been transformed from a stranger to a new customer. Sam picked up a few items, a tank of propane, a liter of Pepsi; things he could use but didn’t necessarily need right then. However, he wanted to show good faith. As he approached the counter Billy said, "Will that be all for you Mr. Lewis." "Not quite." said Sam. "What else do you need?" "Well I need for you to call me Sam! Mr. Lewis makes me feel old, and as you can see I’m old enough already." "You got it Sam!" Just then something caught Sam’s eye inside the glass counter case. "Wow, what’s that little baby down there?" "Sam, that is a Diatonics Meisterklasse Harmonica with all metal reeds. Do you play?" "No, I’ve always wanted to learn. My dad used to play a harmonica like you wouldn’t believe." "Well Sam there’s no time like the present. I’ll tell you what, this Harmonica retails for $79.95 but I can let you have it for $65 out the door, can you swing that?" "Sounds like a good deal to me! Wrap it up. Any free lessons come with that?" "Sam if you need any help you let me know, but most of the best harmonica players I know picked it up all on their own, it’s easy, it just takes practice. By the way, if there is ever anything you need that we don’t have we can usually get it for you by the next day. We just have to call our supplier down in Beaverville. Being a small store we can’t stock everything. But we’ve ordered just about everything over the years from wheel barrows, to pregnancy test kits." "BILLY BEAUMONT! What did you say?" asked his wife in a demanding tone? "Oh nothing important dear I was just telling Sam that our neighbor’s cat was PREGNANT and had KITTENS." Billy winked at Sam, "My wife’s a bit of a prude. That’s what happens when you marry the preacher’s daughter." "Oh you got one of them prudes too? Maybe your wife knows my wife, Mary." They both laughed. "Say Billy, I don’t suppose you could help me with some information." "Well I will if I can." "Well I got a sort of crazy hobby, and I’m always sort of reluctant to talk about it because some folks think it’s sort of neat and other people just think I’m plain nuts. But a few years back I started metal detecting looking for gold. I do some panning and sluicing, I’m not going to get rich off of it, but it’s a fun hobby and it keeps an old retired coot like me out of trouble and out of the cemetery. I’ve been looking around these parts for the past couple of months but I’m sort of reluctant to wander or explore too far because I don’t want to trespass on anyone’s property and I don’t want folks getting mad at me. I just sorta’ don’t want to be in anyone’s way or be any trouble. You folks seem to have a quiet little place up here and I don’t want to do anything to disrupt it." "Well Sam you must have done your homework because way way back this was one heck of an area for gold. I’m a descendant of one of the original prospectors. Somewhere upstairs where we live I’ve got a family tree. My daddy left me an old chest with all kinds of hand drawn maps and stuff. We usually don’t like to talk about this stuff because we don’t want to be invaded by a thousand city folk up here tearing up the country side looking for the Mother Lode." "Billy I know exactly what you mean and one of the reasons I like it up here is because it’s so nice and quiet. I don’t want that either and believe me, I haven’t told anyone about this place except my wife and immediate family, and I’m not going to tell anyone either." "Well Sam, based on those assurances, maybe I can give you some help, but only under one condition?" "What’s that?" Sam thought to himself, "Well how much is this going to cost me?" "If you do find any gold can you let me buy some to put in my case to sell. I mean it don’t look good for this to be an old mining town and we don’t even have a few speck of gold to sell to the few tourists we get through here. Every month during vacation season we get a tour bus that comes through, usually filled with a lot of Asian tourists. I love tourists, they will buy anything that even remotely looks like a souvenir. Asian folks are all so friendly and energetic, they always have a smile and are interested by anything that has to do with American culture. A year ago I had one fella that offered me $250 for a pair of deer antlers that was hanging up on the wall from a buck I had shot." "Whadya’ do?" Sam inquired. "Hey you don’t see no deer antlers on the wall do ya’?" "No I sure don’t!" "Sam they invade this place like bees taking to a new hive. Click, click, click, camera flashes going off all over the place, I swear I’m going to get retina damage. What is so darn interesting in this place that they have to take pictures of? Why I bet Ellen and me have had our pictures taken 10,000 times. They make you feel like a movie star or something. They want to stand with you and put their arm around your shoulder while their wife takes a picture, then they trade places. Click, click, click, dangdest thing I ever did see. But hey, they spend money! And they’re nice and very enthusiastic. They make me laugh though, I love the way they talk, their English is pretty good but they have such a funny accent, "Oh you hava' vely nice store, I take picture now OK? OK! Click click, click. Damn, it just cracks me up!" "BILLY BEAUMONT! You’re not cussing again are you?" "No dear, I was just asking Sam if he’d ever seen Ten Mile Creek Dam." "Sam, I’m sorry. Back to this gold hunting of yours." "Well first Billy, let me tell ya’ if you steer me in the right direction, I’ll be happy to let you buy a few pieces. I have to take some home to my wife though, just so she knows I’m making this silly hobby of mine pay off!" "Hey it sounds like a deal to me. So first tell me where you have been going?" "Well you know about 2 miles North of here up in the mountains to the East there are those five old mines." "Yeah, sure do, it’s the Lucky Boy, Golden Lady, Timberland, Jubilee, and the Mulberry. We used to play in them all the time when he were kids." "Well that’s where I've been goin'." "Well Sam I’m going to have to get into that old trunk of dad’s and pull out some of those old maps to probably be of any real help, but I can tell you this much. When I was about twelve Dad and I would always go about four miles outside of town. On the West side of the road, off in the timber about a mile or so there are all kinds of little streams and creeks. That’s where we used to always go and pan for gold. We never found anything very big, a few pickers now and then, but mostly it was just something for dad and me to do when we weren’t hunting. So, I don’t know if that gives you any kind of help or not, but I just know that Dad used to say you could find free gold on the West side of the road. When I was little I never quite understood what he meant. I thought he meant if you found gold on the East side of the road you had to pay somebody for it, but on the West side it was free. As I got older my Dad explained to me that free gold was gold that had fallen out of some vein of gold that had been in rocks that were millions of years old. It was gold that you didn't have to work in a mine to get, so he said he reckoned that's why they called it free gold. Of course I'm probably telling you stuff you already know, but I sure had good times when Dad and I went prospecting. Listen you don’t have a CB radio in your vehicle do ya'?" "Sure do." "Well Sam check back with me on Channel 14 tomorrow, we always monitor Channel 14 here, and I’ll look through the trunk tonight and see if I find anything that looks like it might help you." "Hey Billy, already you’ve helped a lot, I don’t want to have to pay for any gold I find, so I better get my butt, whoops did your wife hear me? I’d better get my hindquarters over on the "West" side of the road where all the FREE gold is!" They both chuckled. "Good plan Sam, hey listen I enjoyed meeting you and talking, don’t be a stranger." "Don’t worry about that Billy, I think this will be the beginning of a little partnership. You tell me where to go, I’ll go there find some gold, and you buy it, and sell it and make a profit. Sounds like a win win situation to me!" "Take care Sam!" "You too Billy. Nice meeting you Ellen!" Sam stuck his new harmonica in his pocket and put the cola and propane on the floor of his truck. He thought to himself, "That was a mighty productive stop you made there Mr. Lewis!" Chapter 5 of 10 to Follow