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  1. Hey guys, Selling my 4500 with some extras on Ebay right now. Here is a link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330823848221
  2. DigDeep

    Group hunt

    Wow, guys you guys did pretty dang good up there. I think I am am going to ask for a Gold bug for my birthday. DigDeep
  3. DigDeep

    Group hunt

    Way to go guys! DigDeep
  4. Dang Bob, Way to go! DigDeep
  5. Sending my 4500 in again on Monday. Cooked another one this will be my 4th time in for repair and probably 4th control box. This time the audio went away almost completely and the screen whent blank intermittently. I would have to turn on and off several times and twist knobs back and fourth to get it going. I guess it's a good time to die since my warranty is going to end in a couple of months. Funny thing about it is I really baby my detector and am super gentle with it during use and during transport. It always gets a pillowtop ride. I have had more trouble with it than anyone else I know with similar models. Other guys I have hunted with toss em around, throw em in the back of trucks and pound down dirt roads with em bouncing around, drop em, and theirs always work just fine with never a problem LOL. Maybe I shouldnt be so nice to mine and show it who's boss! DigDeep
  6. WTG Lunk. Wish there were some trees out in my local goldfields lol. DigDeep
  7. Yea, I am thinking about getting out the night hunting gear. Like you Montana when I was up there in nor Cal, by the end of the first day I wanted to put my house up for sale and move up there. It's just plain beautiful in that area, and the goldfields seem to be endless. I am hoping in about 3 years I will be joining you. DigDeep
  8. Hey Twist, I haven't used a 25", but I have used a 20" quite a bit and It's quite a handfull. Yea it goes deeper (not a ton) but the tradeoff is sensitivity to the little guys. Pinpointing is fairly difficult sometimes. They are heavy and noisy for sure compared to smaller coils-bigger antenna, I use mine on the flatter areas generally because working hillsides or even just angling it in up on benches of small washes it gets sometimes unusable with the EMI without having to lower the sensitivity way down to get it stable. Not always, I've worked a 1/1 (45 degree) hillside and it was quiet as can be with standard settings, but it's pretty rare. But.. they work pretty good with hot rock infected areas (usually), because of the loss of sensitivity it kind of helps when it comes highly variable mineralized rocks and small hot patches (like tiny black sand pockets). You will find yourself ground balancing quite a bit, They take a big bite of the dirt. If there is a large hot/cold area under your coil It will tell you about it:) You can cover a ton of area quickly, and I've found quite a few patches with it because of its size-it's easy to overlap swings at a good clip. Generally when I do hit a nugget or two with it I go swap it out for a smaller coil and work the area out. To date the biggest piece of gold was found with my 20", (2+oz) but there are a LOT more skunk days with it. Found the majority of my gold with smaller coils 8~14" RM. It's kind of hard to explain some of this stuff and different people are going to to have different experiences with theirs. This is what I have found with mine in the areas I hunt. Hope this helps you out. DigDeep
  9. DigDeep

    Minelab vs Whites lawsuit

    Agreed. If these guys spent as much time out in the goldfields as they do on Google researching crap they would probably have a nice size poke. (as long as they were using a Minelab of course) DigDeep
  10. Luckys picks are about as hardcore as they come. DigDeep
  11. I nominate LuckyLundys picks!
  12. You don't have to have the rights to the Copyright if it is used in an educational environment. Plus there is a credit line right in the photo! Dang Doug, research a little before you make false accusations without any case studied proof in front of a panel of Copyright lawyers and their consultants. (Sorry just wanted to go over the top Dougy style LOL ) DigDeep
  13. With the Nuggetfinder coils I got from you it says in the paperwork that came with it you can use a "neutral cure" silicone instead of tape. Is there a specific brand you recommend? Getting tired of burning up tape.... DigDeep