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  1. It is one sweet coil. Looking forward to swinging it when we get some nice weather. I must add, I bought this coil from a really nice guy. Thank you Mike. Jerry
  2. Hello Mike, Sent you a message. Jerry
  3. Just a pipe dream Bob. Discrimination that you can trust without loss of depth or sensitivity. Jerry
  4. Sharp Rock Jerry

    Rye Patch snow trip

    Those pics are just BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I said on another forum that I'd wait for spring, but if I had more vacation time, I would try that to. With the right clothes, and trucks, anything is possible. Congrats on the gold, and the beautiful sights you had. And thanks for sharing those pics! Jerry
  5. Sharp Rock Jerry

    No skunks over here

    Wow is right! That is a little one with the the 18". Nice! My biggest problem in the Cailifornia mother lode is trash. If I try to use a big coil, I can end up with 4-5 trash targets under it, so I usually stick to the little ones (Joey or NF 14" elliptical) here in CA. But out in the desert is another story. I do like to swing the big iron out there. Nice finds! Keep it up! Jerry
  6. Sharp Rock Jerry

    Ground Balancing the GPs

    Bob, That is just what I found with the discriminator. Gold showed as trash. I wish it worked for me as I'm working an area near my home with MEGA trash and nice gold mixed in. Now I dig most all targets. On your question about this last fall, I got skunked. But can't wait to get back out there, I know there is more there to find. Just got to start walking over it, not around it! Jerry
  7. Sharp Rock Jerry

    Ground Balancing the GPs

    This has got to be the best explaination I've seen on this subject. I been doing it right, but I didn't know that trick with the hot rocks. I was told years ago (with my 2200) that the detector goes into "fast tracking" mode for about 5 seconds the second you switch it to "track", and then the circuitry slows back down to a normal mode of tracking. I think this is the reason you want to be pumping before you even throw the switch. Seems that I read somewhere that the GPs track even faster then the old SDs. Thanks for the tips Bob, and Merry Christmas!!! Jerry
  8. Sharp Rock Jerry


    Hey Grubstake! Good luck out there! My personal experience of the Patch is the same as what others have already said, but I will add one thing concerning the wind. I can count the times on one hand that I've seen it calm out there. Expect wind! How much would be a better question. I'm waiting for it to cool more, something like late Sept. to mid Oct. I WANT to have to wear a jacket. I've had enough heat for one year. Happy Trails Jerry
  9. Sharp Rock Jerry

    Problem with 2200d

    I believe a low battery will do that... Jerry