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  1. If anyone knows someone who would be interested in a White's VSAT Goldmaster metal detector drop me a line at drawnats@aol.com I'd rather sell it to someone local then to put it up on ebay and have to ship it to timbucktoo. It's in pretty good shape overall for being an older unit and it works good. I'm only asking $175 for it. I'll post a pic in the next day or so. I also have a Minelab gt16000 that I actually sold on ebay 3 weeks ago, but the buyer hasn't sent the money and is not responding to my emails so I'll probably be selling it (again) as well ($250 for the minelab gt16000). Stan THE Man
  2. StanTHEMan

    Anyone speak GPS?

    Chris, I've tried several mapping programs and the iGage is the best I've found so far. I have it loaded on my laptop and use a Garmin USB-18 that plugs right into the usb port of my laptop. It updates my current position on the topo map every 15 seconds and is EXTREMELY helpful when trying to locate and get into a new area. It comes with 6 CD's of maps that cover the entire state and you can download them onto your harddrive so that you don't have to fiddle with CD's out in the field. If you want to take a look at my setup and see how it works, let me know. As Grubstake says, It's pretty slick! PS - the only downside I've found to iGage is that you can't import external maps into the program. Or at least I haven't found a way to do it yet.
  3. GP Extreme with stock 11 DD coil, two batteries (one new dome top with the cable connector bent in, but I think it can be bent back out and used), harness, cable, new KOSS headphones used 3 or 4 times (my spare pair that I bought when I got the Extreme, and both chargers (still new in the bag). $1800 drawnats@aol.com
  4. Those photos go to prove that everything looks better with GOLD!
  5. I like my new GP3500 so it's time to sell my old GP Extreme. Comes with the stock 11" DD coil, backpack, battery chargers, 2 batteries (one is new and has the connector bent into the dome, but I think this can be fixed), and some other little goodies. $2000 if you can meet me here in AZ to pick it up, or can ship for $25 extra. I'll post a photo in the next day or so. I hate letting this baby go since I've found so many nuggets with her, but it's time to move on.
  6. StanTHEMan

    Three Little Nuggets,

    Tom, I'll let you know when I head back down South. I'm heading to California this weekend for up to 5 days. Gotta get me some of that California Gold to put in my poke!
  7. Hi all, I got up WAY too early Friday and hit the road to meet Chris to pick up my new GP3500. About 5 min ahead of me a semi lost it's trailer which scooted along the hiway at 75 mpg spaying it's cargo all over the road and shutting everything down to a one-lane crawl. By the time I cleared the scene at the Carefree Hiway and 17, Northbound traffic was backed up all the way to the 101 interchange! Anyway, it was good to see Chris and I both arrived a little early at the rendezvous point. We made our way to an area in the Bradshaws and he went over the differences between my GP Extreme (Which I bought new from him a few years ago ) and my new GP3500 and pointed me to an area where Gold has been found. With my GP Extreme I found Gold my second trip out, with my GP3500 I had my first Gold within the first 2 hours of swinging it. I noticed several diffrences that I like in the GP3500 over the Extreme - First off is the ground-Balance button on the handle. This makes re-balancing a WHOLE lot easier - and one handed. The second thing I like about the GP3500 is the audio is loud enough that I don't need the Super Sound amp that I had on my Extreme. When I hit a target - I knew it. The most obvious difference I noticed by not noticing. Airplanes overhead. I usually wear one earcuff cocked off of my ear so I can hear sounds around me. At one point I noticed the engine of a plane overhead and looked up to see two directly above me. That's when it hit me - - I hadn't heard any PINGs or BOINGs on the detector! All day I had only heard a faint Ping one time when there was a plane overhead, but I heard many planes overhead and heard no Pings on my detector, so I think Minelab has made enormous progress towards addressing this painfully pesky issue. Others on the forums have suggested not running in Sensative mode, but I found it to be helpful and here's why. At one point I heard a slight disturbance in the threshold - not even close to being a signal, but definately a slight difference. I was running in Normal and clicked it over to Sensative and it became a definate signal. It turned out to be a small staple wedged way down in some cracks in the bedrock, but I ran in Sensative for the rest of the day and will probably continue to do so. Overall I'm pretty impressed with the GP3500 and will now have to put together a package to sell my old Extreme. She'll be hard to part with since we've found so much Gold together, but I think I'm gonna find even more with this new machine. Oh yes - By the time Chris left I had scored a tiny little piece, and finished up the day with three nuggets for a total of 3 grams even.
  8. Chris, Have a great birthday! It looks like you already found some birthday nuggets. See ya Friday.
  9. Chris, Yep - still on for Friday. I'll give you a call so we can set up the details.
  10. Chris, Wow! Nice Gold! That's a dandy specie you got there, very unusual. I got out myself over the weekend, but all I managed to get was a sunburn. It was still nice to get away.
  11. Hey Bill, I hope you took the day off and did some celebrating. Find lots of Gold this year, cause next year is your Golden 50!!!
  12. StanTHEMan

    GP Extreme settings

    Tom, Drop me an email at drawnats@aol.com I swing a GP Extreme and will be in Greaterville this weekend. I can show you some settings, give ya some tips and point you in the direction of some good hunting areas.
  13. StanTHEMan

    American Bulldog Boxer pups

    desertdon, Thanks. As far as the snakes next door, um I mean neighbors, one of them was taken out to Florence for a long time and the other one had to move out, so we FINALLY have a little peace in our neighborhood! Thank God!
  14. StanTHEMan

    Specking Gold!

    Chris, Now that's what I call using the detector that God gave you! Nice little pieces. I bet there's more for you to find when you go back swinging!
  15. StanTHEMan

    Quartz and Gold

    and here's one that I found last year that had several pockets of Pyrite and just a dab of Gold. Notice the color of the quartz in all these pics.
  16. StanTHEMan

    Quartz and Gold

    Here's a picture of a nice piece that came from LSD. You can see the Gold running through the strawberry colored quartz.
  17. StanTHEMan

    Quartz and Gold

    Brian, Your question is a tricky one to answer as far as how close to quartz float can you find a nugget. If the hillside is steep and heavily weathered, the nugget will most likely be closer to the source then the float will be due to Gold being denser then quartz. If what you are asking is something like, what type of quartz to look for (stained white, etc) then I would say to go for the rotten looking, highly mineralized, dark <red/brown> stained quartz. If you are asking what mixtures involving quartz are best, I would agree with Chris that "usually" the best areas for nuggets are where there is shist with little quartz stringers running through it. Below is a picture of the quartz vein running through the Octave mine which was one of Arizona's Richest Gold mines in it's heyday. I'll see if I can dig up some other pics I have that involve quartz & Gold. I hope this helps!
  18. StanTHEMan

    American Bulldog Boxer pups

    Thanks, it was good meeting you as well. She is a sweetheart for sure. Follows me everywhere and howls if I get out of her sight for more then a few seconds. I named her Nugget.
  19. StanTHEMan

    American Bulldog Boxer pups

    Nice looking pups! They have some good markings on 'em too. What *FILTERED* are they?
  20. 1dredger, I'm by no means an expert on electronics, but I asked a similar question recently about the cable on the Nugget Finder coils and here's the basic response I got. I was told that the cable length was one of the factors that the manufacturer considers when they create their coil, and a longer or shorter length might not be as optimal for performance. After being told that, I noticed that the cable length on my smaller coils (8" round mono Minelab & Coiltek Joey for example) was slightly shorter then on my larger coils, so the explaination I received just might make sense. Like I said, I'm not an expert, but I decided not to try to fix something that ain't really broke.
  21. Aaron, Bill & I were sitting at DC when you went by - yelled at ya, but I guess you didn't hear us. Nice Gold - more than Bill or I got.
  22. StanTHEMan

    The Monster is Here!!!

    Chris, I wish I would have known! I just received the straight cable that I ordered from Doc last week!
  23. StanTHEMan

    Gold from France.

    ParaƮtre Bon ! (I hope I said that right! )
  24. StanTHEMan

    More GP3500 gold

    Nice going Bob! The one on the left appears to have either some red staining, or a higher copper content, and I like the little flat one with the hole in it. I'm gonna head out for a few days this weekend to snag some for myself.
  25. StanTHEMan


    I prefer the 17 E NF as my all around coil, and keep it on my detector for hitting new areas. I also have the 16 R, but as mentioned above, it is better for open ground. I have a preference for the Elliptical coils - I can pinpoint much better with an Elliptical.