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  1. what coil will go the deepest on my 4500
  2. why does the photos get blacked out when you open a topic? is it my computor or this fourm?
  3. mhlak

    Nice 1-oz Specimen

    That is one nice looking peice the ones i find are ugly.
  4. mhlak

    Multi-period patent

    Now Jonathan cut the poor fellow some slack , talk about multi-period maybe he has them even more than 28 days who knows .Maybe it is a hormone problem or maybe he is a gluten for punishment for something he has done wrong in the past . Then some times you just cannot fix stupid.
  5. This is the 2nd time i have heard someone talk about running a minelab in cancel. Here is my the scenario. I run a GP 3000 and have run into some extremely hot bedrock that has some good gold, I mean 1/2 nuggets in it but it sounds like a nugget every time you pass a coil over a seam in the bedrock, someone said to run a DD coil in cancel. My question is what does cancel do in hot bedrock conditions? I have never played with my machine in cancel before. (Just a creature of habit.) Had to go look at my detector to see if it had a cancel it on it, yep but never had it on that setting. My patch is 130 miles away so i can just run out and test it.Here is a nugget from the patch.
  6. mike try the us geol. surveys at sacorro
  7. OH what dreams are made of. very well writen
  8. This summers nuggets all found around central AK 19.4 dwt
  9. mike nice nuggies, looks like they have some weight to them. Dont get them all before i get there. will be in silver around the 30th after karens surgery and fly out of phx. on the 8th. so i have a week to play if every thing go as planned. I will give you a call.
  10. Hi chris small world i took mike to mesa about 10 years ago to get his first detector we both lived in silver city. way to go mike now your hooked you will have to come to alaska and visit .