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  1. Doing fine work for veterans. We have done events with Wounded Warriors through our business and they deserve all the help we can give them!
  2. Michael H

    Pharaoh's golden smile

    ..and installed without any anesthetic. I cannot imagine how painful that was!
  3. I have been out of the nugget shooting for awhile, having not done any serious detecting in about 8 years. For me, California gold was relatively easy to find, but I moved to AZ in 2015 and sadly stopped detecting. Business and other interests were in the way as well, but I'm back to it! I recently joined Roadrunner & I still have my trusty GPX-4500 and a collection of coils. I decided to add another more modern detector to the arsenal for bedrock. I purchased a GM1000 from Chris yesterday along with a new NF 14x9 Evo to replace my worn out 14" elliptical fiberglass NF from a long, long time ago that I bought from Bob Dansie. I was out for about 6 hours with the 4500 today using coils from 14" to 24" over some very heavily detected ground. Skunked! At the end of the day I pulled out the brand new GM and hit a small gully for 45 minutes. With the sun edging below the mountains and a cold breeze starting I hit these two little dinks in an inside bend of the wash on bedrock in the last hole I dug. What an amazing little piece of technology the GM is! I did not get to try out the new NF yet since it's still in the mail. Maybe later this week. Thanks to Chris for the new tools & outstanding service!
  4. Nope, West side of Weaver creek.
  5. All is well. I stopped by on Friday and met Chuck. I had to fill out new membership forms and provide copies of the Paypal transaction I did last month. I hope they are able to recover their losses to the employee that burned them for a boatload of money. I spent the rest of the day on their claim #4 at RH. Lots of targets recovered, but no AU for me. RH has certainly changed a lot since my last trip there in 2006!
  6. Some good news! I finally got through to Chuck late in the afternoon today. I used the cell phone number listed on the website. The primary number has been disconnected since the person that stole their money also took the phone with them. I'm going to go see him on Friday for my membership packet and do some exploring on their claims. I'll post a follow up after I do that. Chris, Thanks I will do that. I also left a voicemail for you today in regard to the Bradshaws. Please call me when you can.
  7. Howdy! It's been a long time since I have posted here. I moved to Prescott 3 months ago from CA and plan to start detecting again after a very long break due to business obligations. I paid $75 to Weaver Mining District in late September and never received anything from them. Last week I called the main office number and got a guy on the line named Chuck Floto. He told me that their business manager had absconded with all of the recently paid membership dues. He gave me his cell number and told me to come by the office and that he would provide the membership packet and maps. I was planning on going tomorrow, so I called today and the main office number is disconnected and Chuck will not return messages on his cell. Any info from anyone here that knows the status of the WMD/AAMD is appreciated. If the WMD/AAMD is defunct, I would appreciate any advice on what clubs might have decent claims at Rich Hill. I'm already a GPAA/LDMA member and have never had any luck on their claims. Thanks! Mike
  8. Sorry, EBay made me put the listings up a second time. Here are the corrected links: ATV Trailer
  9. Selling my prospecting ATV and trailer on EBAY here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...416303&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...409928&rd=1
  10. Hey Jim, Thanks for the info! Haven't seen you for awhile. I hope all is well. Still getting out for a nugget or two occasionally? Michael H.
  11. Michael H

    24K push report

    The primary reason that I did not go to the pushes is the fact that my membership expired last Friday and I did not see the value in renewing. I had attended two pushes in the past year and found less than 1/2 gram of nuggets. I have actually done much better on WMD claims and open ground on all of my trips to RH. Since I'm in California, I only get out to RH once or twice a year. I suggested to Elly that it might make sense to design a tiered membership system for members who use the claims infrequently. Something like $150 and you get to attend 2 pushes per year but cannot use the claims the remainder of the time. She didn't sound too interested in this type of scenario. There is plenty of gold here in our local desert to keep me busy so I think I'm done with Rich Hill for the time being since gasoline is going to be $5+ per gallon in no time.
  12. Michael H

    24K push report

    Rob, Glad to year you found something but it does suck for all the other members that are empty handed! My buddy who was there drove in from Colorado and has found nada so far on this trip with his new 4500. I didn't make it there for the push due to fuel costs and my anticipation of poor results since the last few pushes have been marginal. It makes no sense to drive from Kali if the gold is scarce especially with $4/gallon gas. Hell, I can get skunked here for free! I found a few grams here locally last week so I'm happy. Michael
  13. Michael H

    24K push report

    I think that they use the weather for Prescott (higher altitude, cooler) for reporting Congress & Yarnell. Try Wickenburg or Phoenix for more accurate numbers. This is just a report from someone I know who was there, so no guaranties of accuracy.
  14. I got a report from a friend who made it to the 24K pushes. Apparently less than 6 nuggets were found yesterday, all under 1.5 grams. He said that there are high winds today and that the heat is unbearable.
  15. Bob, Good to see that you are still out there doing what you do best. I got my 4500 about 2 weeks ago and already found a few dinks that you missed here in California. It's an interesting machine & seems to be much more resistant to EMI than the 4000. The integrated amp does not have the volume capability of the SuperSound amp that I have been using with an external speaker. Unfortunately, the SuperSound degrades the audio significantly so it is pretty much unusable with the 4500. The Enhance setting looks very promising based on what I have seen so far. I was planning to come to the last push at Rich Hill but have had to cancel the trip. Maybe I'll see you out this way sometime! Michael