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    Jim Straight passes away.

    Jim will be missed, The picture is out near Randsburg Ca. 2003. My son who is 21 now, Jim and I.
  2. Looking for a Pesco dry concentrator.
  3. There is a 40 acre placer mining claim with two owners and i have been friends with both, sadly one passed away. Neither were married and the one that passed had no kids. The surviving partner wants to put me on the claim with him. I think with the 20 acre per person he needs another person back on the claim with him. So the question is does the surviving partner have the power to quick claim me on the mining claim. or does he need to do a newspaper posting in local paper for 3 months to give notice to clear it up that way. Thanks
  4. Dain Blackburn

    Saying Goodbye

    Sorry to hear about your loss Chris. I don't know if you have every seen that sticker on back of a car with a paw on it that reads" Who Saved Who " Its true.
  5. Dain Blackburn


    How about a LDMA dinner on sat night? I think it been 3 years since the last dinner we were at.
  6. Dain Blackburn

    Minelab GPX4500 $2800

    i'am lowering the price to $2500
  7. Minelab GPX4500 in excellent condition. Gold Screamer battery kit with 2 batteries. Coliltek 14x9 mono Goldstaker coil. Coiltek 12x8 mono Platypus coil. Minelab 11" mono Commander coil. Minelab 11" DD Commander coil. Carbon Fiber upper shaft. External Speaker. Clamp Thing cable clamp. Minelab carry bag. Free Shipping Continental US 760-310-7294
  8. Dain Blackburn

    Wanted Gold Bug 2

    Thanks everyone, I finally found one.
  9. Looking for a good condition Gold Bug 2. Also interested in a 6" coil for it. Call or Text 760-310-7294
  10. Dain Blackburn

    Coil choice for mojave desert?

    Thank you everyone for feed back. I forgot to say I'am using a GPX-4500. Would the DD 10" commander handle the very hot basalt cobbles. Also since its a DD wouldn't i cover more ground than a mono because i would be able to cover almost the coil length with each pass.
  11. Wanted feedback on three coils i'am looking at. 1- Nugget Finder Advantage 12" Elliptical Mono 2- Joey Mono 10x5" 3 - Comander 10" Elliptical DD Hunting area is Mojave El Paso mtns with basalt hot rocks. Thanks
  12. Dain Blackburn

    El Paso Mtns, a few years back

    Hey Chris thats my truck you and Bob are leaning on. That was a lot of fun and learned a lot. I remember that 3 gram nugget under that large basalt boulder you found. You called me over and had me listen to the sound with my gp extreme before you dug it.
  13. Chris, I'am very sorry about your cousin, Our prayers are with you.
  14. Dain Blackburn

    What's next from Garrett?

    Bob, I was wondering if I could set up my 4500 timings close to what you have been able to do with your 5000 to invert with nails? I'am up in Jamestown every month or two. Do you still do training lessons? ...Dain