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  1. Very nice pile of nuggets. Which detector are you using?
  2. Hope your feeling better and hope the daughter doesn’t get it. I’ve poured pigs blood on my front door and so far haven’t got it. Just kidding, ive been lucky so far.
  3. New price on Coiltek 12x24 is $160.00
  4. Nice gold. Northern Cal is finally getting some weather so I’ll need to go south for some gold hunting. I do find that motor home interesting. Must be as Aussie model with the door on the left side.
  5. The one is a Coiltek 12x24 elliptical mono. $160.00 with shipping to the lower 48. The other is one of the original style Nugget Finder’s. 14 inch DD. $75.00 with shipping to the lower 48. Nugget Finder coil SOLD
  6. I updated my post with pictures for this 11x17 Nugget Finder elliptical mono coil. I’ve had it for several years but don’t use it much anymore. It works great, has the usual scratches. I’d like $225.00 for it and will ship to the lower 48 if I get that price. Thanks for looking SOLD!
  7. I have for sale a Garrett AT Gold metal detector. It comes with the stock 2 coils, headphone, video and manual plus the extra larger coil and the Nugget buster waterproof headphones. This detector is also water proof and great for working small creeks and rivers. $575.00. Will cover shipping to lower 48 states. Thanks for looking. SOLD
  8. Jennifer why are you selling this? I’ve been thinking of getting one but I have to sell my 5000 first and then come up with the difference in cash. If you were selling this last year I’d a grabbed it instead of the 5000.
  9. What is it about that area the past several years? Seems like there has been a big fire there every year for the past several.
  10. I have for sale a GP 3500 that I had Modified by Link Technologies (Woody) in Australia. It works great but I don't use it because I bought a GPX 5000 earlier this year. Comes with: Standard 6 volt battery, Docs coiltec battery(1 battery) system and wall charger, standard DD coil, link technologies signal amp, heavy duty power cord, nugget buster head phones and a link technologies signal booster. Also comes with a voltage regulator that allows the detector to be operated with the newer GPX battery. Standard DD coil. Will add the Nugget finder coil if it doesn't sell separately first. So act fast and get the NF for free. I can't attest to the state of charge of the stock 6 volt battery or the coiltec battery as I always used the GPX battery from my old GPX 4000 with that regular. $1800.00, ship free to the lower 48. If interested message me.
  11. I have several coils for sale. All are $75.00 each, except the grey elliptical NF, asking $120.00 for it.
  12. Chris I'd sure like to add one of those to my arsenal but I don't know how to convince my other half. Wes
  13. Great pictures, what a beautiful area. That area of Colorado is one of the areas I want to get out with the travel trailer and spend a month. Just waiting for my wife to retire.