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  1. Good going. If I could get out detecting more often I might be able to justify a 7000. I’ll be down there this spring, hmmmm.
  2. Hawkeye

    Gorgeous AZ Specimen!

    Wow, great find.
  3. Hawkeye

    Pushing an Ounce!

    Very nice. Good to get these with gold prices up.
  4. Any smaller sizes going to be offered?
  5. Does this price increase include the units already held in inventory by dealers. I’m kicking around the idea of getting monster.
  6. I now have 2 coils that I never use so it’s time to sell them. One is a Coiltek 14 inch DD pro elite. This coil sells new at $397.50. I am selling it for $225.00 Second coil is a Coiltek 12x24 elliptical mono. I’m selling it for $175.00. SOLD? Third coil is a Minelab 8 inch mono. I’m selling it for 80.00. I will cover shipping to the lower 48.
  7. Nice little nugget Chris. Still to wet and soggy here to get and do any detecting.
  8. Congrats. Great looking weather. Need a canoe up here in northern Ca still.
  9. Only got about 10 inches the past week at my place at the 3000ft elevation in the Northern Sierras. Almost all gone with rain the last two days.
  10. Hawkeye

    Freshly dug GPZ nug!

    It said it weighed a half ounce.
  11. The one is a Coiltek 12x24 elliptical mono. $160.00 with shipping to the lower 48. The other is one of the original style Nugget Finder’s. 14 inch DD. $75.00 with shipping to the lower 48. Nugget Finder coil SOLD
  12. George I’ve been busy as can be but finally got to the post office. Flat rate for this package to anywhere in Canada is 62.35 and flat rate to anywhere in the US is 18.90. How about I cover $20 of the shipping and you pay for $42.35 of the shipping? That would put the total for you with the coil and shipping at $202.35. I have a PayPal account that you can make payment to. It’s whauhunter@att.net. If you want to do that let me know and if you would check the box that says payment to friend or family, that’s so they don’t charge me their ten percent or whatever it is.
  13. George I’ll figure out how much it costs to mail it to your address and how much to send it to something close by in Washington state and split the difference and get back to you with a total. How’s that sound? Wes.
  14. Clay We originally filed the claim last year, not sure if it was signed into law yet. Nevada County allows you to use an exemption that you write on the filing form. I forget the exact wording. I had a claim in Nevada County back in the mid 90’s and they charged property taxes back then but not this time.
  15. Clay I have claims in both Nevada County and Placer county. Nevada County did not add the $75 fee to my filing fees but Placer county did. Neither county charged me property taxes.
  16. I would have to find out what it would cost. Most areas in the US are around $20 in shipping cost. Anymore than that and it’s not worth it for me.
  17. Yes Nevada County will do this Placer county won’t. Neither will charge taxes, at they didn’t on the two 40 acre claims I have.
  18. Sorry I’m just now seeing your post. Best to send me a PM. I still have the coil. It’s a good coil I just haven’t had the areas to hunt with a big coil that I use to have.
  19. Very nice pile of nuggets. Which detector are you using?
  20. Hope your feeling better and hope the daughter doesn’t get it. I’ve poured pigs blood on my front door and so far haven’t got it. Just kidding, ive been lucky so far.
  21. New price on Coiltek 12x24 is $160.00
  22. Nice gold. Northern Cal is finally getting some weather so I’ll need to go south for some gold hunting. I do find that motor home interesting. Must be as Aussie model with the door on the left side.