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  1. Have a slightly used 20” Nugget Finder coil w/ shaft for sale. Works fine, have a modded 4500 w/ 12” Evo coil and don’t want to dig any deeper than that! First $325. Will be in Q AZ next week
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you Chris and family
  3. I have a 4500 bought about a year after it came out. Had issues with it after awhile and after a trips to Minelab for repair to no avail, sent to Woody, he found and repaired the problem and did a mod at the same time. Impressed how quiet it ran. A couple of years ago, sent in for the latest mod, adjustable front gain. Last year was tough on me prospecting, so hadn’t had a lot of chances to test. A friend who had his 5000 modded came down to Quartzsite and helped me set it up. Picked up a test ‘nugget’ at 16”. Last month at Dome Rock, at a get together, using a ‘tool’ Patrick designed, I planted a .5 gram piece of lead at 16”. My modded 4500 sounded off a couple of inches high, Bill Southern’s modded 3500 also sounded off well. A stock 5000 could not hear it. A famous detectorist from Las Vegas scrubbed his 7000 over the target and could barely hear it. Bottom line Woody’s mods work!
  4. One that liked getting into the cactus and you'd be pull'n thorns in the evenings. Can't remember time frame,years ago at Rich Hill.
  5. Interesting read till I noticed it started 11 years ago. Have found some nice gold there since, but skunked last trip :-(
  6. 2013 Honda Foreman for sale- 500cc. Setup for prospecting 2500# winch, storage box, Minelab metal detector box, front Cabalas rack w/ Kolpin rifle clamps. Price includes 2- 9’ folding aluminum ramps. Has 740+ miles on it. Serviced twice with Synthetic oil. Valves were adjusted last fall. In excellent shape, plastics have some scuff marks. $6000. Want a dog, so gonna get a side x side 559-658-214
  7. Happy Birthday Sir! Glad you have your own pot to piss in now. ;-)
  8. Last month, down at at Q, we did a test using Patrick's test probe (puts a splitshot whatever at a specific set depth w/o disturbing ground. 12" EVO sounded out off loud on shot at 8", my 14E Advantage 'heard' it. Just bought the EVO, but haven't had a chance to use yet.
  9. Found a rock detecting last December, which had a bit of gold showing. Did a SG test and found it to have around an ounce +/- in it. Got ahold of a friend, Steve Wandt at www.naturalgoldjewelry.com and asked if him if he’d like to play with it. He did. Have 3 photos from rock to finished product and the pics don’t do it justice. Have a free minute, go to his website and take a gander at his gallery. He’s the Master! Thank You, Steve
  10. Steve sent some pics of the Q rock sliced, I found a couple of weeks ago. Gonna be a couple of prettie’s when finished, I think!
  11. Norm, did 3 different tests; 7/8 oz, 1.13, and 1.5 oz. ? I don't know??
  12. Merry Christmas to you Dick and others also!
  13. Jen, as said above, Q has been hammered. It's a good location for old farts to congregate when the sun shines and wind quits. Gold? Bits and pieces are found; be leary when several try to send you so far south close to the border; what are they hiding up north? Also, have to be watchful of the rooster in the black truck. Great personality, but can't boil water. Merry Christmas Jen and to all else a good night!
  14. I'd like to like your post, but it says 'I reached my quota of positive votes for day', so it's here !
  15. Thank You Chris! Don't be a stranger out in the gold fields ;-)
  16. Believe on U-tube someone posted on how to make 'feet' for detector and for $95 you can buy a wrap for detector. Not positive on price on wrap.
  17. Good Advise. When I get dog, will be done! Terri, might think about doing this to Frank ;-)
  18. Been looking for that yeller stuff since mid 70’s and have built up a pretty good size library since the 80’s, books about different ways of mining, geology, files downloaded, ect ect. Some were so basic they couldn’t hold my attention, some were and are way over my head. Just finished TrinityAU/Ray Mills book on ‘Detecting for Gold’. Frigg’n Excellent read! Have always enjoyed his informative posts and few times sitting around after a days hunt listening to him talk, and this was the same, and hard to put down. Hopefully no offense will be taken by the senior, Mr. Jim Straight, but this book is of the same caliber. Easy enough to read, but informative enough to want to retain. Recommend this book to all! Shep
  19. Someone asked about my solar flag pole light down at Q. Sold by Deneve and sold thru Amazon for $49.99. If’n you have a flagpole and don’t want to run the flag down every night, this is THE light to have. It powers all night and lights up a 15+’ area below it. Haven’t found anything that compares.
  20. When I pulled out of camp, I waved, but you were contemplating something at the dining table. ;-) Good to see you again. you be taking good care of that lady, she's a keeper!
  21. NF 17E mono favorite coil; tied w/ 14E!