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  1. grubstake

    Rye Patch Gold

    Reno Chris got the very last nugget from there! Its played out! :P Grubstake
  2. Anyone know how long its going to take to update it? I can't get on. it says my account is locked. Grubstake
  3. Big one looks like an ear! Keep your ear to the ground! Grubstake
  4. Got back on, just waited until this morn. Everything is up. I did a recovery on my computer, and set the date back a month. Grubstake
  5. Can't get on either one, says they have moved to another server. Anyone have a link to it? Grubstake
  6. Gary, I just get a page that says it has moved to another server, and to change my DNS catch. what ever the heck that is. I don't trust the site that comes up. Grubstake
  7. Happy Birthday Mike. Many more to come. Grubstake
  8. grubstake

    missing people

    He's not missing, he knows where he is. Grubstake
  9. Going to have a WHITE Christmas! Its snowing here now, and boy is it coming down, first time in two years, it has snowed at my house, I'm at 1900FT, elev. Grubstake
  10. What an Arse hole, a deal is deal. A man is only as od as his word Mike,sounds to me, Tonys word is not worth much! Grubstake
  11. Ok, Mike did Tony Fire you guys? Or was that just Drama? Grubstake
  12. If I found that much cash, you would never hear from me again. Atleast in that country, I'd take a long, long vacation. Grubstake
  13. grubstake

    Thank You Veterans!

    That's for sure. Made the little girl happy. Grubstake
  14. grubstake

    Thank You Veterans!

    I had a great Veterans day, I gave a Back pack I was not using to a 8th grade girl so she could go on a camping trip with her school, also gave her two walkie talkies, and a Mag. fire starter, because her parents couldn't afford to get her one, Was given a gift cirticate to subway, so the wife and I ate lunch there, and then I took a long nap, then watched Vietnam in HD on the TV. all was a very good day for me. Thanks to all that have served and those that are serving now. Grubstake US. ARMY 1966-1973 Vietnam 67-68-69
  15. I think, that they will be in the $600.00 to $700.00 range, just my thoughts. Grubstake
  16. $49.99 Chuck! No just kidding. Grubstake
  17. If its just the ribbon, he might be able to get a computer shop to make one up. Just an IDeal. GRUBSTAKE
  18. They use to have a repair center in Vegas, but they moved it to Chicago.Grubstake
  19. grubstake

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    Steve, I am Gary, just not the one Rob is referring too, AZ Gold Maverick his name is Gary Also I gather. Grubstake Stve My Daughter a her husand just moved t Fairbank AK, Heisin the Natinal Guard. But has a job driving truck For a oil company. Grubstake
  20. grubstake

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    Hey Rob, you know, if I was still hunting gold, You guys could come to my spots, problem is all mine are gone now. I can't climb that hill I took you too. I'd be dead in the first 1/2 mile. But atleast you know you would be welcome. Grubstake
  21. grubstake

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    I really wish, I had never asked the question. Been a member here for almost 11 years, Like most of the guys that post here. Like you Fred, Nevr sen you, but you always post good stuff. AZ-GOLD-Maverick, nevr met you either. This is not the place for name calling, although I've been called a few myself. Please don't turn a simple question into gang wars. Grubstake
  22. grubstake

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    LipCa, was not a rant on my part, just a question. You know when al the other detectors and coils, came out, everone was showing here gold, when when this new one came out, it just went to small gold.I know gold is gold, but t sure gets your heart going Grubstake
  23. grubstake

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    Now that's what I'm talking about. Great Nuggets. Grubstake