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  1. Minelab has just released a new software upgrade for the EQUINOX Series. Below is some information about the upgrade along with the download link. Happy hunting! Software Upgrade 2.0. Get more from your EQUINOX. What is new? Difficult ferrous targets — the common enemy for all detectorists. That is until EQUINOX. Hit the download on our EQUINOX update to make those pesky bottle caps, rusty nails and other falsing targets a thing of the past. Fire up the Minelab Update Utility and you’re on your way. It’s simple. You’ll experience the enhanced Iron Bias feature, improved EQUINOX 600 backlight and much more. Improved Iron Bias Iron Bias has been enhanced with the addition of a new Iron Bias settings profile. The original EQUINOX Iron Bias 'FE' settings will still be available, but there is now the option to switch to the new Iron Bias 'F2' settings, which have an improved capability to reject a much wider range of difficult iron targets, including bottle caps. EQUINOX 600 Backlight Brightness The EQUINOX 600 now has the ability to adjust the backlight brightness to an additional 'Low' setting that matches the minimum setting on the EQUINOX 800. This 'Low' brightness is ideal for detecting at night and in low light conditions. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.minelab.com/equinox-software-update-2-0
  2. This weekend my prospecting partner Dean and I were able to get out for our first official gold hunt of the season. The desert got a little warm around mid-day, but the morning was absolutely gorgeous. The two of us decided to revisit a spot I had found last year. I was out doing some exploring when I came across some ground that immediately caught my eye. Not only was the soil colored red and stained from iron, it was covered in a mixture of rounded quartz, magnetite, and broken greenstone. Time was not on my side that day and I only had about an hour to hunt. Luckily I found one tiny nugget that confirmed this spot did indeed carry gold. Well we went back to see what else may be hiding. Both of us were using the Minelab GPX detectors outfitted with the Nugget Finder Evolution coils. I ran the 15” round and Dean opted for the 14x9” elliptical. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long. My very first target turned out to be a small 0.3 flat nugget! This was a good start to the day. The hot rocks were absolutely horrible. They moaned and groaned on the machines, but we persevered and by lunchtime we had 5 nuggets! None were very big, but this tiny handful was a great way to kick off the winter season. Here is a pic of the gold and one showing off the highly mineralized conditions of the patch.
  3. The new 25" DD coils just arrived from Australia! They are not listed yet on the website, but they are in stock. If you would like to get one from this first batch please give me a call at 928.777.0267, or email: info@arizonaoutback.com. Thanks & have a great weekend!
  4. An AZO customer and friend just dug up these beauties while metal detecting in California. He found them using the Minelab GPX 5000 coupled with a Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil. Total weight was around 25-grams, with the biggest piece weighing in right at a half ounce. He said this nugget was hiding down nearly two feet in a dry creek bed! Congratulations to this lucky and hardworking prospector, thank you for sharing with us!
  5. Hawkeye, the guys in Australia have said that smaller sizes are in the works. I suggested that a 15" X-Search would probably be a good compromise for most goldfields in the US. What do you guys think? What sizes or shape would you like to see?
  6. Hi All, I wanted to mention that I have received word from Minelab that price increases on both the Gold Monster 1000 and the SDC 2300 are coming. These increases and MAP changes will be effective 8/15/2019. If you have been thinking of purchasing either of these machines, now would be the time to grab one and save yourself the extra cash. AZO does honor the 15% Military Discount and offers FREE SHIPPING on all detectors. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to order before the increase – thanks! Gold Monster 1000 Price Now: $799 Coming Price: $849 SDC 2300 Price Now: $3,750 Coming Price: $3,799
  7. SlowNLow, if the ground mineralization is fairly mellow, I would opt for the 19" EVO. I have been able to easily balance a GPX with the 19" in most of the places I detect here in AZ. However, if you struggle to balance your machine with a Mono in your area and have to use either Auto Tracking, drop the Rx Gain, or use Timings such as Smooth or Enhance, then I would sit tight and wait on the 25" DD.
  8. The new 25" weighs roughly 3.5 lbs. and will sell for $549 + FREE SHIPPING.
  9. mhlak, if you are looking for the most depth I would either opt for the Nugget Finder 19" Round Evolution Mono coil, or if the soil is heavily mineralized, perhaps the new X-Search 25" DD. The 4500 is an incredible machine and if you are hunting in North America, chances are the 19" Mono will be your best bet. On a decent sized nugget it will punch down several feet. I have to carry a shovel on the quad when I'm swinging this coil! I do have a few of the 19" coils in stock, but am waiting for the 25" to arrive at the end of the month. Here are a few pics of the 19".
  10. A friend and customer of ours shared this awesome pan-full of gold that he recently recovered from a trip way up north, using his new Minelab Gold Monster and a sluice box. I always love the feedback, especially when photos like this are attached! Keep up the good work my friend, & please drop me a line if there''s anything else I can do for you..and feel free to send photos anytime!
  11. Check out these photos that the guys at Nugget Finder sent over to me! This massive discovery was made with the new 25” DD X-Search coil coupled with the Minelab GPX 5000. This rich pocket was found in Western Australia and from what I am told it was deep. A total of 16 kilograms was found, and after being crushed and melted, the prospector ended up with 9.5 kg or a whopping 335 ounces!!! That is one hole I doubt he will ever forget digging! I hope to have a limited stock of these new coils this fall 2019. I will have pricing posted this week.
  12. Hi All, Nugget Finder has just released what is the first in a series of brand new DD coils. They are called the X-Search and are compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series gold detectors. I just got my hands on the 25” and was thoroughly impressed with the finish and quality. It has been so hot here in Arizona that I haven’t had a chance to field test it yet, but now that the monsoons have started it shouldn’t be much longer. I will definitely keep you all posted on my findings. I am also finalizing a price in $USD and will have that this week. I hope to have a batch of these coils available for purchase in September or sooner. Below is some additional information from the manufacturer: NUGGETFINDER 25”DD X – SEARCH Standard Features Include: • Fantastic Depth on Large Gold combined with Massive Ground Coverage at Full Depth • Ability to run Normal Soil Timing in Highly Mineralized Ground (GPX Series) • Super Strong Polycarbonate Reinforced Shaft Mount • Pressure Regulated ABS Shell • Divinycell Core • Combination of Spiral & Bundle Windings • Litz Wire • Water Resistant to 1m • 3 Year Warranty • Weight 1650-grams • Compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series gold detectors * more photos to follow soon
  13. Hey CH, I am putting together my schedule for the upcoming 2019-20 winter season. I usually start the training classes in late October or early November. I will be sure to post up the dates here and on our Facebook page, or feel free to give me a call as we get closer. They should run clear through March. See you this winter!
  14. Hi Dick, It's hard to believe that six years has already gone by. Such a sad day for Arizona and our country. It was amazing how everyone came together to offer their support to the department and the community of Yarnell. I was blown away that in such a short time, AZO was able to collect donations amounting to over $11,000 for the families of the victims. The day my father and I dropped off the check to the fire chief was certainly an emotional one. A huge thanks again to all those that contributed money, their time as a volunteer, or both. The generosity of our friends and forum family never ceases to amaze me. I have yet to make that hike, but it is on my list of to-do's this winter. Thanks for the post.
  15. Hi Jen, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I tend to agree with you that this is probably not good news. On the surface its sounds okay. Conserving for future generations is positive and so is helping the local economies by bringing in tourism, but to be honest, I’m not 100% convinced this is really the end goal these organizations have in mind. I have traveled quite a bit in this state over the past twenty years and can say that the land surrounding the old mining centers like Ballarat, Dunolly, Bendigo, etc. are absolutely beautiful. There are thick forests, green grass-filled pastures and tons of history. But what I don’t remember seeing were ruins or ghost towns. I’m sure some must exist, but for the most part the only visible signs of the old-timers we found were their diggings and rusty can piles. So I guess my question is this, “What exactly are they trying to protect?” Ensuring that the original Victorian era buildings in the towns are preserved makes total sense to me, but does that include all the undeveloped gold-bearing land on the outskirts as well? If this is the case, I have to wonder why. Will tourists from around the globe really come to photograph a paddock with sheep in it? What will happen to the claim (lease) holders? Are they simply out of luck? It just seems strange to me. Making this land off limits will kill the livelihoods of small scale miners and essentially rob the country of the immense wealth that still remains in the ground. Maybe I’m just overly suspicious, but I can’t shake this feeling that Ms. O’Rourke and UNESCO may have plans of their own that have nothing to do with tourists or the welfare of the Australian people. I know most of us on this forum do not live in Australia, but if something like this does go through there, it is reasonable to think that there is a chance it could happen here as well. Scary stuff…Thanks again Jen for posting this info, please keep us updated if you hear anything new.