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    We Have A Winner

    Peter & Michael, Congrats to the both of you for your winning "I Want that Damn Specie" entries, and a big thanks to Jonathan Porter for his very generous donation. Enjoy your new golden prizes! By the way Mike, I have given Bob Dansie your new snakes chaps for your upcoming trip to AZ. I think you made a very wise investment. I was out in the hills today, this warmer weather has all the desert critters stirring. As a matter of fact, Joe told me he crossed paths with a 3-4' Diamondback just the other day. I wear mine year round, not so much for the snakes, but for protection against the cactus. Nothing worse than trying to detect with a legful of Cholla - ouchh! Maybe I'll bump into you guys on the goldfields Chris
  2. Chris Gholson

    Today's finds

    Cactus, Nice looking nuggets - I'd definitely say you covered the cost of gas. Even at only $13/ gram that's about $65 bucks in your pocket. Not bad for a few hours worth of work! Good shooting... Chris
  3. Gang, With all the pictures of Australia floating around on the forum I thought it might be nice to see something a little closer to home. A few weeks back, Bob Dansie and I heard the call of the gold bug and couldn't resist. We loaded up the camper and high tailed it to one of my favorite goldfields; the Bradshaw Mountains. If you've never had the pleasure of detecting there, make sure you pay this range a visit before summer sets in. In my opinion, it is some of the most spectacular country in AZ. Towering peaks, winding bedrock filled gullies, colorful wildflowers and magestic saguaro cactus - absolutely gorgeous! Unlike places like Rich Hill, it's not known for really large gold, but there has been thousands upon thousands of smaller sized nuggets picked up here over the years. The Bradshaw's are a fun, and almost always a rewarding place to hunt. Here's a few pics from our trip (I am going to try and post 2 in a single message - hope it works!) Chris
  4. Chris Gholson

    Arizona's Central Goldfields

    Oops... I guess we can only post 1 picture per message. Here is the other one with Bob Dansie and the gold we found with our GP Extremes.
  5. Hi Gang, Just trying out the new picture posting capabilities of the AZO Forum, hope this works! Coming back from a long day of detecting outside of Meekatharra, Western Australia. (Left - Right: Steve G., Ardie J., Erik M., Chris G., Charlie C., Bob)
  6. JP, I almost just split my gut with laughter! Alyssa was looking at the picture of Frieda's nugget with absolute amazement. "What's up?" I asked her. She turned to me and said as serious as a heart attack, "I can't believe she found that nugget at McDonald's, do you think someone dropped it in the parking lot?" I almost fell out of my chair! I explained to her that you probably meant McDonald's Flat, not the fast food chain. What a riot! Who would have thought detecting the drive thru lane could be so lucrative Chris
  7. Hi Guys, I was just going through all my boxes of photos when I stumbbled across this little hummer. It was taken during the 1998 season when my father and I were working about 2 hours outside of Leonora, Western Australia. We were new to that part of the country and really had no clue what to expect. An ironstone covered flat caught my attention and I figured it was as good a place as any. I had heard about OZ's big deep nuggets, so I was really concentrating hard on listening for those faint whispers. Then whamoo, I hit this ripper of a signal that nearly blew off the headphones! I jumped back and glanced down expecting full well to see a big rusty can. No can, but a beautiful lump of yellow gold staring me in the face! I couldn't believe it, I didn't even dig it out until I ran back to the Troopie to grab the camera. After snapping off a few frames I reluctantly pried it from the soil. She tipped the scales at just a bit over a half ounce! Chris
  8. Chris Gholson

    Golden Surface Surprises!

    Hi Jim, When the new AZO banner went up it deleted the reistration area. This is only temporary, and we should have this restored sometime next week. In the meantime, you can still register yourself by following these steps: 1) Go to the opening AZO forum page, 2) Look towards the right in the middle of the screen where it says Quick Log In . Do you see all those little black dots? Delete them, then click Go, 3) Look under Useful Links and click "Register a new account", 4) Fill out the form, then hit Submit my registration. This should get you going, if not, let me know. Been out doing any detecting lately? Chris G.
  9. Chris Gholson

    Golden Surface Surprises!

    Hi Bob, The little bits of gold you see sticking out of the dirt on the right hand side are all part of the nugget. Finding nuggets right on top of the surface like this is rare, but it happens often enough to have its' own term called "specking". I did not actually speck this nugget because I hit it with a detector first, but there are still people in Western Australia (mostly Aboriginal women) that find a decent amount of gold each year using only their eyes. Imagine the level of patience that must be involved! Chris G.
  10. Chris Gholson

    Guess where this is!

    Jonathan, Tricky one, heh. Tiny rolling hills & spinifex, sure looks like the Pilbara, WA to me. My best guess is somewhere around Marble Bar That's quite a hole Mad Dog has got there. Speaking of holes, most of the deep targets I have dug over there have almost always turned out to be specimens. Have you ever noticed this? Any thoughts on why this happens? Chris G.
  11. Jonathan, Allright, you have already guessed the location of one of the WA pictures I've posted let's see if you can get this one! Feeling lucky? I believe I snapped the photo sometime back in 2000. I took about 55 nuggets from a little slope to the right, Mad Dog came back a week or two later and snagged a couple more with the 18" mono. Any guesses? Chris
  12. Jonathan, WOW! - isn't that pretty! The one in the center is a real beauty, almost looks as if the indentations from the quartz crystals are still visible. That's the kind of stuff that makes all those hours of walking well worth it. Okay, here's a clue about the picture. This gold-bearing area was named after a sedimentary rock, I betcha got it now Chris
  13. Jonathan, That's almost scary - you are way too good! You must have been a tracker in a former life. Remind me not to post any pictures of the really secret spots Chris
  14. Chris Gholson

    Picture size

    Jonathan, Try resizing the image in some sort of photo program (i.e, MGI, Paint Shop Pro, Photo Shop, Paint, etc.). The picture I just posted was around 69 KB, if the image is too big the forum won't allow it to go up. Chris G.
  15. Chris Gholson


    Hey Joe, That picture sure brings back some memories - seems like it was just yesterday. Nullagine wasn't too bad to us that year, wouldn't it be nice if you could just click your fingers and be back there! Scottie, beam me Down Under Chris G.
  16. Chris Gholson

    SD2100 - SD2200 - GP Extreme!

    Hey Darren, Is that before or after taxes? It's apparent that you are a bit of a mathematical whiz yourself. I can hardly wait to see what you and Steve will be cooking up for us in the future - great post!!! Chris Gholson
  17. Jonathan, What a riot - absolutely hilarious! It's funny how the mind can start playing tricks on you, especially at night. I can only imagine how you guys must have felt. Almost like the Twilight Zone episode when the cowboy goes to the grave of his arch enemy on a dare. His knife falls from its' sheath and pins his coat to the ground. Poor bugger thinks the dead guy has reached up from the Earth and grabbed hold of him and has a heart attack on the spot! Speaking of body parts, a buddy of mine back in High School made a rather digusting discovery in the desert. He was out hunting when he came across something that resembled a shoe. Turns out it was a shoe, but a leg was still attached to it - nasty! He called the cops, but I don't think they ever found the rest of the body. Can't say I envy his find! Chris Gholson
  18. Hi All, What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found with your metal detector??? That was the question I was asked last night at my lecture with the Mesa Gold Diggers. A group of us were standing around shooting the breeze about our detecting experiences. Of course the usual questions came up such as, what’s the biggest nugget you have ever found? What are the most nuggets you’ve ever found in a single day? What’s the deepest piece of gold you’ve ever hit? Then someone asked, “What is the weirdest thing you have ever dug up while detecting?” Hmmm, good question – what was the weirdest thing I’ve ever found? I had to really go back into the ol’ database to answer this one. Could it have been the empty money clip, the pair of eyeglasses, an old skeleton key, or the top half of an exploded grenade? No, not weird enough. How about the toenail clippers I dug out of a bedrock crack at Rich Hill? No, still not unusual enough. Ahh, then it hit me. Okay fellas, here is a story for you and it is absolutely true. About four years ago while out hunting along the eastern flank of Arizona’s Bradshaw Mountains just outside of Cleator, I made quite possibly the most unusual discovery of my entire detecting career. I was working a juicy little hillside gully picking up a heap of lead and the occasional nugget. As I reached the lower end of the gully it made an abrupt turn and then emptied out onto flatter ground. The quick change in direction had caused a large sand and gravel bar to form towards the inside of the bend. It looked like a good spot for gold to drop out, but then again it also looked like an excellent place for trash to deposit as well. Normally I would have passed and continued working the beautiful exposed bedrock, but on this particular day I was feeling a bit more adventurous and decided to wade through the rubbish in hopes of snagging a bigger nugget at depth. As I came within about 3 foot of the bar with my coil the machine started to give off a distinct down signal. With each step I took the signal got louder and louder. Eventually it was to the point of a virtual overload. Just as I figured – the bar was full of trash! In fact, this target seemed be at least several feet in length. “Probably a rusted metal pipe, or a big strand of barbwire,” I thought. I had already come this far and committed myself to digging the thing out, hoping that it had protected any potentially “good” targets beneath. I scratched away about of foot of gravel and she really started to scream. Then something really strange happened. As I clawed at the soil with my fingers I hit upon something that almost felt like plastic. I few more quick sweeps with my hand and there it was right in front of me – a search coil! What in the world was a coil doing buried in this gully? I grabbed hold of it, but it would not budge. I latched onto it with both hands and really gave her a tug. To my absolute amazement an entire metal detector emerged from beneath the soil! It was an old Minelab GT 16000, and from the looks of it the thing had been lying in the ground for some time. The handle and shaft assembly where unlike any I had seen before and where obviously a homemade creation. The machine was in really poor nick, but what an incredible and unusual discovery. I had actually detected a detector! On my way home from the goldfields I stopped by to see my friend Richard Doherty at his prospecting shop in Rock Springs and show off the days find. When I pulled the GT out of the back of my truck he stared at it intently then began to laugh. “You won’t believe this, but I know who that machine belongs to,” he said. “I’d bet that display case of nuggets in the window that this is Bud’s detector.” A few moments later Richard was on the phone and I could hear him chuckling out loud. He appeared from the shop door and said, “Well, that machine is definitely Bud’s. It went missing from his garage about 2 years ago and he hasn’t seen it since.” The next morning we met at the Rock Springs café and I returned the machine to its’ rightful owner. He was so excited just to have it back in his hands, even if it would probably never work again. The only thing we could figure was the someone stole it from the garage, took it out to the hills, became frustrated when they didn’t find a few pounds of nuggets in the first hour, and tossed it into the gully. There you have it, the weirdest thing I have ever found with my metal detector – and it’s 100% true. Certainly not your typical target, too bad I couldn’t have traded her in on a 3-foot long nugget! How about hearing from someone else. What’s the weirdest thing you have ever found??? Chris Gholson