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  1. If anyone is still looking to purchase this book, I have a few copies left in stock.
  2. This amazing find comes from another great friend and customer. He recently scored this beautiful 10-grammer with his Minelab GPZ 7000 here in Arizona. From the short video clip he also sent, the hole looked at least about 20” deep, maybe more. What a gorgeous nugget – well done!!! I wanted to personally thank everyone that has been sending me photos of their recent finds. Not only do I love seeing this stuff, I know our forum & social media followers do too! Please keep them coming!
  3. This beautiful spread of nuggets was found recently by a good friend of mine here in the southwest. He said that the entire patch fit inside a 200 square-foot oval piece of ground. Everything was found with his Minelab GPZ 7000. The nuggets all appear to be fairly rough with some attached host rock. What amazes me is the variation in color amongst the gold. Some nuggets appear more orangish suggesting copper, while the others look to have more silver in them. It makes me wonder if everything came from the same vein, or if perhaps there were several different stringers that all combined to form the patch. Either way this is a heck of a nice haul and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy! He asked to remain anonymous, so I won’t say much other than he is a true inspiration. He is dealing with some major health issues that would have had most folks bed ridden and depressed. Instead he is out there digging holes in the desert making the most out of each day. He is an amazing guy whom I’m proud to call a friend. As the Ozzies would say, “Good on ya mate!”
  4. I just got word from the owner that he was able to find someone to translate. It reads "Invest a Little - Receive Great Wealth". Good bit of advice for gold prospectors, how cool!
  5. I’m not sure if you guys caught this story yet, but on Sunday morning residents living in central Arizona (myself included) were awakened by a loud boom. This was actually a sonic boom caused by a falling meteorite. At this point, no one knows exactly where it landed, but there are quite a few folks out there swinging their metal detectors trying to find it. Hopefully as more witnesses come forward it will help in determining where it may have hit. I will definitely keep you all posted if I hear anything more. PRESCOTT, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A blasting sound and odd sight in the sky startled some people in Northern Arizona and the Valley Sunday morning. Planetary science field researcher Robert Ward said, “We had a meteorite enter the atmosphere at 20- 22,000 miles per hour.” His cameras were able to capture a speck in the sky around 7:20 a.m. “I immediately jumped out of bed with the whole sonic boom,” Ward said. “I grab my phone. I ran outside. The sonic boom created a 3.1 reading on the Richter scale, so that’s a fairly sizable event.” That’s what led Ward to believe the meteor was roughly the size of a microwave. “We need time to dig into that footage, look at other cams,” he said. “Our partners at American Meteor Society will triangulate that data using eyewitness accounts that people are actually gathering in the community.” Brothers Abraham, 8, Zeke, 10, and Judah, 11, described seeing something move through the sky surrounded by a green hue. "We were looking out the window,” said Zeke. “Then we see this thing flying fast, and then it started glowing." American Meteor Society expert Rob Lunsford said the green tint was most likely because the meteor was made of nickel. Researchers want to hear from other people who saw and heard the meteor event Sunday morning. Contact the American Meteor Society.
  6. A customer and friend that just bought a new Minelab GPZ 7000 from me was nice enough to send over the photos below. His first day out he scored seven nuggets for a total weight of approx. 6-grams! A pocketful of gold with a new unit is always worth celebrating. Congratulations to this prospector on a great first run. Thank you again for the business and for sharing your finds - keep up the good work!
  7. Last month one of my customers and friends came down from Montana for a visit and to try his luck on the Arizona goldfields. He had done plenty of metal detecting back home with his Minelab Equinox 800, and found plenty of gold, just none of it in the form of nuggets. He brought just a small portion of his impressive collection of finds from the parks, ballfields, and old home sites. He had found some beautiful rings and some cool old coins, like an 1887 silver Morgan…He let me snap a few photos so I could share with you all. Thanks again Gary! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and 2020 is off to a great start!
  8. As 2019 winds down and we enjoy the last day of the decade, I wanted to wish all of our forum family a very Happy New Year! I truly appreciate all the support and friendship; you guys are amazing. I hope that 2020 is your most prosperous year yet. Here’s to happiness, health and of course, big nuggets!!!
  9. Hi Doc, thanks for the update on the price. I also wanted to let you know my SAGA's arrived and they look great! It seems like a lot of thought was put into the product. I am going to install one today on my CTX 3030. I love the detector, but it's on the heavy side; I know the SAGA will probably make it feel half the weight...I love all the new products lately, keep them coming!
  10. That's a wonderful surprise Christmas nugget - way to go Jen!!! You make a good point about never walking away from a hole. I always recheck any hole, just in case there is another nugget hiding down a bit deeper..it's happened many times. Too bad about the ATV'ers on your land. Maybe post some signs along the main track if you haven't already, and some very prominent property markers so there is no doubt to anyone driving by that it is indeed private. Good luck.
  11. From our family to yours...wishing you peace, love and happiness this holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!!! The Arizona Outback office will be closed from December 24-26th, 2019 and will resume normal business hours on December 27th.
  12. My buddy Dean and I got out for a hunt over the weekend. The weather down there in the desert was absolutely gorgeous! I love living in the high country, but come winter, those desert temperatures just can’t be beat. We did quite a bit of exploring this time and actually found a few pieces of gold in a new spot. It was basically a hillside covered in gravels with a gully cutting down through it. We could see where the old-timers had dry-washed along the gully, so we figured it was worth a shot. I went straight up the hill and in no time dug a small quartz/gold specimen. It wasn’t very large, but pretty with the gold laced through the rock. I pushed a bit further and was rewarded with another piece weighing about 3.5-grams. It was very rough and covered in caliche. By this time it was late in the day so I headed back towards where I had last seen Dean. When I found him he had also scored a nice nugget amongst the old diggings. We finished off the day with three pieces and an impressive collection of lead. It was a fun hunt, and after walking out the door this morning to 18 degrees I am already daydreaming of that beautiful T-shirt weather! Happy hunting everyone… P.S. All found with the Minelab GPX detectors and Nugget Finder Evolution Coils.
  13. I had a great time this past Saturday hanging out with one of my favorite Arizona prospecting clubs; the Big Bug Mining District. The club invited me to come and speak on the topic of metal detecting, and check out the newest mining claims that they staked. We had a good turnout of members, despite the chilly and muddy conditions. I was happy to see many familiar faces, along with quite a few new ones. After spending some time covering the basics of detecting most everyone scattered to go find the $1 coins that had been hidden on the claims, which were redeemable for real nuggets. This was my second time speaking to the club and I enjoyed it just as much. They are a wonderful group of folks and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a small, personal club located in the central AZ region. For more information visit their website at: www.bigbugminingdistrict.com. Thank you again Owen, Kurt, Gail and the rest of the gang for the invite, I had a great time! See you all again soon!
  14. Doc, these new cuffs look fantastic! Just in time too, my old neoprene one is looking really rough. I will watch for that box to arrive and will post up my thoughts along with a photo of the new cuff on my GPX. Thanks for the update; I'm looking forward to seeing what else Santa might bring along
  15. This past weekend I hosted one of my metal detecting classes here in Arizona and got to meet some really great people. A few of the folks had to cancel due to sickness, so our group ended up being smaller than originally planned. Daniel and his wife Jeanette were from New Mexico, and Gary and his wife Janice were from Montana. The weather has been really wet, cold & unpredictable for the past week, but we got lucky on Saturday. We had cloud cover, but the rain stayed away, so it was the perfect day to be out prospecting. We had a wide range of machines out there including an SDC 2300, Equinox 800, GP3500, and an AT Gold. The area we hunted was heavily mineralized and there was no shortage of hot ironstones. It was a challenging spot to work, but like I told them, the worse the ground is, the better the gold usually is. After tuning and tweaking the detectors everyone got the hang of it and in no time targets were starting to come in. Gary was the first in the group to score. He recovered a nice 0.5-grammer from some really noisy red dirt with his Equinox. Now Gary has found many coins and rings, but this was his first gold nugget, so it was extra special. This got everyone excited and it wasn’t long before I saw Daniel digging at the base of a prickly pear cactus. I walked over as he was recovering the target and his eyes lit up when he looked in his hand and said, “It’s a piece of gold!” This was also his first nugget! I decide to wander down the hill to a tiny little gully. There was some exposed bedrock so I decided to swing through. I only made about six passes before getting a signal. I was pleasantly surprised when I dug down about 4” and popped out a lovely half gram nugget down in a crack! We finished off the day with 3 out of 5 people getting gold, so all in all it was a successful hunt! I really enjoyed myself and I want to thank everyone again for making the drive out to join me. This was a highly motivated group and I know that more gold awaits them in the future. I hope to see you all soon! P.S. There have been a few people here that have contacted me about these classes, and I will be hosting more this winter. My next class will be in January and I will be sure to post the date(s) here if anyone is interested.
  16. I got out for some detecting over the weekend and came home a few grams heavier. I went down to the desert and it was actually warmer than I thought it would be this time of year. I think on Saturday it was every bit of 85 or more. I dug so many junk targets which is probably why it felt so warm. Some of the holes were as deep as 24”! I came up with a total of four nuggets for 3 grams. I kept chasing those deep, deep targets hoping that one would be a multi-ouncer. Well no big lumps, but I accumulated an amazing collection of rusty nails if anyone is interested I also came across this cool old metal lid. It says Shillings Best. Any ideas what it could be from? I thought perhaps a tobacco can?
  17. Gerard, thanks for the info on the Shillings lid. I have found lots of relics out there in the goldfields, but this is the first one of these I have ever found. After reading your post I'm glad I picked it up. Thanks again!
  18. I am selling a few pre-owned search coils for the Minelab GPX/GP/SD Series gold detectors. Because I only have one of each, these coils are not listed on the AZO website. Please contact me at 928.777.0267 or info@arizonaoutback.com to order. Minelab 18” Mono (green round): this coil is also like new, aside from a few light scratches on the bottom of the skid plate. Great for ground coverage and finding bigger gold nuggets at depth. Compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP, or SD Series gold detectors. Price is only $125. Brasil Super Coil 17x12” Mono (solid gray): this coil comes all the way from Brazil. It features the Hunter Technology and is a good size for working deeper ground, or when more coverage is required. This coil has never been used in the field. Price is only $149.
  19. I just got these photos last night from a friend and customer over in Nevada. He did a training class with me last month on using his Minelab GPX 5000. He didn’t score here in Arizona, but he went back home and put that knowledge to good use. Check out his first official “detected” nugget! I was so excited to see that he had overcome the first nugget hurdle, and with such an interesting piece. It looks especially rough to me, as if it hasn’t traveled from the source at all. I’d have to think there should be more hanging out nearby. He has more exploring to do in the area, so hopefully I will hear back soon with even more of his finds to show off…Well done T. – keep up the good work!
  20. I was fortunate enough to catch a client & friend digging up his very first gold nugget! This was the first piece he has found with a metal detector and I’m sure it won’t be the last! Congratulations again Bob, I feel lucky to have been there to share in the excitement.
  21. A huge thanks to all those brave men and women that served in the US Armed Forces - thank you!!!
  22. I just got in a small batch of the new Nugget Stalker Picks from Doc. My first impression out of the box is very positive. At roughly 2.5 lbs. the pick is light for its size. It has a wooden handle that measures about 22” long. There is a sharp point on the back for breaking into stubborn soils, and a wide head on the front that will make scooping out a hole a breeze. The price is $89.95. Check out the photos below and either call or email me if you would like to grab one…Great looking pick Doc!
  23. Hi Everyone, Here is a new video I just posted up late last night. The footage is from a recent trip where I got lucky and pulled five nice nuggets for the day. I hope you all enjoy!
  24. I had some time off this weekend, so I decided to head out to the hills to chase some gold. Unlike earlier in the week when temperatures in north-central AZ were in the teens, the weather down in the desert was absolutely perfect. By 9:30 I was able to peel off the jacket and just go with a T-Shirt for the rest of the day! It’s a good thing too because I got a work out digging trash, lots of it! By the end of the day I had filled up one pocket with lead, wire, and all sorts of garbage….but, I also added a few nuggets to the bottle as well. I had a hunch if I persisted through the trash I would eventually be rewarded, and Mother Nature didn’t let me down. Using the Minelab GPX and 15” Nugget Finder Evolution coil I pulled a total of five nuggets for nearly ¼-ounce! All the pieces were decent, with the biggest weighing about 2.5-grams. Definitely my best day so far this winter season!
  25. Hi All, Nugget Finder has just released what is the first in a series of brand new DD coils. They are called the X-Search and are compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series gold detectors. I just got my hands on the 25” and was thoroughly impressed with the finish and quality. It has been so hot here in Arizona that I haven’t had a chance to field test it yet, but now that the monsoons have started it shouldn’t be much longer. I will definitely keep you all posted on my findings. I am also finalizing a price in $USD and will have that this week. I hope to have a batch of these coils available for purchase in September or sooner. Below is some additional information from the manufacturer: NUGGETFINDER 25”DD X – SEARCH Standard Features Include: • Fantastic Depth on Large Gold combined with Massive Ground Coverage at Full Depth • Ability to run Normal Soil Timing in Highly Mineralized Ground (GPX Series) • Super Strong Polycarbonate Reinforced Shaft Mount • Pressure Regulated ABS Shell • Divinycell Core • Combination of Spiral & Bundle Windings • Litz Wire • Water Resistant to 1m • 3 Year Warranty • Weight 1650-grams • Compatible with all Minelab GPX, GP and SD series gold detectors * more photos to follow soon