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  1. Hi Jen, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I tend to agree with you that this is probably not good news. On the surface its sounds okay. Conserving for future generations is positive and so is helping the local economies by bringing in tourism, but to be honest, I’m not 100% convinced this is really the end goal these organizations have in mind. I have traveled quite a bit in this state over the past twenty years and can say that the land surrounding the old mining centers like Ballarat, Dunolly, Bendigo, etc. are absolutely beautiful. There are thick forests, green grass-filled pastures and tons of history. But what I don’t remember seeing were ruins or ghost towns. I’m sure some must exist, but for the most part the only visible signs of the old-timers we found were their diggings and rusty can piles. So I guess my question is this, “What exactly are they trying to protect?” Ensuring that the original Victorian era buildings in the towns are preserved makes total sense to me, but does that include all the undeveloped gold-bearing land on the outskirts as well? If this is the case, I have to wonder why. Will tourists from around the globe really come to photograph a paddock with sheep in it? What will happen to the claim (lease) holders? Are they simply out of luck? It just seems strange to me. Making this land off limits will kill the livelihoods of small scale miners and essentially rob the country of the immense wealth that still remains in the ground. Maybe I’m just overly suspicious, but I can’t shake this feeling that Ms. O’Rourke and UNESCO may have plans of their own that have nothing to do with tourists or the welfare of the Australian people. I know most of us on this forum do not live in Australia, but if something like this does go through there, it is reasonable to think that there is a chance it could happen here as well. Scary stuff…Thanks again Jen for posting this info, please keep us updated if you hear anything new.
  2. Hi everyone, My family I just got back into the country this week from a wonderful trip down into Mexico. I had visited the country before, but this was my first trip deep into the interior. The primary spots we explored were Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, both of which are in the mountainous country to the NW of Mexico City. The traveling went fairly smooth except they lost our luggage, so we had to stay in the same clothes for three days, but eventually it found its way back to us. Both places had stunning old homes, cathedrals and cobble stone streets. Everyone I looked there seemed to be history. The Spaniards arrived in the region in 1522, led by a guy named Cristóbal de Olid. A few years later another Spaniard named Nuño Beltran de Guzmán led a force of 300 soldiers and a native army of more than 10,000 into the area. Countless indigenous peoples were killed and many communities in the region destroyed, but in the end the Purépecha were defeated and the area came under Spanish control. In 1552, Captain Juan de Jaso discovered rich silver deposits in the mountains surrounding Guanajuato and subsequently established Real de Minas (The Royal Mines). This discovery led to the rapid settlement of the region throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. There were so many people milling about and we encountered just about every sort of street vendor you could imagine. We found that the cheapest and best tasting food came from the stands and not the restaurants. I have no idea what half the stuff I ate was, but it tasted great! We met up with a local rancher and did a full day trail ride through the hills. We also zip-lined across the canyons and rented to quads to explore the countryside away from the city. It was an absolute blast! The people were super friendly and I never felt as if we in danger; even though I was walking the allies with two blond haired girls. Going off what the media says, I half expected to be abducted by a cartel, but this simply wasn’t the case. It was safe and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. If you are looking for an adventure for yourself or your family, a trip to this part of Mexico is certainly worth consideration. Here are a couple of photos from our trip…
  3. Hi Jen, I loved seeing that half-ouncer come out of the ground! It's been so hot here that I've been reluctant to head out, but after seeing this, I'm fired up to brave that 115 degrees down there in the desert! Thanks for sharing and the bump of motivation Keep those nuggets coming in!
  4. Chris Gholson

    Backyard Surprise!

    I had heard that they will actually eat a Rattler, but wasn't sure if it was true. I'm glad to know that it's not just a rumor. He is welcome to stay and keep eating! Now that I live closer to town I don't see half the rattlers that I used to when I was living on top of the Bradshaw Mountains. There were heaps of them up there, especially the Arizona Blacks. This is one of my favorite rattler photos. I spotted him in the driveway just as I was leaving the house and he gave me this classic pose...Can't say I really miss seeing them.
  5. I have the following detector search coils for sale. All are designed to work on the MINELAB brand of metal detectors. I only have one of each. If interested, please contact me at 928.777.0267 or email me: info@arizonaoutback.com. Mars Discovery 13″ DD Coil Mars Discovery 13″ DD Search Coil with Nut & Bolt, Coil Cover, 2 Rubber Rings, and a Two-Year Warranty. The Mars Discovery coil is the most optimal size for universal detecting at 13″. It is a very well balanced, lightweight and reliable coil for a wide range of search tasks. Compatible with the Minelab X-Terra 18.75 or 7.5 kHz Metal Detector. Mars search coils are 100% waterproof and are protected against electrical interference. Condition: New Forum Price: $175 + FREE Shipping! Minelab 10.5” DD 7.5 kHz Coil This coil is absolutely brand new and still wrapped in the original packaging. The DD configuration allows for quiet operation in mineralization and is ideal for seeking out coins, relics, jewelry, nuggets, etc. Compatible with the Minelab X-Terra metal detector. Condition: New Forum Price: $110 + FREE Shipping!
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  7. Happy Independence Day!!! In observance of the upcoming holiday, the AZO office will be closed July 4-5th, 2019. We will reopen Monday the 8th. Wishing you all a safe & fun filled weekend! We are the Land of the Free We are the home of the Brave Let’s pay tribute to our brave American Heroes on this day and forever – God Bless America!
  8. Thank you once again for the updated info Clay, your posts are always appreciated!
  9. Chris Gholson

    Back from Mexico!

    Dick, it really was a wonderful trip. The best part was that we just got to slow down and enjoy being a family. Sometimes it gets tough with all the distractions and day-to-day grind, but being down there with no phone calls or texts going off was a nice break. Maddie loved it! She also wanted me to say thank you again for her graduation gift, you guys are too kind! Mike, my wife & I did all the planning. We rented a house down there rather than a hotel. It was actually about the same price per night and we had much more room and privacy. It was also really easy and pretty cheap to organize transportation to and from the airports. While in town we just walked or used taxis to get around. A taxi ride anywhere in town was about $2. If you ever want to head that way I'll be happy to help out any way I can.
  10. I just wanted to let our forum friends and customers know that the AZO office will be closed during June 14 – 24th, 2019. We will be down in Mexico enjoying the sites and doing some treasure hunting. Any orders placed during this time will be shipped upon our return. Everyone be safe out there and I will catch up with everyone soon!
  11. Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you know we are back in the United States and AZO is open for business again. We had a wonderful trip exploring Mexico, and I will be posting photos and details later this week. All orders will be shipping this week and I am working now on returning all phone calls.
  12. Chris Gholson

    Jim Straight passes away.

    Hey Dain, what a great photo! That's the old Jim I remember too Yeah your son has grown just a bit since then, lol. Last time I saw him he was only a teenage and was taller than me back then!
  13. To those who courageously gave their lives, and to those who bravely fight today - THANK YOU!
  14. I came across these photos this morning and couldn’t remember if I had shared them or not. A friend & customer up in Oregon was detecting along when he dug up this old .45-75 rifle cartridge. He almost tossed it into the bushes, but noticed there was something wrapped around it. A closer inspection revealed that a piece of cork had been shoved into the open end and a wire was wrapped around to keep it secure. He decided to take it apart and find out what was inside. What happened next is something many of us dream about, but for him it actually happened. He pulled out the cork and watched in shock as nugget after nugget rolled out! The cartridge had been converted into a makeshift gold poke for an old-time miner. The five small nuggets inside didn’t add up to a lot of weight, but what an amazing piece of pioneer history. Incredible find, thank you for sharing with us!
  15. Hey Matt, That’s a shame to hear you guys were hassled, and I agree that it’s sneaky to question the minor before the adult. Kudos to your son, he sounds like a smart kid. Laws like this are so foolish. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to preserve and protect our historical sites for future generations. They are our heritage and a testament to those that came before us, and deserving of our respect. I get that, but what I don’t get is the people they target; like you and your son. The real threat in my opinion are the vandals armed with spray paint and hundreds of rounds of ammo. I can’t even tell you how many old stone cabins and adobe structures I have run across over the years that are tagged with all sorts of graffiti and filled with more holes than Swiss cheese. These people are the real danger to our antiquities, not the guy out in the field digging a few shallow holes with his detector. The current mindset here in the US seems to be, “It’s better to let those relics rust away into oblivion versus someone actually digging them up and preserving in a private collection.” I think if our laws were closer to those over in Europe we would see a lot more cool artifacts showing up in our museums…
  16. Chris Gholson

    The Equinox Finds gold alright!

    Great report Mike and nice nuggets! Your comments are really appreciated because I get asked so many times by potential customers as to how the Equinox performs on gold. In fact, most of the time they want to know how it compares to the Gold Bugs or even the Gold Master. I know you have spent hours swinging the Bug, so hearing that the EQX exceeded your expectations means a lot...Thank you again for the business and for taking the time to post your findings. Keep up the good work!
  17. Chris Gholson

    Jim Straight passes away.

    I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Jim Straight. When it came to electronic gold prospecting, he was truly one of the greats. Jim saw the entire evolution of the metal detector starting with the BFO and progressing all the way to the modern PI. His work experience included being a prolific author, working for Kennecott Copper & Eagle Picher, a school teacher, the Army Corp of Engineers, and as a mining consultant. He was such an amazing guy who was so full of knowledge and always willing to share it. I was extremely lucky and got to spend a lot of time with Jim as a young man in my 20’s. Some of my best memories are of us bumping along a dirt road in his old pickup while he talked geology. We got to prospect all over the Mojave Desert and even up into Osceola district. I will always cherish our time spent out in the goldfields and the many lessons he taught me about mining. You will be missed my friend…RIP
  18. A friend that I hadn’t heard from in a long while called out of the blue the other day. It was good to hear his voice and to see that he is still out there cleaning out the desert of all that heavy metal! Here is a photo he sent over of some really rough nuggets that he found with his original Nugget Finder Coil. This coil has to date back to at least 2005-06, and it’s still chugging along! Congratulations amigo - you are a gold magnet!
  19. I was digging through my albums and I came across these photos from a friend of mine here in Arizona. He bought one of the Nugget Finder 8x6” Sadie coils and wanted to show off some of his finds. What’s interesting is this area he is detecting is not really known for specimen gold. Most everything found there has been well worn and no attached host rock. I’m hopeful that he’s near the source and the next group of photos will be of his truck bed loaded with gold-bearing quartz! Thanks again for the pics!
  20. Chris Gholson

    El Camino del Diablo

    This is great stuff Dick! What a fascinating area; if only those hills could talk...Thanks also for the email.
  21. A quick update for those that were waiting. I did get in a small batch of the new Gray Ghost Gold Series Headphones. These have the 1/8” adapter and were built with the Minelab Equinox and Gold Monster 1000 in mind. The price is $125. If you would like to grab a pair, or have any questions, please give me a call (928.777.0267), or send an email: info@arizonaoutback.com. Thanks!
  22. Hi CH, I wanted to let you know your new detector was shipped out last week and should be there soon. You are really going to love the 5000. I put one of my instructional videos in there, but don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions at all. I also wanted to thank you for the kind words, that really means a lot. You just made my week! Thanks again for the business and good luck!
  23. I sold a Nugget Finder 17x13” EVO Coil to a prospector down in Mexico and asked if he would mind sending me photos of his finds. Well the other day I got a message with these pics and a note saying, “La major bobina para mi GPX 5000 gracias amigos!” Which I think translates roughly to: Thank you, this is my favorite coil…Here are a few golden finds from his first outing with the new coil.
  24. Every spring I head over to the local preschools to teach the kids about metal detecting and panning for gold. The kids love it because they have a free pass to play in the dirt, and I love it because I get to skip work for the day! I held the class last week and we all had a blast. They learned to use a detector, pan for gold, identify various rocks, and they even got to crack open geodes. It is a bit of work to organize, but seeing the expressions on their face after finding a piece of “gold” always makes it worth it! Here are a few photos of our future prospectors in action.
  25. If you are hunting for a new metal detector, or need a spare part, please give me a call. We keep most all current units and accessories in stock.