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  1. We got blasted with a major snowstorm here in central AZ last week that kept dumping snow from Thursday through Friday. My house got covered and it took me about two days of shoveling to finally dig out. This was definitely one of the largest storms I have personally seen in this area for the past ten years. All the mountains in every direction are covered in white. It is a beautiful to look at through the window, but not so great for prospecting. If anyone is thinking about heading up to the northern Bradshaw’s in the next few days, they may want to reconsider. The roads in town are open, but I bet many of the dirt roads leading to the gold areas have yet to be plowed. Some areas got over 24”, so it’s going to be nasty for a while. If you do head up be sure to dress warm and don’t forget to bring a shovel! Be safe & stay warm out there!
  2. Hawkeye, I heard lots of snow could still be headed towards the Sierra this year. They were calling it an 'Atmospheric River',..whatever that means. It sounded like the Donner Pass area got blasted. A bulk of the snow we got in that last storm is melting fast. With all this water I almost wish I still had my dredge!
  3. Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have the Land or Sea Pin-Pointers back in stock. They have been extremely difficult to get for the past few weeks, but fortunately a small batch arrived this week. I have personally used this pointer for over six months at a number of sites here in Arizona and have had no trouble at all. It’s a great product at a great price! Please call or email me to order or with any questions. The Land/Sea Pin-Pointer utilizes powerful pulse induction circuitry which gives excellent depth and reliability while handling the harshest conditions from heavily mineralized ground to salt water. Waterproof to 20 feet 3 Operation modes: Sound, Vibrate, Sound & Vibrate 4 Sensitivity Levels Powerful pulse circuitry that works great in all conditions including mineralized dirt and salt water. Full time signal LED Belt Holster included 2-Year Warranty AZO Price: $109.95 + FREE SHIPPING!
  4. If anyone is thinking about prospecting in central AZ this weekend you will definitely want to dress warm…and maybe bring a snow shovel! This week has been exceptionally cold, and the forecasters are calling for snow on both Thursday and Friday, with the heaviest happening on Thursday. I have heard that this storm could drop as much as 20”. The forecasters are usually wrong, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would avoid the highest elevations and stick closer to the foothills or lower desert. We also received some rain this month which has really gotten all the major creeks running. I visited Big Bug Creek and it is flowing hard, as are Lynx Creek and Turkey Creek. This weather makes for rotten detecting right now, but once everything runs off and dries up, there could be a nice fresh crop of nuggets waiting! Be safe and stay warm out there!
  5. Wishing all of the lovely ladies in our lives a very special and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
  6. A friend and customer just sent over this great photo of the gold he has found so far this winter in southern Arizona. Everything shown here was detected with the Minelab GPZ 7000. I didn’t get a final weight from him, but I know that a few of the nuggets near the top are close to an ounce…A huge congratulations to this hard working prospector! Thank you so much for sharing with us, keep adding to that pile!
  7. A good friend and customer of ours sent over these photos of some amazing gold he recovered using a dry-washer. Even though all the gold was small, it quickly added up to over 2-ounces! It was found not far from Randsburg, CA and was taken in only two outings!...We always love seeing the yellow metal and I want to thank Daine (the lucky finder) for sharing these photos with us. Keep up the good work
  8. I just put together this short video over the weekend and thought I’d share with you all. I am getting excited again about filming, and my goal is to post a couple new videos each month on the channel. I hope you guys enjoy!
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yes, the desert is gorgeous right now, with all the fresh grass it was like detecting on a golf course! Quite a bit different than the chilly weather we've had up north...I'm working on a new video now, so maybe by next week it will be ready to post up. Thanks again!
  10. Chris Gholson

    Dry-Washing for Gold!

    Mike, I believe Daine uses the KEENE 141 dry-washer, which is a little smaller than the better known 151. Before I got so involved with metal detecting, all I did every weekend was go dry-washing. It's a lot of work, but there's something rewarding about getting getting to check the riffle box before a clean up. I always loved seeing those bright yellow pickers mixed in with the black sand! The metal detector + dry-washer is in IMHO the best way to find gold in the desert...I am always happy to help if you have any questions about dw'ing.
  11. A customer and friend sent me this photo this morning. He just bought a Nugget Finder 17x13” Evolution coil for his GPX last month and has already paid for it! This was the gold found from his most recent outing; it’s just shy of ½-ounce! Keep up that lucky streak going, and thanks again for sharing your find with us!
  12. This is an update for those that emailed me regarding the new covers for the Minelab Equinox 800/600 and Gold Monster 1000’s. We now have them all in stock! These are the Gold Screamer brand and they turned out really nice. I am working now to get them listed on the website, but in the meantime please give me a call or email if you are interested. Complete Kit for Equinox 800/600 -includes Control Head Cover and Arm Cuff Cover Price is $54.95 + FREE SHIPPING! Complete Kit for Gold Monster 1000 -includes Control Head Cover, Cord Wrap and Arm Cuff Cover Price is $54.95 + FREE SHIPPING!
  13. Coil Maintenance Tips: The search coil is the part of the metal detector that is swung over the ground, and as you can imagine, it receives the most abuse. Coils are tough, but like any piece of equipment they must be maintained to ensure proper function. Here are a few tips to help you get the best performance and extend the coil’s life: 1. The coil connector will become corroded over time. This buildup is easily removed with any over the counter Control/Contact Cleaner & Lubricant (see photo). Simply spray into the connector and wipe away any excess liquid. 2. Most coils include a skid plate on the bottom. This skid is there to protect the coil as you scrape it over rocks and dirt. Always inspect the skid prior to use and replace before wearing through (see photo). Failure to maintain the skid can void the coil’s warranty, and in time will eventually damage the coil itself. Keep in mind that it is much cheaper to replace a skid versus a coil. 3. Periodically remove your coil’s skid plate and dump out any dirt and black sands that have accumulated. This will help reduce the likelihood of false signals. 4. It is our recommendation that the coil cable wire be strung straight from the coil up the lower shaft, then held in place with either our coil cable clips, Velcro strips, or tape. Once you reach the “knuckle” or screw cap, the coil cable wire can then be wrapped along the upper shaft and finally inserted into the detector’s control box. Ensure that the connector is properly seated before tightening. 5. Most coils are fairly water resistant, however the drier it stays, the longer it will last. Unless designated as water-proof, a coil should not be washed with a pressurized hose. A soft brush and damp rag are recommended for cleaning. If anyone else has any tips they'd like to share please do so.…Happy hunting everyone!
  14. A friend of mine from high school sent me these incredible photos the other day. His passion is chasing lions with his dogs here in the mountains of Arizona. I wouldn’t really call him a hunter since he doesn’t shoot them, he just enjoys tracking them and getting video/photos and relaying that info back to Game & Fish. He just recently bought a GPX-4500 from me, so I have a feeling some of his time will get diverted to chasing the yellow stuff! …Anyway these were such cool photos I had to share them with you all.
  15. Fresh from the ground! A friend & customer just texted over this photo about ten minutes ago. Take a look at what he just unearthed with his Minelab GPZ 7000 at over 25 inches! This is his biggest nugget to date. I asked what it weighed and he said his scale only goes to an ounce, and the nugget causes an error message. I hate error messages, but in this case it’s a good thing! I can’t say exactly where, but it was found in the Arizona desert…I am so excited for this gentleman. He’s a great guy who works hard and definitely deserved this trophy piece. Well done my friend – thank you for letting my share!
  16. A friend of mine that likes to detect in Arizona sent me this photo a few days ago. What he thought was going to be a nugget actually turned out to be a really nice meteorite! It is a “stony” or chondrite and is a beautiful example of the type. The total weight is 187-grams. He is swinging a Minelab GPZ 7000 with the 14” coil. Way to go!!!
  17. Chris Gholson

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    The owner just sent me this photo of the nugget all cleaned up. It turned out stunning! The final weight was 31.4-grams. Gravelwasher, I don't think that's the hole.
  18. A friend and customer sent over this photo showing off some of his recent finds. The gold has been a little skinny, but he is doing well on cleaning up some meteorites! This variety are known as chondrites or "stony", and although they don't contain a tremendous amount of metal inside they do have enough nickel/iron to set off most detectors. Many people have walked away from these believing them to be hot rocks; I know I did in the past. However, once you have seen & handled a few you can't help but recognize them. He found these using his Minelab GPX-4500 and his new Nugget Finder Evolution Coil. A big congratulations to the lucky finder, I really appreciate you sharing with us. Hopefully the next photos you send will include a multi-ouncer! Happy hunting everyone..
  19. Chris Gholson

    Freedom System Gold

    Hey Rich, I sold out the first batch of the systems I put together and have received some great feedback. My supplier for some of the parts is no longer in business, so I am souring those items. It shouldn't take me too long to sort it out. I hope to have some back in stock perhaps as early as the end of the month. If you like, email me at: info@arizonaoutback.com and I will add you to the top of the list.
  20. I was able to get in some detecting right before that snow storm hit central AZ earlier this week. I headed out to a spot that I have been eye-balling for a while. All the geological indicators for gold were there, so I figured it was worth a swing. I decided to take my new Nugget Finder 12x8” EVO coil out for a test drive. It performed beautifully on my Minelab GPX…actually almost too well. The sensitivity is unbelievable and I found myself digging shards of metal that were so small I had a hard time spotting them in my hand even after they had come out of the ground. The depth was good as well, but it was the overall sensitivity that blew me away. In really trashy spots this might be a disadvantage, but for patches that held lots of tiny nuggets and have been worked hard, the new 12x8” is in my opinion the way to go. A perfect size coil for wash or creek bed hunting. I didn’t hit any new patches, but I did score this 1.4 gram piece. The most challenging aspect of this area was the sheer amount of magnetite. Just about every wash I walked was loaded with black sand and the bedrock cracks were packed with heavy black hot rocks. They were noisy for sure, but I found I could work the ground by backing off the Gain, holding the coil slightly higher than normal, and moving a little slower. Now that I know there is gold I might try some dry-washing this spring to see how much fine gold those washes carry…Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and 2019 if off to a great start!
  21. Happy Holidays from AZO! The Arizona Outback office will be closed from December 24th – 26th and will resume normal business hours on Thursday the 27th. I would like to wish all of our forum family a very joyous holiday season. May your Christmas be filled with fun, laughter and happiness!
  22. I sold a Minelab Equinox 800 a while back to a gentleman up in Wyoming and mentioned that I always love seeing photos of customer finds. Well he didn’t forget, because I just got these in the mail! From the looks of it, he has definitely gotten the hang of the machine. He has found all sorts of goodies. My personal favorite is the bar token from Montana…Great work Tom, thanks so much for sharing with us!
  23. Good video guys, it looks like you two have a lot of fun together! What a beautiful place to chase gold. Keep up the great work, but save me a crevice or two
  24. Check out this unusual nugget that a friend of mine found while metal detecting in Arizona. He calls it the “SEE THROUGH” Nugget! He said it was buried ten inches deep, and gave off a very weird signal response. He almost didn’t dig it, but then luckily decided to go back and investigate. I’m not sure what the two brownish spots are, but I believe they could be limonite…Great find!!! Thanks a million for letting me share with everyone. Keep up the good work!
  25. I dug this up the other day and have been wondering what it might be. It came from a very old mining district which dates back to the mid 1800’s. There are no markings that I can see. Each of the little discs are smaller than a dime. Could it be a pair of cuff links? I appreciate any input.