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  1. Emptypockets

    detecting facts?

    Hello, I have had the pleasure of hunting with Ray in the Redding, CA area. And as Uncle Ron has said Ray is one of the best and very generous with information. Here on the forum he is known as trintyau check out some of his posts and send him a message. I won't give out his personal contact information, but he will get back to you. There is the Redding Chapter of the GPAA and they have their meeting at the Moose Lodge on Lake Blvd once a month. You can contact J.R. at (530) 356-9389 or email him at ernestbrandvold@yahoo.com this information is on their website,there is also the Shasta Miners & Prospectors they don't answer their email very often so talk to Chip or Stacy at The Miner's Cache at 1600 E. Cypress Ave in Redding or just call them at 410-3122 they are great people and would know the best way to contact Shasta Miners & Prospectors. Ray and I both use the GBpro. It is a very good machine. Like I said look at his post here on the forum (You will be amazed at what is here in your own back yard) Cheers, Howard
  2. Emptypockets

    Shep's Nugget

    Hey Doc, It's our age that is the cause of the wet pants But DAMN!!!!!that is one pretty nugget. What other information do you have on it? You said Shep's nugget is that the same Shep that posts here on the forum? Northern California any idea which part? Cheers, Howard
  3. Emptypockets

    El Dorado is 66 today ...

    This is your DAY!!! I am sure I speak for everyone here in wishing that Happiness, Health and Prosperity are with you always. God Bless and Happy Birthday!!!!! Howard
  4. Emptypockets

    Selling on Ebay

    Try here first. I also have been selling on ebay for years. However for larger ticket items I don't, and the only reason is the fees. You have a listing fee, value added fee "at the end of the auction" and then PayPal fees. At this moment in time there are a lot of people looking to upgrade or get into prospecting. So save on the fees and list here first remember they have to pay you first and the check has to clear the bank before you ship and put that in your ad so everyone knows. But please try the Apple Cider Vinegar it worked on the pains in my hands and I also drink 8oz of Red Tart Cherry Juice before bedtime its good for GOUT and make me sleep like a baby. Cheers, Howard
  5. Emptypockets

    Valentines Nugget

    Great call, Looks like a heart to me as well. Cheers,
  6. Emptypockets

    Claim Maps

    Hello Seb, Klamath River covers a lot of country. If you are a GPAA, LDMA or New 49ers member they supply maps to there claims and they do hold many claims along the Klamath / Trinity Rivers (member) is the key word. My best advice is to log onto http://minerdiggins.com/ download their http://minerdiggins.com/GE/Gold%20Atlas.kmz which works with Google Earth it will give you overlays that show BLM, US Forest Service, private lands, roads and points of interest once you spend a bit of time working with the settings on the program it will provide a lot of information and best of all it is free. Minerdiggins also provides FootPrints digital maps of Arizona and parts of Southern California I think. You can buy their mapping software if that is your interest from Arizona Outback according to their website. Well that my 2 cents worth. Good luck and Happy Prospecting. Howard
  7. Emptypockets


    One of my daughters just gave birth to a bounching baby boy!!! 6 lbs 13 oz. 19" long and to my surprize they named him after me. I don't think my year can get any better. So I raise my glass to all of you and say. May your year be all that you hope for. And may health, wealth and happiness follow you all the days of your lives. Cheers, Howard
  8. You know, I have heard that expression all of my life. ”A few can ruin it for everyone” But who gave our government the right or the power to punish the many for the acts of a few? I say this crap must stop, we must come together in one voice and say NO MORE, we will not stand by and do nothing while our GOD given rights are taken away under the guise of protecting the land or making us safe. We as Americans have never been at greater risk then we are right now and not by some so called terrorist, but by our own government. Some two bit BLM official says they are closing roads or we can’t shoot our guns because someone left a mess. They are saying now you can’t wear a gun exposed (On your hip) in public without a special permit even if it is unloaded (What dumb ass would wear a gun that’s unloaded). You are right about our borders Ron, they are bringing truck loads of drugs across and illegal’s are still for the most part going unchecked, and what is our federal government doing about it? They are attacking state and local officials for trying to fix the problem. So my power is dry and my guns are loaded and trigger locks? (we don’t care bout no stinkin trigger locks)
  9. Emptypockets

    2 small ones

    Nice finds. Was it Rye Patch? Doesn't matter nice finds Cheers,
  10. Emptypockets

    training gpx4000

    Last week I had the opportunity to spend part of the day "before the rains hit" with trinityau, and had a great time. I have always dug a lot and I mean a lot of trash Ray and I went out to an area that has been well worked over the years. Within the first 15 minutes we had both scored small pieces, what Ray pointed out to me is that you need to keep your ear in tune, by using your machine as offten as possible and how to read the lay of the land. Doesn't sound like much right? Well the area that we worked, I have worked before and and found nothing. It was because I was reading the area wrong. It's always a GREAT day when you learn anything that makes you better at what you do. But Northern California covers a lot of ground, more then some states. It may be helpful if you narrow it down a bit. By the way the day ended with Ray scoring two pieces and me one Cheers, Howard
  11. Emptypockets


    Nice pieces Ray way to go. I hear its going to clear up and get sunny this weekend that would be nice. Cheers,
  12. Emptypockets

    Working after work

    Way to go!! Nice hand full. But don't give up your day job. All patches run dry, then it's back to diggin bullets, poptops, and nails. lol Cheers, Howard
  13. Emptypockets

    TDI SL

    Sweet looking nugget. Did you do the yahoo dance? Hell I'd still be dancing Cheers, Howard
  14. Nice Promo video indeed, makes me want a 5000 humm I wonder what the trade-in value is on a SD2100. LOL
  15. Herb, I was just thinking the same thing. What a nice guy Frank is Cheers,