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  1. That's a cool looking nugget--congrats
  2. hal747gold

    Get Well Soon

    Yeah Walt broken ribs can really put a hurting in you--give them a chance to heal--been there and can feel the pain...get well soon
  3. hal747gold

    California Specie

    Great find, looks like mother earth just produced that about twenty million years ago!!
  4. Sounds like you worked hard, had some fun and found some nice gold, more power to you and thanks for sharing.
  5. hal747gold

    ol stuff

    Thanks for the interesting story Shep
  6. nice gold Chris-thanks for sharing ---sounds like that was fun outing
  7. Mitch: Thanks for the information--very interesting area--Hal
  8. looks like a fun area, thanks for sharing
  9. hal747gold

    Big rock

    Lot of work and a worth while result--thanks for sharing----Hal
  10. hal747gold

    A TRINITYAU Moment

    Some nice looking gold, thanks for posting--the nugget next to the dime has a great shape--find some more ---Hal
  11. hal747gold

    They Are Out There ...

    Glad to hear Max is doing fine, thanks for taking care of him !!
  12. Maybe connected with Coccidioidomyoosis ( Valley Fever ). Just a thought
  13. Nice web site, luv looking at that gold--best of luck
  14. hal747gold

    2nd 2 nugget day!!

    You got to feel good coming away with those nice nuggets.