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  1. Hey All, The pictures are at least 20 years apart. The first picture is taken along a major gold bearing creek here in Arizona, probably in the mid 90's. The second picture was taken a few years back around Central, Arizona. One guys aged gracefully, while the other turned GRAY! I'll let you guess the characters Great memories and a lot of gold found over those years together. Rob
  2. Hey Chris, Great times for sure. The top picture you posted, remember the Polaris Quads we used ..... LOL I had to get a running start to get up the hill. The crap we did back then to find some gold. The second picture I know very well also, spent a lot of time back there with you and also myself over the years. I still remember the "Guitar" nugget you found, I think you dubbed that wash - Guitar Wash. Also, that was one of my best (ours also) days dredging. I think we ended the day with 7 Dwt's of gold with many smaller nuggets. I did about 1/2 ounce one day dredging on the Black Canyon on a shallow spot of bedrock, just about blew me away how easy the dredging was, but it ended quickly. Dick - Great pictures of the past. Always great to see them. Thanks for all the comments Chris and Fellows. Rob
  3. Hello All, A very good friend is selling his Minelab SD2200d and three searchcoils for a "GP Extreme" purchase. If anyone is interested in a very good PI unit, with the Coiltek 14 inch mono, Minelab 11 inch mono, Minelab 11 inch DD, Super Sound Amp, Neo Coiltek control box cover and stock accessories, please contact me at this email address - auplacers@yahoo.com I will place you in contact with the owner, as he does not have internet access at this time. Asking $1,700 for all. Serious interests only please. Rob
  4. AZhunter

    Bland Mines

    Hello Charlie, I'm not certain on where you found that information, as I only know of one "Bland Mine" in the Yavapai area. The Mine is located on the Southern edge of Bland Hill, just West of Bumble Bee, Arizona. I spent several years working with the former owner of the Bland Mine, a guy named Kevin Gillette. The mine did produce gold, but was more of a base metal mine, which produced Gold, Silver, minor amounts of Copper and Zinc ores. I would agree that there might in fact be more Bland Mines in the State of Arizona, but that would include all counties, and not just Yavapai. Hope this helps a bit, Rob Nuggethunting.com
  5. Hello Darren, I have used the Minelab Eureka and found it to be a bit better than the XT18000. It seems to run smoother overall, and I like the tracking adjust feature (slow/fast track). Here is a post I copied from another forum, which states a brief test done at Minelab. This other forum is at this URL if your interested - Aussie & Yank Prospecting Forum Here is the copied post - Dan I had a chance to do some bench testing with the Eureka Gold over at Minelab. A word about adjustments. Run on boost, I would actually hunt in 6.4, greater depth, and once you start finding gold you can always kick it up to 60 to find the small bits. Also, you might want to balance in tracking, by pumping the coil up and down, and then put it in fixed. Now this is key! You need a nice steady threshold. Turn your threshold up until it is loud enough, but back the sensitivity off, until you get a nice clean threshold that is not warbling. When having the sensitivity all the way up we had trouble hearing a .05 gram bit. That's right it was a 1/2 of a tenth of a gram. So what would that be .75 grains ? I could never figure out that grains thing. It was about half the size of a pinhead. With the sensitivity all the way up it was overdriving the machine and causing and unstable threshold and the machine had trouble locking on to the target. Backing the sensitivity off, the threshold became steady and the target signal became nice and clear. We had the threshold at the 3 o'clock position, and the sensitivity at around 11 o'clock. Thought that might give you some help! Take care! DOC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this helps a bit, Rob www.nuggethunting.com
  6. AZhunter

    Iron Discriminate control

    Hello Pot-Hole Bob, I find your statement somewhat interesting. I have used the GP Extreme's discriminator to a pretty good degree of success in a few locations. By any means it is not a sure fire method, but it does work if you understand it. Rob Nuggethunting.com
  7. AZhunter

    Seeking Seeker

    Hello Jonathan, No problem. Hopefully Seeker will be able to access this forum. I seen one of his posts over on Bill's Nuggetshooter forum, stating he was in Wickenburg using the Libraries computer for internet access. Glad to hear everything is fine with you and your wife. I wish you both the best of success over there. Rob Nuggethunting.com
  8. Hello Joe, I see you started this poll, and you chose Fisher. I would give it toss between Garrett and Fisher, as both of the earlier versions of their detectors had some of the first shots in the goldfields. I was guessing the Garrett Ground Hog, but I'm sure the GoldBug had a good run with it during the early days. I guess no one really knows, as most good hits (patches) are not documented, nor the detector used. Just my two cents. Rob www.nuggethunting.com
  9. Hello All, Just thought I would post this picture of some nuggets found a while back by me. I was using the Minelab GP Extreme with the Coiltek 14 inch monoloop searchcoil. Somewhat of a virgin area, just happened to stumble upon a small bit on the way back towards the vehicle. Keep that detector swinging even though your heading back toward the vehicle and heading home. This is the second small patch I hit by not giving up early. The other patch was hit over around Yuma, and way up on a odd-ball hillside... "Gold is where you find it!" Biggest piece is 8.8 Dwts in size. Just shy of an ounce for the total weight of all nuggets. Best regards, Rob www.nuggethunting.com
  10. AZhunter

    Seeking Seeker

    Hello Jonathan, Seeker is now in Arizona. I believe he made a trip out to San Domingo today with the famous Bill Southern and Uncle Ron of the former AZ-Gold shop. I have no idea if found anything, but would assume someone recovered a bit of gold. Just a brief update for you. Hope everything is well in OZ. Rob www.nuggethunting.com
  11. Hello Stan, Adding pictures is quite simple, but they have to be hosted on a free site, or on your own website if you have one. There are many free picture hosting sites, and from there you would just enter the URL into the img tab. The first step is to click on the "IMG" button. This will bring up a small window with this part of the URL in the bar, http://......... From there, you must enter the remaining URL from where your picture is hosted at. After you type in the whole URL from where the picture is located, click "OK" in that window and it will close the image code. This is about all you have to do. By doing these steps above, you will have a picture uploaded here in no time flat. Hope this helps a bit, Rob www.nuggethunting.com
  12. Hey Chris, Great to see you now have a new forum that can support pictures. I attached a picture below. Hope it works! Can you remember this place? Rented quads even... Rob www.nuggethunting.com