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  1. This mint condition White's Goldmaster 4/B has about 6 hours very pampered use, and is in aesthetically and functionally perfect condition. Comes with slightly used coil cover, instructional manual, battery pack, and NEW set of Koss E-Series 9000 headphones (retail $99.95) and NEW copy of the book "Advanced Nuggetshooting." Price: $350.00, postpaid. Email me at OphirAU@msn.com
  2. I have a really nice, as-new Goldmaster 4/b for sale. The original owner used it for 6 hours, on grass; what he really needed was a coin machine. So I traded him one for this 4/b. Aesthetically speaking, on a scale of 10, it would rate 9.95+; truly "as new." The coil cover cleaned up nicely, it, too, is almost as new. Also comes with instructional manual, and NEW copy of my latest book "Advanced Nuggetshooting - How to Prospect for Gold with a Metal Detector." Price: $320.00 postpaid, for everything. Email me at OphirAU@msn.com. HH Jim
  3. jim mcculloch

    Team Azo member hits BIG Speci

    Yo, cobber, let's hope that those little yella sparkles are nothing more than the TIP of the "iceberg." Hmmm, 11 kilos.... 3 kilos rock, 8 kilos AU. Fair enough? HH Jim
  4. Dan, you already have the two best. Actually, two of the three best: the Koss 9000's are improved versions of the UR-30's. HH Jim
  5. I have a near-new White's Electronics Goldmaster 4/b for sale. Perfect working condition, used for less than a day, no problems whatsoever. Comes coil cover, plus NEW set of Koss UR-29 headphones (100 ohm impedance, 101 decibel output, lifetime warranty) NEW White's gun bag style carrying case (retail $49.95) NEW copy of Larry Sallee's "Zip Zip Advanced" and NEW copy of my own "Advanced Nuggetshooting." The whole package $400.00 postpaid. Email me at OphirAU@msn.com HH Jim
  6. jim mcculloch

    GPAA @ Primm

    Chris, if you do make it to Primm, be sure to stop by my booth and say "Hi." HH Jim
  7. jim mcculloch

    GPAA show in Primm

    I'll see you there, Rick. HH Jim
  8. jim mcculloch

    G'day from the USA

    Yo, Porter, it was nice meeting you, and Chris, face to face for the first time at the Mesa Gold Show. Gus showed me a few of the "wee bits" you sold him, I reckon you know what you are doing! Hope you don't freeze to death fossicking at the 5,000 foot elevation. Take care, mate! HH jim
  9. jim mcculloch

    Happy Birthday RD!!!

    You can rib Dick all you want about his age, but he is still "young at heart!" Few guys of his maturity can cover as much ground in a day as he can. BTW RD, Gold Crown Road is still pretty soft in places, don't get stuck. HH Jim
  10. jim mcculloch

    Almost 1/8 Oz

    Nice nugget, Mike! Yeah, our fires are creating problems, not the least of which is that just about all north/south So. Cal. traffic has been routed through little 'ol Yucca Valley, what a traffic snarl that is!
  11. Bob, I agree entirely. As I made mention in my last two books on nugget hunting ("Nuggetshooting" and later "Advanced Nuggetsshooting") "...10% of the nugget hunters find 90% of the gold..." Operator EXPERTISE is VASTLY more important than what detector you use. HH Jim
  12. Montana, you are right: you can't beat buying from a dealer who will train you. Consider this: a while back a guy asked me for a quote on a machine. All told, my price was exactly $100.00 more than a rival dealer; this dealer provided no training, no info, nor any accessories at that price. Although I WAS $100.00 more, my offer included about $90.00 in accessories, plus very comprehensive info on where to go nugget hunting in the surrounding 10 counties, AND, it included a comprehensive one-on-one training seminar. Did he buy from me? Nope; "You want too much money!" Thirteen months later, on an internet Forum, he laments that after he got his machine he went out dozens of times in a known, productive area (where I have found lots of AU) and never found a bit of gold. He attributed his lack of success to not knowing what he was doing. He sold his machine for a considerable loss, and is quite embittered. "Buying cheap" can be VERY poor economy. HH Jim
  13. jim mcculloch

    The Hot Rock Conspiracy

    Jonathan, even here in California a lot of prospectors avoid hot rock infested areas, to their detriment. One spot that I know of, a sloping eluvial fan below an auriferous ridge (reef), produces AU ONLY in the hot rock patches. I find that an autotracking VLF (White's GMT), operated slowly and patiently, nulls out the hot rocks and still finds the nuggets, including those beneath the hot rocks. Timid, or "race horse" detectorists often end the day with no AU in their pouches. HH Jim (WWW.GOLDHUNTER.COM)