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  1. Finding Placer Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar Click Here for Video Armed with a Breaker Bar and a Minelab SDC 2300, a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to the Gravel Bar to finish up the search for Placer Gold Nuggets !!!!! Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it boulder moving time on the creek while Gary searchs the high and Low bench for those elusive Nuggets. See what the guys find with there Metal detectors while working the Bedrock crevices both High and low !!!!! SG 037 Thanks for watching !!!
  2. Moving Boulders to find Placer Gold Click Here to watch video Moving Boulders to reach Bedrock Crevices to locate those Placer Gold Nuggets that are hiding just out of sight. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) use a Come-along and a Breaker bar to move the boulders then check the bedrock crevices with a Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector. A Come-Along is a hand operated winch used to pull objects in this case Boulders !! SG 036 Thanks for watching ...
  3. Click here to watch video Armed with a Minelab SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to a spot they worked in the spring in search of Gold Nuggets !!!!! Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it boulder moving time on the creek while Gary searchs the high bench for those elusive Nuggets. See what the guys find with there Metal detectors while working the Bedrock both High and low !!!!! SG 035 Thanks for watching
  4. Click here to view video A friend of mine lost his Gold wedding ring while checking the water level's in his rice field. I pack up the Metal detector and tools and hit the road in search of lost Gold !!!! I attempt to find it but have to call in the Heavy Equipment for a little help. I hope you enjoy the journey and thanks for watching. Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video SG 024
  5. Click Here to view video Plans dont always work out but the Gold we found metal detecting an old Gravel bar sure didnt disappoint !!!! Me and Gary ( Two Toe's ) had planned to do some Hydraulic Pit detecting in one of our favorite spots but old Mother nature had other plans. After a lot of discussion and a long drive we decide to Metal Detect an old Gravel Bar to see what Gold it might be hiding in its bedrock crevices. This time plan B worked out pretty good !!!!!! SG 034
  6. Click Here to watch Video Metal Detecting Frozen Bedrock in the middle of the road in the heart of the California Motherlode. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) are in search of bedrock outcroppings in the area of old Gold Rush workings. The Fortyniners worked this area during the California Gold Rush lets see what they missed !!!! Please Remember to always fill in your holes after digging SG 033
  7. Happy New Gold Year, Gold Panning the Feather Click here to watch Happy New Gold Year Day 0ne on the Feather River Panning for Gold to get the jump on Gary ( Two Toe's ). The past couple of years Gary's gotten out on the river on New Years day to jump start his Gold totals in our endless quest to see which one of us can find the Most Gold for the Year !!!! This Year I head out to get the jump on him !!!! I'm leading in 2021 !!!! Keep checking back to see who ends up winning the gold count for this year we have a long way to go but did I mention I'm winning !!!!!! SG 032
  8. The Nugget Hunter’s Bedrock Detecting for Gold Click Here to see Video The Guy's are back out looking for Gold Nuggets in a new Hydraulic pit located in the California Motherlode. The Old timer's didn't get it all .. Tag along with Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) as there joined once again by the Hawaiian's J.C. ( Minin Hawaiian ) and Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Production ) in an epic quest for Gold Nuggets !!! Detector's used by the guys. Gary is using the Minelab SDC 2300, Jeff is using a White's Gold Master V-Sat, Tim is running a White's TDI and, J.C. is running both of his detector's the White's Gold Master 3 , Garrett AT Max SG 031 Part 1
  9. Finding Gold Nuggets with a Metal Detector ( Two Toe’s and the Gold Digger’s ) Epic Day !!! Two Toe's and the Gold Digger's Ever wanted to Find Gold by Crevicing those Bedrock Cracks well stay tuned and watch how Two Toe's and the Gold Digger's do while using there Metal detectors to locate those elusive Gold Nuggets !!!! The Boys from Flash in your Pan (Ed, Toledo Jess, and Dan-O ) head West to meet up with Gold Finding Legend Two Toe's !!! Gary, Jeff, and Todd (Topcat) lead the way down the trail into the California Mother Lode to find Gold Nuggets as East Meets West. The Guy's have Six Metal Detectors running down by the creek and it certainly pays off as the Nuggets keep popping out of those Crevice's !!!! Gary and Todd are running their Minelab SDC 2300's,and Ed and Dan-O are running their Minelab Equinox 800's. Toledo Jess is running a Minelab Gold Monster, and Jeff is running his vintage White's Gold Master V-Sat as it is 25 years old and still finding Gold !!!!!! I try a little cold water sniping on targets found with Todd's water proof SDC 2300 see if I find anything besides 100's of 3 inch Trout !!!!! Fire up those detector's and find a target then dig it !!!! See who finds his first Gold Nuggets Ever. For me seeing how happy he was made my day he said it was worth the Hike !!!!!! He even Faced time his wife back in Ohio from down on the creek he must have a good cellular carrier !!!! A few things I will always remember from this day was watching Todd put up the American Flag as soon as we got to the creek and watching Ed jump up and down when he found his first Nugget of the day he was pretty happy !!!! it was truly an epic day and with well over an Ounce of Gold being found by the group and each Miner finding at least one Nugget made it even more special !!!!!! #Ounceday SG 026
  10. Finding Gold with a Metal Detector and a Breaker Bar Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's)head to a secret spot in the mother lode to look for Gold Nuggets with the Minelab SDC 2300 and a Breaker Bar . Moving Boulder and checking underneath them has paid off in the past and using a breaker bar makes in a little easier. As the day warms up Jeff hits the creek and does some sniping... what could be better than finding gold and staying cool at the same time !!! SG 023
  11. The Nugget Hunters Hawaiian Challenge Jeff and Gary accept the Hawaiian's Challenge !!!! Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) and JC (The Minin Hawaiian) have Challenged Jeff (Smithsgold) and Gary ( Two Toe's ) to see who can find the most Gold Nuggets !!! Detector's ready lets get to finding those elusive Gold Nuggets. Gary and Tim are using there White's TDI's. Jeff is running his White's Gold Master VSat and JC is running his Garrett AT Max. if you enjoyed the video don't worry I'm hearing talk of a rematch !!!!! Thanks for watching !!!! Click Here to watch
  12. Click Here for Video Learned a Valuable lesson the other day on our way to the Hydraulic pit to metal detect for Gold Nuggets !!! Don't bet with Two Toe's !!!!!!! TM 011
  13. Click Here to view Video I return to the Family Homesite this time to Sift through the dirt looking for Family artifacts. Filmed in the Fall of 2019 we uncover a Chauffeur's pin that belonged to my Great Aunt Kathryn's husband William Ernest Thrower. The pin dates back to 1935-36 # 51927 from California. a little bit about William Thrower he was a World War I United States Army veteran having served from March 26 1917 to July 2 1919. Sergeant William E. Thrower 81 Division 324 Infantry, Company K of the American Expeditionary Forces . Buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, Ca 1895-1965