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    Almost an Ounce!

    Nice !!!!!
  2. smithsgold

    Back from eastern Canada!

    Nice pictures !!!!
  3. High Sierra Gold High Sierra Gold Join Jeff and Mike as they look for Gold and Treasure in the High Sierra's , Watch as Jeff finds a .45 Gram nugget.
  4. smithsgold

    Gold from the caliche

    Very Nice !!!!
  5. Gold on the Feather Gold on the Feather Watch as Jeff takes you on a short panning trip on the Feather River in Northern California in search of Gold !!!
  6. Trail riding & Bedrock Busting for Gold Take a trip with Jeff and Mike as they go on a trail ride up in the Sierra's to look for some Gold trapped in Bedrock . My first try at doing a prospecting video for my YouTube Channel it was a lot of work and a lot of fun to do !!! Hope you enjoy it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNI4hF0yOMk&t=84s
  7. Gold on the Feather New Video , Thanks for watching !!!! Jeff
  8. smithsgold

    Customer snags one..

    Congrats !!!!! Very Nice !!!
  9. That's on one of my Claims and the Gold is pretty good there !!!! We did more trail riding then Prospecting..
  10. Thanks Chris the waters still a little cold but soon I'll be Sniping in there looking for more Gold !!!!
  11. Gary teaches you how to Snipe for Gold in the Rivers of Northern California . He covers places to look and techniques he has learned over many years of Prospecting !!
  12. How To Gold for Pan Gary explains how to pan for Gold here in this video. He keeps it really simple so anyone can learn how to pan for gold . Gary talks about how to make sure your not losing your gold, Where to keep the dirt in the pan,and what to watch for when Panning. Enjoy , Jeff
  13. NEW EPISODE RELEASED at Prospecting Channel.com Adventures In Prospecting: Detecting American History A.I.P. 23 FREE to watch. Click Here: http://prospectingchannel.com/minelab-metal-detectors.html Summary: Detect for Coins, Treasure, and Civil War Relics in Keokuk, Iowa. Search with The Minelab E-TRAC and X-TERRA 705 for some exciting finds! Detect the actual home/neighborhood where Mark Twain and his mother lived in the 1800's. Go in a creepy old building basement for some adventure you won't forget. See recoveries from Rand Park, site of a Union Civil War Camp!
  14. NEW EPISODE RELEASED at Prospecting Channel.com Adventures In Prospecting: Ancient Tertiary Mining (Internet Version) A.I.P. 22 FREE to watch. Click Here: http://prospectingchannel.com/ancient-tertiary-mining.html FREE Internet Version Summary: Watch in disbelief as large nuggets are being plucked from the crevices of bedrock in an ancient river bed near Liberty, WA. Over 30 feet of overburden sealed them, untouched, virgin bedrock until now.... Production Panning Techniques with The Pyramid Pro Pan and Maverick Finishing Pan by "The Fossicker" Extended DVD Version Summary: Extended DVD shows every nugget being recovered from the ancient river, an additional prospecting adventure in Washington State, Fossicker's final clean up, Wash Plant Operation and clean up, and a look at all the gold recovered this season from the old river!
  15. Adventures in Prospecting A.I.P. 21 Detecting Treasures: Beaches, Buried & Below http://prospectingchannel.com/metal-detecting.html Treasures await those who search the sands where beach goers have lost coins and other valuables. See how easy and fun it is to search for these common values. Rumor Investigated: Buried Bags of Silver Dollars...Owner passed away and left something hiding for his heirs??? We check it out. Also, SCUBA dive with a detector for GOLD! Jeff Smith and Joey Wilson gear up and get into some nice finds in a clear mountain river known for nuggets. All new adventure with all new recoveries.
  16. Great Show as always just hope they come back next year !!!!
  17. 100-ounce Sierra gold nugget to be auctioned off in March http://m.sacbee.com/sacramento/db_98823/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=pPd3IHh2 Imagine a gold nugget the size of a small fruitcake. Fred Holabird, a mining geologist, doesn't have to imagine, because a gold prospector brought one into his Reno office in 2010. Holabird remembers shouting, "Oh, my God!" or something similar, but unprintable in a family newspaper. "I made some exclamation that was very, very loud," Holabird said Tuesday. Holabird will auction what is now dubbed the Washington Nugget in March. The stunning piece of gold was literally turned up from the ground near the town of Washington in Nevada County. It weighs nearly 100 ounces.
  18. NEW EPISODE RELEASED at Prospecting Channel.com Adventures In Prospecting Hard Rock Prospecting Techniques A.I.P. 20 FREE to watch. Click Here: http://prospectingchannel.com/hard-rock-prospecting.html Chris Ralph from ICMJ's Prospecting & Mining Journal takes you to one of the largest gold bearing quartz outcroppings where he explains about how to look for gold deposits in rock. See how to crush up the ore and get the gold! Explore the Kentucky Hard Rock Gold Mine and see how it operated.
  19. Go Inside Working Sierra Gold Mine http://www.kcra.com/video/25385009/detail.html Workers at the 16 to 1 Mine in Sierra County talk about how they protect themselves while underground.
  20. http://prospectingchannel.com/how-to-find-gold.html Adventures in Prospecting Show # 19 Basic Prospecting Techniques & More Learn everything you need to know about how to get started.! Gold Panning Instruction, tools you willl need, how to use a sluice, where to look, how gold becomes a placer deposit, crevicing, test panning, and much more. Special Guests Casey Kelton from Prospector Innovations and Chris Ralph from ICMJ's Prospecting & Mining Journal explain it all. HurtHawk and Pucky also are in this Show !!!!!!
  21. New Show now playing at http://prospectingchannel.com/beach-gold-mining.html'>http://prospectingchannel.com/beach-gold-mining.html Adventures in Prospecting Show # 18 Gold Beach Oregon: How to Separate the Gold from the Beach http://prospectingchannel.com/beach-gold-mining.html Golden Sands Await! Those who are willing to take the time to go after the extremely small, however abundant gold particles, will find this episode interesting as we use specialized equipment designed to accumulate these little pieces that add up. Oregon Gold Beach Prospectiing Join professional Beach Prospector Gary Sturgil as he and some friends use a Beach Box and Gold Pans to go after the abundant, extremely small gold that adds up. Take the beach concentrate to meet up with Steve Gribble, inventor of The Gold Lab, to separate the black sand from the micron gold down to 300 mesh minus!!!!! Extended DVD includes more about the history of beach prospecting in Oregon, a more in depth look at Gary's Beach Box and cleaning out the culvert to see what we found inside! www.prospectingchannel.com