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  1. fredmason

    Fresh from the ground!!!

    he is a very good nugget hunter!
  2. Very nice, a continuity test will reveal much...as well as a specific gravity test... fred
  3. fredmason

    Gold from the caliche

    very nice! fred
  4. fredmason


    don't have any pic's Dick...but, I love that rv!!! fred
  5. Chris, send me some of that luck...I can't walk all those canyons anymore...just send me to the easy just off the road ones...thanks in advance!!! Chrisski...that is a fact...when they are out of parts it is too bad-too sad. hence, don't pay too much and test the used machine...otherwise it may be penny wise and dollars foolish. Of course, if you are buying from a reputable dealer, such as Chris G you may rest easy... fred
  6. in answer to your question the 3500 is an excellent machine...however you must be certain it is in good order... For not much more money, Chris can likely get you into newer (better) models... fred
  7. Nice gold and great trip... fred
  8. ho hum...they all look alike... Dang that is nice! fred
  9. I have not read any warning regarding rare earth magnets and damage to coils...or detectors. That said, I never pass the magnets close to the control box...if there is any iron in the thing it will try to move it...that can't be good. I don't worry much about the coil as it has windings of copper or non-ferrous material...I suppose the magnet could induce some current into the windings... Hmmmm, maybe some one that actually knows these things will reply...we all want to know! fred
  10. fredmason

    New meteorite find?

    Chris, take a small super-magnet and suspend it from a string and hang the magnet very close to the rock...if there is even a tiny attraction this will reveal it. Some of the very rare chrondrites have very little nickel/iron...only a lab can really determine if it is any other type of meteorite...good luck!!! fred
  11. fredmason

    New meteorite find?

    Hi, Chris; not likely to be a meteorite if it is not attracted to a magnet...but it sure looks like one... fred
  12. fredmason

    GP3500 for sale

    next to my GPZ, the 3500 is my favorite Minelab. Easy to use, sensitive and FUN! good price for a great machine fred
  13. dang, I never thought of that- get a job??? no way! glad you are happy and doing well! fred
  14. Hey, Jennifer; I think I am jealous...how did you get in the inner sanctum? Hope all is well in your new home. fred