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    fredmason got a reaction from Mxt Sniper in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    Nice gold, Jennifer;
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in First day out with the GPZ 7000   
    A customer and friend that just bought a new Minelab GPZ 7000 from me was nice enough to send over the photos below. His first day out he scored seven nuggets for a total weight of approx. 6-grams!  A pocketful of gold with a new unit is always worth celebrating.
    Congratulations to this prospector on a great first run. Thank you again for the business and for sharing your finds - keep up the good work!  

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    fredmason reacted to Jennifer Bond in Don't walk away Renee.... detect, even if not detecting.....   
    WOW... had a serious blond moment on the weekend, sharing in the hopes it saves you doing the same... LOL
    I own several parcels of land in various rich areas and have had an ongoing issue with ATV'ers (that I won't get into, answer questions about etc here). Well this weekend I thought I'd try out the new Kubota and decommission one of the roads through the property (yes, I know they can go around, I"m giving them an indicator it's private land, I have no false beliefs it will stop them, this is one step in many that the Sheriff and I are taking to resolve this issue).... well as I was preparing to dig, my neighbor says to me "where's your detector"... I'm like "At home, today is a Kubota day, not detecting day silly" TOTALLY failing to make the connection that if you dig a hole in gold country for ANY reason, you don't walk away from it without swinging coil.... and went about my business..... within an hour of finishing, I watched two people (Yes, I know who you both are and I'd recommend taking Don's advise re what he said to you when he saw you loading up, you didn't see me like you told him, but I did see you, the Sheriff has both your names (J & W and photos of your ATV/bike and tread patterns..grin)...you were both vapor trails by the time I'd got to where you stopped, I didn't know a Suburban with a trailer could travel so fast..LOL) but I digress. 🤣
    I get home and am chatting with a friend... and of course hear... "Did you check the trench before leaving?" OK.. now I'm really thinking "dang..." so it was late, I left it.... and went back the next morning.....
    It's wild having swung on ground so long where you have to listen so hard to every little faint sound "is that a nugget, is that one" to squeek out one or two and then go to a freshly dug trench, step down into the trench of virgin dirt and BLAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAAAAA blowing your ear off like it would have been for the old timers with the first detectors... Yea, I guess I'm calling SD and early detectorists old timers now.. lol.
    Anyway... the moral of the story... if you are playing on your tractor in gold country..... "Don't walk away Renee", you may be leaving almost 4 grams behind for trespassers to find.... lol


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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in New spot, new gold, great weather!   
    My buddy Dean and I got out for a hunt over the weekend. The weather down there in the desert was absolutely gorgeous! I love living in the high country, but come winter, those desert temperatures just can’t be beat. 
    We did quite a bit of exploring this time and actually found a few pieces of gold in a new spot. It was basically a hillside covered in gravels with a gully cutting down through it. We could see where the old-timers had dry-washed along the gully, so we figured it was worth a shot. I went straight up the hill and in no time dug a small quartz/gold specimen. It wasn’t very large, but pretty with the gold laced through the rock. I pushed a bit further and was rewarded with another piece weighing about 3.5-grams. It was very rough and covered in caliche. By this time it was late in the day so I headed back towards where I had last seen Dean. When I found him he had also scored a nice nugget amongst the old diggings. We finished off the day with three pieces and an impressive collection of lead. 
    It was a fun hunt, and after walking out the door this morning to 18 degrees I am already daydreaming of that beautiful T-shirt weather! Happy hunting everyone…
    P.S. All found with the Minelab GPX detectors and Nugget Finder Evolution Coils. 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Great Outing with Big Bug Mining District   
    I had a great time this past Saturday hanging out with one of my favorite Arizona prospecting clubs; the Big Bug Mining District. The club invited me to come and speak on the topic of metal detecting, and check out the newest mining claims that they staked. We had a good turnout of members, despite the chilly and muddy conditions.  I was happy to see many familiar faces, along with quite a few new ones. After spending some time covering the basics of detecting most everyone scattered to go find the $1 coins that had been hidden on the claims, which were redeemable for real nuggets. 
    This was my second time speaking to the club and I enjoyed it just as much. They are a wonderful group of folks and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a small, personal club located in the central AZ region. For more information visit their website at: www.bigbugminingdistrict.com. Thank you again Owen, Kurt, Gail and the rest of the gang for the invite, I had a great time! See you all again soon! 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Hard work & training pays off - Customer's 1st Nugget!   
    I just got these photos last night from a friend and customer over in Nevada. He did a training class with me last month on using his Minelab GPX 5000. He didn’t score here in Arizona, but he went back home and put that knowledge to good use. Check out his first official “detected” nugget! I was so excited to see that he had overcome the first nugget hurdle, and with such an interesting piece. It looks especially rough to me, as if it hasn’t traveled from the source at all. I’d have to think there should be more hanging out nearby. He has more exploring to do in the area, so hopefully I will hear back soon with even more of his finds to show off…Well done T. – keep up the good work! 

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    fredmason got a reaction from Mxt Sniper in X-Search by Nugget Finder - NEW!!!   
    Nice gold, Jennifer;
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Nice Multi-Ouncer!!!   
    I received a letter the other day from a friend and customer in California that had purchased a Minelab GPZ 7000 from me not too long ago. Inside the letter where a few photos that sure caught my attention. My scanner is acting up, but I was able to scan this one before it died...He detected this awesome 4 1/2-ouncer in a spot he had walked many times. If I remember the story correctly, the wash was full of deep iron trash and a real pain to hunt. Most targets ended up being a rusty sardine can or half of a shovel, but every now and then a nice nugget would pop out. I've detected spots like this many times before and they are hard to abandon because you just know if you dig enough signals eventually one will be a trophy. Luckily this was one of those times and he left for home with a beautiful lump of gold in his pocket!!! 
    A big congratulations to the lucky finder. I really appreciate the photos. Hopefully my scanner will be back up and running and I will be able to post another of his finds (they get even better ). Happy hunt'n everyone!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Old spot - New gold!   
    I headed out this weekend to check out a spot I hadn’t been in well over a year. It was a fairly good sized wash that had produced some decent nuggets for me before. The weather down in the desert was beautiful, and I was excited to see that the summer monsoon rains had really shifted the gravels around. I came across several new stretches of bedrock that I had never seen before. 
    I knew it was going to be a good day when I turned on the detector, took three steps and hit a signal. I dug away the rocks on top and hit a reddish layer of dirt sitting on the bedrock. When I finally had the target in my hand I almost couldn’t believe it. There was a lovely chunk of gold starring back at me – my very first target of the day!!!  I continued my way up the wash, working both the newly exposed bedrock and some of the deeper stretches of gravel that I may have overlooked before. I did dig a handful of junk targets, but two more of them turned out to be gold. I finished off the day with three nuggets for a total weight of 2-grams…Here’s a few pics of the freshly dug nuggets. All found with the Minelab GPX and 15” Evolution Mono coil.  

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    fredmason reacted to dick ward in EQUINOX Software Upgrade 2.0   
    The upgrade was quick and easy. Even for an old slow guy like me. 😎
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    fredmason got a reaction from SlowNLow in EQUINOX Software Upgrade 2.0   
    You will probably have to do the install...the replacement they sent me did not have the update.
    very simple, if I could do anyone can....
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Detecting season is off to a great start!   
    This weekend my prospecting partner Dean and I were able to get out for our first official gold hunt of the season. The desert got a little warm around mid-day, but the morning was absolutely gorgeous. The two of us decided to revisit a spot I had found last year. I was out doing some exploring when I came across some ground that immediately caught my eye. Not only was the soil colored red and stained from iron, it was covered in a mixture of rounded quartz, magnetite, and broken greenstone. Time was not on my side that day and I only had about an hour to hunt. Luckily I found one tiny nugget that confirmed this spot did indeed carry gold.

    Well we went back to see what else may be hiding. Both of us were using the Minelab GPX detectors outfitted with the Nugget Finder Evolution coils. I ran the 15” round and Dean opted for the 14x9” elliptical. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long. My very first target turned out to be a small 0.3 flat nugget! This was a good start to the day. The hot rocks were absolutely horrible. They moaned and groaned on the machines, but we persevered and by lunchtime we had 5 nuggets! None were very big, but this tiny handful was a great way to kick off the winter season. Here is a pic of the gold and one showing off the highly mineralized conditions of the patch.   

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Almost an Ounce!   
    An AZO customer and friend just dug up these beauties while metal detecting in California. He found them using the Minelab GPX 5000 coupled with a Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil. Total weight was around 25-grams, with the biggest piece weighing in right at a half ounce. He said this nugget was hiding down nearly two feet in a dry creek bed! Congratulations to this lucky and hardworking prospector, thank you for sharing with us! 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Couple of Ounces!   
    A friend and customer of ours shared this awesome pan-full of gold that he recently recovered from a trip way up north, using his new Minelab Gold Monster and a sluice box. I always love the feedback, especially when photos like this are attached!
    Keep up the good work my friend, & please drop me a line if there''s anything else I can do for you..and feel free to send photos anytime!  

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    fredmason got a reaction from geof_junk in Over 300-Ounces: 25" X-Search!!!   
    WOW! that is what Oz dreams are made of...or anywhere else.
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    fredmason reacted to dick ward in GRANITE MOUNTAIN HOTSHOTS   
    Six years ago they lost their lives protecting others by fighting the Yarnell hill fire.  Chris Gholson, AZO/Minelab donated a detector and organized a raffle to benefit the families.  I thank him and all those who contributed. 


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    fredmason reacted to dick ward in Backyard Surprise!   
    A thank you to everyone for posting the pictures.  Give a look but give them their space.  This old Arizona guy lets them alone but I won’t share a camp with um.🙄
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    fredmason reacted to delnorter in Backyard Surprise!   
    Enjoy the bull snake Chris, but stay alert for the rattlers regardless.
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Backyard Surprise!   
    I had heard that they will actually eat a Rattler, but wasn't sure if it was true. I'm glad to know that it's not just a rumor. He is welcome to stay and keep eating!  
    Now that I live closer to town I don't see half the rattlers that I used to when I was living on top of the Bradshaw Mountains. There were heaps of them up there, especially the Arizona Blacks. This is one of my favorite rattler photos. I spotted him in the driveway just as I was leaving the house and he gave me this classic pose...Can't say I really miss seeing them. 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in AZO Office Closed June 14-24th, 2019   
    I just wanted to let our forum friends and customers know that the AZO office will be closed during June 14 – 24th, 2019. We will be down in Mexico enjoying the sites and doing some treasure hunting. Any orders placed during this time will be shipped upon our return. Everyone be safe out there and I will catch up with everyone soon! 
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    fredmason reacted to Dain Blackburn in Jim Straight passes away.   
    Jim will be missed, The picture is out near Randsburg Ca. 2003. My son who is 21 now, Jim and I.

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    fredmason got a reaction from frank c in Jim Straight passes away.   
    Sad day indeed for us...I suspect he is much happier in Heaven.
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Getting closer to the source   
    I was digging through my albums and I came across these photos from a friend of mine here in Arizona. He bought one of the Nugget Finder 8x6” Sadie coils and wanted to show off some of his finds. What’s interesting is this area he is detecting is not really known for specimen gold. Most everything found there has been well worn and no attached host rock. I’m hopeful that he’s near the source and the next group of photos will be of his truck bed loaded with gold-bearing quartz! Thanks again for the pics!

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    fredmason reacted to dick ward in El Camino del Diablo   
    Hi Frank,
    No not there now, I haven’t been there for a long time.  My first time in the area was prospecting with my grandfather in 1957.   The last time was in the late 1970’s.  There is gold down there, on both sides, of the border.  Not much water ‘tho so take your BIGGEST canteen. 😎
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    fredmason reacted to ColoradoGoldMan in Just picked up the GPX 5000 from Chris   
    Yahoo i just gave Chris my debit card for the purchase of the that smoking deal on the never used GPX5000 in the classifieds. I have to say Chris has great service and is great to work with. I also picked up a 12” nugget finder round Evo for it. For the really fine gold here. I don’t think I ever had so good of a purchase as I have had with Chris. Great guy very knowledgeable and friendly. What a pleasure.
    Thank you Chris for all you do, and going the extra mile.
    CH Perdue