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    fredmason got a reaction from geof_junk in Fun day with Future Prospectors!   
    Nice job, Chris!
    I have done a few of those and found the experience immensely satisfying...
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    fredmason got a reaction from geof_junk in Fun day with Future Prospectors!   
    Nice job, Chris!
    I have done a few of those and found the experience immensely satisfying...
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Another for the bottle   
    I got a chance to swing the Minelab GPX this past weekend. While walking down a very tiny and narrow wash, I picked up a faint signal. Because of its location I assumed it was trash, but once I got down about 6”, I knew this target had a chance. Once out of the hole I was pleasantly surprised to see a shiny one grammer peeking out from the dirt in my hand! Not a huge find, but it’s always a good day when I come home with new gold in the bottle. It was found using the Nugget Finder 15” Evolution Coil which is officially one of my all-time favorite coils. 
    P.S. The snakes are definitely on the move. Although I didn’t see any, I did see plenty of their tracks crisscrossing the sand. Be sure to wear your chaps and be safe out there everyone! 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Coming Soon!...Gold Extreme   
    Coming Soon!...Coiltek is set to release a brand new line of coils for the Minelab SDC2300. I am excited to finally have more options for this great gold machine. I will post more information as it becomes available. If anyone would like to get on the pre-order list, please email or give me a call – thanks! 
    "The new Gold Extreme Series provides more choice with the Minelab SDC2300. The coils have been designed to complement the detector’s performance and enhance the experience of the prospector. These Litz-wound coils provide options for coverage, sensitivity and maneuverability. Taller operators will love the extended shaft! On sale from 4th April 2019. Contact your local dealer for pre-orders now."

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Gorgeous multi-oz gold nugget!   
    A friend & customer just sent over these photos of a stunning gold/quartz specimen that he found while metal detecting in Arizona. He located it with a MINELAB GPX-4500 at a depth of 14+ inches. Including the rock, it weighs in at 2.87-ounces. What a stunning find, thank you so much for sharing with us!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Central AZ - Snow is on the way!   
    If anyone is thinking about prospecting in central AZ this weekend you will definitely want to dress warm…and maybe bring a snow shovel! This week has been exceptionally cold, and the forecasters are calling for snow on both Thursday and Friday, with the heaviest happening on Thursday. I have heard that this storm could drop as much as 20”. The forecasters are usually wrong, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I would avoid the highest elevations and stick closer to the foothills or lower desert.
     We also received some rain this month which has really gotten all the major creeks running. I visited Big Bug Creek and it is flowing hard, as are Lynx Creek and Turkey Creek. This weather makes for rotten detecting right now, but once everything runs off and dries up, there could be a nice fresh crop of nuggets waiting! Be safe and stay warm out there!

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    fredmason reacted to Reno Chris in Dry-Washing for Gold!   
    Dry washing is an important tool to go with detecting. I've found plenty of little patches that give a dozen or more smaller nuggets in a limited area. Dry washing is a great way to clean out that patch and get all the gold in the area. The photo below is from a little patch about 5 x 30 feet in size. Nuggets on the right were detected when the patch was found, gold on the left of the coins was dry washed from the same spot after the nuggets got harder and harder to find. The dirt was only 6 to 10 inches deep at this spot.  Detected gold was around 15 dwt, dry washed gold around 10 dwt. I've dry washed a few more dwt from this area since and detected a few more as well, but this was the heart of the area.
    Interesting too on the original photos of the gold the guy got near Randsburg. I dry washed near there maybe 40 years ago. Its surprising how small the size of gold a dry washer will get.  On the dust sized gold you are not getting 95% recovery but even of you are only getting 75% on the really small stuff, it still can add up to a lot of gold.

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Better than a box of chocolates..   
    Wishing all of the lovely ladies in our lives a very special and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! ♥️ 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in More "EVO" gold!   
    A customer and friend sent me this photo this morning. He just bought a Nugget Finder 17x13” Evolution coil for his GPX last month and has already paid for it! This was the gold found from his most recent outing; it’s just shy of ½-ounce!
    Keep up that lucky streak going, and thanks again for sharing your find with us!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Dry-Washing for Gold!   
    A good friend and customer of ours sent over these photos of some amazing gold he recovered using a dry-washer. Even though all the gold was small, it quickly added up to over 2-ounces! It was found not far from Randsburg, CA and was taken in only two outings!...We always love seeing the yellow metal and I want to thank Daine (the lucky finder) for sharing these photos with us. Keep up the good work 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Not gold, but still awesome!   
    A friend of mine from high school sent me these incredible photos the other day. His passion is chasing lions with his dogs here in the mountains of Arizona. I wouldn’t really call him a hunter since he doesn’t shoot them, he just enjoys tracking them and getting video/photos and relaying that info back to Game & Fish. He just recently bought a GPX-4500 from me, so I have a feeling some of his time will get diverted to chasing the yellow stuff! …Anyway these were such cool photos I had to share them with you all.

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Another piece of fallen treasure!   
    A friend of mine that likes to detect in Arizona sent me this photo a few days ago. What he thought was going to be a nugget actually turned out to be a really nice meteorite! It is a “stony” or chondrite and is a beautiful example of the type. The total weight is 187-grams. He is swinging a Minelab GPZ 7000 with the 14” coil. Way to go!!!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Fresh from the ground!!!   
    The owner just sent me this photo of the nugget all cleaned up. It turned out stunning!  The final weight was 31.4-grams. 
    Gravelwasher, I don't think that's the hole. 

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Some recent Space Rocks   
    A friend and customer sent over this photo showing off some of his recent finds. The gold has been a little skinny, but he is doing well on cleaning up some meteorites! This variety are known as chondrites or "stony", and although they don't contain a tremendous amount of metal inside they do have enough nickel/iron to set off most detectors. Many people have walked away from these believing them to be hot rocks; I know I did in the past. However, once you have seen & handled a few you can't help but recognize them. He found these using his Minelab GPX-4500 and his new Nugget Finder Evolution Coil. 
    A big congratulations to the lucky finder, I really appreciate you sharing with us. Hopefully the next photos you send will include a multi-ouncer! Happy hunting everyone..

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in New spot - new coil test drive!   
    I was able to get in some detecting right before that snow storm hit central AZ earlier this week. I headed out to a spot that I have been eye-balling for a while. All the geological indicators for gold were there, so I figured it was worth a swing. I decided to take my new Nugget Finder 12x8” EVO coil out for a test drive. It performed beautifully on my Minelab GPX…actually almost too well. The sensitivity is unbelievable and I found myself digging shards of metal that were so small I had a hard time spotting them in my hand even after they had come out of the ground. The depth was good as well, but it was the overall sensitivity that blew me away. In really trashy spots this might be a disadvantage, but for patches that held lots of tiny nuggets and have been worked hard, the new 12x8” is in my opinion the way to go. A perfect size coil for wash or creek bed hunting.
    I didn’t hit any new patches, but I did score this 1.4 gram piece. The most challenging aspect of this area was the sheer amount of magnetite. Just about every wash I walked was loaded with black sand and the bedrock cracks were packed with heavy black hot rocks. They were noisy for sure, but I found I could work the ground by backing off the Gain, holding the coil slightly higher than normal, and moving a little slower. Now that I know there is gold I might try some dry-washing  this spring to see how much fine gold those washes carry…Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and 2019 if off to a great start!   

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Nice start with the Equinox 800!   
    I sold a Minelab Equinox 800 a while back to a gentleman up in Wyoming and mentioned that I always love seeing photos of customer finds. Well he didn’t forget, because I just got these in the mail! From the looks of it, he has definitely gotten the hang of the machine. He has found all sorts of goodies. My personal favorite is the bar token from Montana…Great work Tom, thanks so much for sharing with us!   

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Great find beneath the old Oak!   
    A customer of mine back in Missouri just sent over these photos of a great find he just made. His house was built in the 1830’s and there’s a big old oak tree in the backyard that must be ancient. He decided to run his new detector beneath that tree and it paid off nicely. Check out this incredible 1835 bust dime that he detected at less than five inches! He said it was tough to see the date until he soaked it overnight in baking soda and water…Congratulations to this lucky finder; I can’t wait to see what else turns up beneath that oak!  

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in There's always a few more!   
    I was able to get out detecting over the weekend. It was snowing and cold up north, so I bailed out and headed south to the deserts. What a difference 5,000 feet makes! The weather was great and by 10:00 I had ditched the sweater and was hunting in a T-shirt.
    I really wanted to go exploring for new ground, but because the days are so short now, I decided just to focus and rework some old patches. I was using the Minelab GPX detector and my all-time favorite coil, the Nugget Finder 15” Evolution. I hit two patches that had produced nicely for me in the past. All the easy “sitting duck” targets were long gone, so I knew I’d have to take my time. I decreased my normal swing speed to about half and really concentrated on keeping the coil as low to the ground as possible. I hugged all the contours and kicked rocks and dead brush out of the way. I was absolutely amazed at how many tiny, subtle targets started to show up. There were lots of ironstone hot rocks as well, but moving slower helped minimize those as well. The slower speed changed their target signal and I was able to ignore a vast majority. That’s not to say I didn’t hear a lot of ghost signals, but after you scratch and kick enough of them, eventually a few turn into solid targets. I dug every single target I got, most of which were slivers of rusty iron, but in the end I walked away with 12 shiny nuggets in my pocket. The total weight was 6.1-grams. None of the pieces were huge, but like I’ve said before, I never toss any of them back!  Here are a few photos…Happy Hunting everyone!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Nice Patch to Split!   
    A good friend and customer sent over this photo that he took a while back. All of this gold was found in a single day using the Minelab GPX 5000. What is even more impressive is that the finder told me this was only his cut. He was working with a partner and they actually split all the gold they found that day. So, the real take was twice this amount! Congratulations to this talented and hardworking prospector – that is an impressive day on the goldfields! Thanks for sharing…

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in BIG nugget to kick off the season!!!   
    A friend of mine that bought a Minelab GPZ 7000 not long ago just sent me these photos of an awesome discovery he made. While swinging along he picks up a very low, mellow signal. He said it wasn’t much of a signal, but since gold had already been found nearby he decided to scratch on it. Once he broke open the ground and got down a bit the signal really improved. By the time he hit two feet it was an overload. He said the target was hidden down in a bedrock crack and as he swept the dirt with his fingers he caught glimpse of gold. He said he kept sweeping aside the dirt and the exposed gold just continued to get bigger and bigger. When it finally came out of the hole he was rewarded with an absolutely stunning 9-ounce nugget!!! This is the largest piece I have heard of so far this year, and I think he’s going to have a tough time beating it.
    What an amazing find! A huge congratulations to this hard working prospector. Thank you again for letting me share your photos; keep up the good work!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Great day in the goldfields!   
    I met up with some customers this morning and spent the day out chasing gold in the Arizona desert. Terry who is from Washington, but spends his winters down south, purchased a Minelab Gold Monster and GPX from me. Billy from Utah also purchased a GPX-4500 and drove down to meet up with me for some training in the field. The three of us had a great time and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. After we spent an hour or two going over the finer details and operation of the machines, we spread out and started working a bench along the creek.
    The soil was full of black sand and an assortment of hot rocks. This was a difficult spot to work with the VLF’s in years past, but the newer pulse technology cut through the noise with ease. Even the Monster handled the soil nicely once the Sensitivity was adjusted. We recovered all sorts of targets; mostly bits of lead and bullet casings. We did our part to clean up the trash and were rewarded at the end of the day with a couple of treasures. I dug one nugget weighing less than half a gram, but Billy definitely made the best find of the day. I was shocked when he dumped an antique silver earring with an emerald into my hand! How it got up there on that remote bench is anyone’s guess, but what a cool find…It was a great day to be out detecting, and I want to thank the guys again not only for the business, but for all the stories and laughs we had. Best of luck with the rest of your trips!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Freshly dug GPZ nug!   
    Matt, I think after he cleaned it up, the final weight was about 14.5-grams. I always round up when it comes to nuggets 
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Freshly dug GPZ nug!   
    So, a friend of mine sends me this photo in a text. He is out swinging his GPZ 7000 (with 14” coil) when he gets one of those sweet, low mellow signals that we are all on the hunt for. He digs down nearly two feet and breaks through a compacted gravel & rock layer that probably hasn’t seen daylight for many millions of years. And there waiting for him at the bottom was this beautiful half-ouncer!!! What’s even better, this was only the second target he dug that day! Not a bad way to kick off a morning.  
    A big congratulations to this fellow. He and his partner are some of the best operators I know, and it’s a rare day when they get skunked. Thanks again for letting me share the photo.

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Some incredible stuff!   
    I have been getting some great photos lately from my customers. Check out this incredible handful of gold that was found not long ago by a customer with his Minelab. I have seen thousands of nuggets over the years, but I have to say that his “foil” nugget is by far one of the coolest. It almost looks fake, but he assured me that this is exactly how it came out of the ground. I have seen a few similar from Nevada, but nothing of this size. This would be a piece any collector would love to have. What an incredible find!!! 
    I really appreciate all the wonderful photos, thank you so much for letting me share with everyone here.

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    fredmason reacted to nvchris in 12" Evo @ 82   
    She's a bit of a legend and loves her GPX 5000 with the 12"round Evo.
    This is coming behind several very experienced GPZ operators. @ 82 years young she still has it!