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    fredmason got a reaction from bado1 in question on PI detector   
    in answer to your question the 3500 is an excellent machine...however you must be certain it is in good order...
    For not much more money, Chris can likely get you into newer (better) models...
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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in When you can't go detecting...   
    My friend Gregg up in Montana sent me these photos a few days ago. The cold and snow has slowed up his detecting there, but it hasn’t shut him down completely. He’s a diehard and will still get out there and chip through the ice to hunt for gold, or as in these photos, smokey quartz crystals! I had to smile at the one of him head first down in the hole. It looks like tough work, but the samples he’s pulling out are really beautiful. I have found a few here in AZ over the years but nothing as impressive as these. Congratulations on the recent finds Gregg, and thank you for letting me share with everyone here. Stay warm up there!

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    fredmason reacted to goldrivermike in A good day out   
    Hi All,
    I know many people find a lot of gold out there but don't share for good reason but this was my best day out detecting so I thought I'd share my finds.
    The nugget is 9.2 grams.
    Happy Holidays : )

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in More customer GPZ Gold!   
    I sold a GPZ 7000 earlier this month to a friend over in CA. He’s off to a good start because last night he texted me the photo below. His message was short and sweet; he basically said, “Chris, here is 3 hours on an old patch with the new machine.”
    Congrats to this hard working prospector! I really appreciate all the wonderful photos everyone is submitting lately, please keep them coming!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Another great Specie!   
    A couple of friends I sold Minelab GPZ 7000’s sent me these photos this week. What this piece lacks in weight, it more than makes up for in beauty. This little specimen only weighs in at about 2-grams, but isn’t it pretty?! It doesn’t appear to have traveled too far from the source, so who knows what may be lurking nearby. They plan to hit the area again this winter and hopefully I’ll have more photos to share. Great find guys – thanks for sending it in!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Nice gold specimen with GPZ 7000   
    A friend just texted over this photo of a beautiful gold & quartz specimen that he recently detected with his Minelab GPZ 7000 here in Arizona. It weighs in at a bit over 8-grams. This is a great find and a wonderful addition to any collection! Thank you again for sharing with us!

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Fun day in the field & her first nugget!   
    I hooked up with some really great folks this weekend to train them on their new metal detectors that they purchased from AZO. Ben drove over from western AZ to pick up his new GPX-4500, and Cole & his wife Keri drove up from Phoenix to grab their units and spend some time swinging in the field. Aside from the dry and VERY dusty roads, he weather cooperated perfectly for us. I spent some time going over the operation of the units and discussing the local geology, then turned them loose.
    Keri was swinging her new Gold Bug Pro over an exposed chunk of bedrock that was covered in small ironstones. These hot rocks were annoying but she quickly learned about the “double-boing” and how to handle them. It was long before she hit a mellow signal in one of the cracks. She worked on the hole for about five minutes, and then I heard an “Oh my god – its gold!” It wasn’t a huge nugget, but this was her first nugget ever found with a detector! She did the victory dance and we helped her celebrate. We all left smiling even though we guys only came up with a handful of old-timer junk!
    Thank you again everyone for the business and for a wonderful day out in the goldfields. I wish you all much success, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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    fredmason reacted to goldrivermike in A day out with a GP3000 and a Sadie coil   
    Went out yesterday with a GP3000 that had been "moded" and setup with a Sadie coil.
    I recently purchased it from Trinityau and it works great.
    Thanks, Ray

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Friend digs up a beauty!!!   
    A good friend of ours here in AZ (who asked to remain anonymous) just came across this stunning gold nugget! It was buried at a depth of 16+ inches and weighs in at nearly 2-ounces! She was swinging the Minelab GPZ 7000 when she came across this incredible find. A big congratulations to this hard working detectorist – thank you for sharing with us!

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    fredmason reacted to NvAuMiner in GP3500 for sale   
    Thanks Fred!! With all that is offered in the deal. . . I thought it was a fair price for all. But it's not entirely cast in stone either. It is sensitive. . . I have found both big and small stuff with it.

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Customer's first GPZ Nugget   
    Before the last big storm that brought so much snow and rain to Arizona’s high country, I was able to get meet up with some customers at the claims for field training. John came up from southern Arizona, while Perry drove down from Colorado to pick up his brand new GPZ 7000. Although not entirely new to prospecting, neither had spent a tremendous amount of time swinging detectors. After explaining how to adjust and tune their machines, the guys were eager to get hunting. We focused our efforts on a spot that had given me nuggets in the past. The ground was highly mineralized and a great place for them to really learn the different sounds caused from true targets vs. those caused from the ground. There had always been a lot of bird shot and lead, so I knew there was a good chance a few pieces would still be lurking about. John didn’t score, but Perry got a nice mellow signal on the hillside right before it dropped off into a wash. The target was small and took a few minutes to pin-point, but it was worth the effort. As he sifted through the dirt we caught a glimpse of his very first detected nugget!!! It weighed less than a gram, but it gave him the confidence that if he walked over gold he would find it…They were some great guys and I want to thank them again for the business and for an enjoyable day out in the goldfields. I look forward to seeing more of their finds real soon.

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    fredmason reacted to Chris Gholson in Freshly Dug Gold!   
    I thought you guys would enjoy seeing these photos. Some customers & friends of mine just got back down to Arizona and are already off to a great start. Take a look at some of the beautiful gold they have already found with the GPZ 7000’s. They haven’t even been out detecting very long and have already scored close to ¾-ounce! I especially love the gold/quartz specimen – what a beauty! It weighs in at about 18-grams…Congratulations to you both and thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!