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    Hunting new ground.

    Montana you have peaked my intrest even more with this post. I know i have talked about the old tailing piles from drywashers that i found while deer hunting when i was a kid. I never knew what they were until i started reading the forums. I thought they were old grave sites because you could tell there was a tent town there once. That ground was covered in the cat claw. We rode our horses to hunt and wore chaps to keep the skin on our leggs. Those horses ccould walk through it better than us. It would get them but not as bad as it did us. Anyways that land was closed to hunting over 15 years ago and i dought i could even get back on it to look for Gold. I know it is there by what i have learned over the last four years.
  2. Ok I have the photos of both Nuggets we are going to raffle off so far. I have a photo of the front and back of each one and then one of the two of them next to a quarter. They both are just under 1/4 OZ each. I will post the Raffle info this week. It will let you know of the start date and finish date of the raffle. We are going to sale raffle tickets for 1.00 each. And you will have two chances to win a nugget. The one that draws the first winning ticket can pick what nugget they want and the next ticket drawn will get the other nugget. We will give each dollar you spend a number. We will give you the numbers you have been giving and record them on the computer as well as in a note book. Then at the end of the deadline we will video two of my children drawing the two lucky tickets. We will then post the names of the lucky ticket holders and send you the Gold.

    Nugget Raffle.

    Another Nugget is on the way from a guy in texas. (thank you george) So now you will have a better chance at winning a Nugget if you purchase. Joe send me a pm If you want to. I sent you one one anyways. Any help will be great. It will help boost it i am sure that would give one or two more chances to win a nugget.

    Nugget Raffle.

    Thanks Shep the links should be good now. I have never used Photo bucket before.
  5. I am going to be holding a nugget raffle for my friends that were in the plane crash. I will post a photo of it right now for all to start thinking about and dreaming about. I am still waiting to gain the OK on a couple more forums to post the raffle on those as well so we can set a start date and finish date. When all is final i will have Chris post it as a pined post. 4.5 dwt = 6.9 grams, close to a 1/4 ounce. http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh293/j...etraffle002.jpg http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh293/j...etraffle001.jpg Here is the family I am doing this for. The mother was burned over 80% of her body and the father was burned ove 30% of his body they have four young children and they are both in the Maricopa burn unit.
  6. Actualy one guy said he was going to call you about it he had a question or two.
  7. I posted this for you on a AZ hunting site at your first asking price of 1800.00 so I hope someone over there will help you out on this sale. Lots of guys looking for deer rigs right now with season getting ready to start.
  8. Man I wish I could swing this for me.
  9. Rolkat i know they can be cheap on the coues forum but this is the time of year to sale to guys on that forum. You may want to give it a try again. And coues hunters a sick over things that have the letters SWARO on it any place.

    A different sort of patch!

    I will just shut my mouth on this one. Or I may find myself at the end of a rope.
  11. I am looking to trade my 2002 polaris trail boss 325 cc for a small pickup truck. Let me know what you have and lets see what we can work out. I will be working out of town until the construction market comes back. I am a plumber and it is slow going right now.

    The ProPick is Here!

    I use this set up. But mine is the one that you can add or take off the pick with a couple wing nuts. It sure can move the dirt. so i am sure this pick is just as good as the rest of there picks made at hodon.
  13. You will be lucky to get 200.00 for it i will take it off your hands for 400.00 so you are not stuck with it. You will be lucky to get 200.00 for it i will take it off your hands for 400.00 so you are not stuck with it.


    That is the machine Rod over on arizonagoldprospectors.com has. He like it alot. I had the yamaha wolverine 4x4 for a few years and yamaha makes a great bike. It would be my second choice to the polaris.

    Lion in the Bradshaw's

    Nice photo of a nice AZ cat did anyone see the photos of the one hit by a car up by williams AZ. i will post the photos. I know the DPS officer holding it. He is mounting it for the guy that hit it. This DPS officer actualy had to shoot the cat as it leggs were broke and looked as though the back was broke. He issued a salvage tag to the guy on the spot. He said this cat was the king of the woods for sure. It had scars all over it's head and face from fighting. My thought on this is can you imagine the cat that woud want to fight this beast. I know a few of my Old Dogs would have wet them self and ran when they came across this guy.