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  1. Drillerdave

    12" Evo @ 82

    So great to see you getting out Wilma...and finding gold. You are a pioneer and a legend in the electronic prospecting world and a wonderful person to boot. My best regards.
  2. Hello Doc, I'll take #58. Thanks for the contest.
  3. Wishing you a great Birthday Norm. Hope to see ya this summer. Dave
  4. Drillerdave

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Birthday Mike... Dave
  5. Drillerdave

    Been a while

    Great looking gold Norm. Hope to see you and Heather this winter. Dave
  6. Looks like a great trip Ray. It was great of you to invite everyone out. Wish I could have made it, maybe next time. Thanks for the great pictures. Dave
  7. Welcome to the AZO forum Kenny. Best wishes to Roni and I hope she is felling better. Dave
  8. Drillerdave

    Some summer gold

    Happy Birthday Bob. Thank you for all the great informative posts and advice over the years. Dave
  9. Drillerdave

    Got out today...

    Great going on the gold Ray. Most importantly, very happy to hear Deb is on her way to a full recovery. Take Care, Dave
  10. I just bought a pair of the C8896 Converse boots. The best price I found was from Sears.com. They were $91.99 and if ordered on line you recieve a 10% discount and FREE SHIPPING bringing the total to $82.79. There were some cheaper on ebay, but in my opinion ebay is not the place to buy boots. I have been wearing the Converse C8884 for the last many years. This model has been discontinued and re[placed with the C8896. These are really great comfotable and light boots. Another thing I like about Sears online is they offer a 90 day no questions asked return policy. If for whatever reason you don't like them you can return them within 90 days to ANY Sears store for replacement or your money back. Dave
  11. Drillerdave

    From TRINITYAU...

    Ray, My thoughts and prayers for Deb's speedy recovery. Dave
  12. Drillerdave

    The Anealling

    Thanks Jason, I have enjoyed your stories over the years. I am particulary fond of the stories of the Dale District, some of my stomping grounds, and that one about your first trip to Downieville is great. If you get back down to So.Cal. please look me up (PM thru the forums) and maybe we can get together for some adventures in the Dale. Dave
  13. Drillerdave

    A little hot...

    Ray, Thanks for all your posts, pictures and stories. You inspire us all to get out and enjoy the outdoors and look for a little color. Dave
  14. Drillerdave

    Van Cowan

    Hi Jim, The last time I saw Van Cowan was back in early 2004. Myself, R.D., Van and a few other people spent a day out at Rattlesnake Canyon. If I remember right, Van had just got a new Quad and spent most of the day riding the desert roads on it. This was also the first day I met and hunted with R.D. He gave me a pretty detailed tour of his favorite hunting areas and I still hunt some of those areas today (thanks R.D. RIP). I tried to call Van sometime a little later on but he never returned my call. I'm thinking someone got ahold of Vans e-mail contacts and is trying to scam his friends. He seems to have faded from the forums shortly after. Dave