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  1. With gravel no more than about 3 or 4 inches deep to bedrock using a GP or GPX, where a VLF detector will 'not' work. Would you use a 6 5.5x9.5 6x8 8 7x12 9x14 11x17 7x30 or 11 inch Mono size.?? OR 5.5x9.5(Commander or Joey DD) 9x14 Nuggetfinder DD, 12x15 Commander DD or 11 inch DD size.?? Steve Gholson said in his PI coil force field measuring tests that a DD coil is 'hotter than' a Mono coil up to about 5 inches or so. Yes I know 'size of gold', 'coil coverage', and 'type of terrain' are all issues. I would say for smooth flat terrain and trying to find the smallest gold possible. Then what do you think is the best PI coil choice for these conditions.?
  2. Beer Beeper

    Closeup picture of new Minelab

    Wow, 16 inches folded up.! Looks like it will be folding just like one of Minelabs military counter mine detectors. (Carbon Fiber upper and lower shafts.?) I wonder if it will have dual voltage technology (DVT) and SETA.? Fine Gold Timing.? Will it have both a >"built-in"< Lithium-Ion battery(with amplifier) "and" an external speaker.? If it will be compatible with Nuggetfinder coils.? Using a DD or Mono coil if it will handle external EMInterference as good as the TDI and ATX.? Both being waterproof, we will find out if the new Minelab PI is lighter weight than the 6.9 pound Garrett ATX.? Finally also how it stacks up against both the ATX and GPX's in performance.?
  3. Lunk, for what reason did you buy a NFA 8x6 if you already have a round CT 6".? Have you had a chance to compared your round CT 6" to your NFA 8x6 yet.? I have an older white plastic solid NF 9.5" x 5.5" Mono(now discontinued), it is 1.5" longer and .5" narrower than the 8" x 6". I think this is a better size for both more coverage and slightly narrower for between rocks than the 8x6 and I think it will find gold just about as small, but since it is discontinued then I would choose the 8x6 if I were to buy a coil today. Also that present NFA 12x7 is a great size too and a size I would choose for small gold and/or in-between bedrock as well.
  4. Beer Beeper

    big ass coils

    Maybe go for the NFA 20" round Mono instead.
  5. Beer Beeper

    Nugget Finder 17" Gold!

    A real good start, that's wonderful. But IMO I think the smaller -0.5 gram bits would be detected at a deeper depth with the 14x9". It looks like he made or bought a white solid skid plate(coil cover), but nvchirs has the solid model coil. I wonder which is the best way to go, a solid skid plate or a solid model? The first way would be lighter but the second way would have less stuff hang up on top of the coil.
  6. I also wonder if the solid 12 x 7 has both better EMI resistance and/or better small gold(~.1 gram or about 1/10 gram) performance than the new solid 14 x 9.? Or the only reason to use the 12 x 7 is for the terrain for fitting into smaller spaces and in between rocks and plants better.?
  7. Which exact model of Magnum Stealth Force, 100% Non-Metallic boots did you buy: http://www.magnumboots.com/us/boots/ ? I just recently bought a pair of almost knee high 'rubber boots' that are all non-metallic with real soft insoles. Going to be comfortable for prospecting in the wet.
  8. My friend has Minelab GPX-4500 and it cannot handle the hotrocks in a certain area, even with a DD coil. The numerous hotrocks(about one every 5 feet he said) give loud signals and sound just like gold. He wants me to ask if the GOLD BUG PRO with identify those hotrocks on all its different TID number readouts on the screen and tell the difference between such a hotrock and gold?? (Or any other detector that may do this like a Safari/E-Trac. He is not after subgram gold in this particular area.) Thank you.
  9. Beer Beeper

    Custom Skid Plates!

    Chris, 1=Previously on your website you use to sell 'black' colored Solid skid plates, do you still sell them.? 2=If so, what exact sizes do you sell.? Gus or Jason, Jason at Razorback explained that his skid plates are double thickness and also he has finished up is just about all of the Nugget Finder Solid skid plates for the coils. And just about all the sizes are available *with the exception of the 24"(?) because it is bigger than his machine. I have a NF 25" 4 spoke round, and NFA 12x24" 3 spoke that both are in need of Solid skid plates. 1=Now, *what does Jason mean by this above, does he have a skid plate made for either of my two coil sizes above.? 2=I see he has his skid plates in 'white' color, does he also have then available in 'black' color.?
  10. Beer Beeper

    Nugget Finder 8x6 Gold

    I have the last generation plastic white solid 9.5"x5.5"(10E)Mono Nugget Finder coil. It is deadly on small stuff. I cannot imagine a more sensitive coil. I would like to know how this new grey 8"x6" Ellip. NF Mono size is any better.?
  11. If they make it right over the next week or so then you are OK and good to go and then can thank Minelab. Maybe they will send you a new 4000 control box like they did to this guy: Minelab Repair Service http://arizonaoutback.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9002
  12. Beer Beeper

    Waterproofing Coils

    For Minelab PI's there are lots of factory waterproof Mono coils BUT I think the only hand held factory waterproof DD coil on the market is the Platypus.
  13. Beer Beeper

    Arizona Weather

    That is a bit of an exaggeration, yes the flooding is a very, very big area, but it is in 1 state(Queensland) and there are 6 states and 2 territories. Australia is about the same size as the mainland US so lots of places are high and dry. The state of Western Australia is about 3 times the size of Texas and there is no such flooding there.
  14. Beer Beeper

    Flour Gold

    Look at this setup at the very bottom of this page: http://www.casluicebox.com/photo-album--send-in-your-pics.html It consists of 2 of these: http://www.casluicebox.com/CONCENTRATOR.html And 1 of these: http://www.casluicebox.com/AUTO-FEEDER.html Also look at the Side Kick: http://www.angusmackirk.com/product_pages/miscellaneous.html Or these ones: Tom & Perry's Clean-Up Kit http://www.goldprospectors.org/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_26&products_id=64 and http://www.goldprospectors.org/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=8_26 http://www.micro-sluice.com/MSGP_NEW/MSJ.html http://www.usprospector.com/index.php/finishing-machine http://www.cleangold.com/cleangold/products.html#1 If you have more money get this one: http://www.goldcube.net/ Now you have some choices!
  15. For Metal Detector Cases also this may help, here are good cases that you can use to carry your metal detector and coils: Besides soft foam gun and bow cases, also look at Pelican Cases and UK Cases...high quality storage and carrying cases for metal detectors... UK Cases: http://www.customcaseco.com/ukcases.html The best ones at Pelican for a metal detectors are models 1700, 1720, 1730, and 1750...get olive green or beige but not black for the direct sunlight...you will be very please with these waterproof cases... http://www.pelican.com/case_category.php?pageNum_RecordsetCase=6&totalRows_RecordsetCase=58&CaseSize=%&New=%'>http://www.pelican.com/case_category.php?pageNum_RecordsetCase=6&totalRows_RecordsetCase=58&CaseSize=%&New=% http://www.pelican.com/ 1) Halliburton Zero: http://www.zerohalliburton.com/ 2) I have an old hard-shell Samsonite plastic luggage-suit case that would also work for a metal detector case with foam put inside. 3) A person can also make his own case at home if you are handy, out of about 3/8" to 1/2" plywood, piano hinges, and with thick foam. (A person could get foam from a bedding shop, buy foam used for under sleeping bags, or the waffled foam used for putting over a bed mattress, then cut this to fit.) 4) On my Garrett GTI 2500(which I did not like and sold) it came from the factory with a soft outer shell nylon case with cut, thick foam inserts formed to fit the metal detector.