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  1. Happy Prospector

    Awesome EQUINOX find!

    What a great piece of history.
  2. Happy Prospector

    Duisenburg Ca.

    I'll be arriving there in about two weeks, hopefully the weather will be better and the dirt a little drier, I'll see you there.
  3. Happy Prospector

    Duisenburg Ca.

    4x4, Just east of main buildings and north of RR tracts is the area they dig in. It is an old river bed from long ago, you can't miss it. There is a goodly amount of large rounded river rock at that site. If you get on Google Earth it will be easy to spot. Also there are some GPAA claims in area also. Don't know when you are going, but they have had a might bit of rain lately, so the ground is holding some moisture. Kevin
  4. Happy Prospector

    2010 Calenders

    Hi Chris, I had a feeling you were going to say that, but a guy can always hope. I forgot you had a new addition to the family, hope everything is going well on the home front. Be careful, they grow up quick, and before you know it you will be hearing " Can I borrow the car dad please". Another thing I wondering about was if you had set a date for the 2010 AZO Prospector’s Outing? I know it is aways off but, inquiring minds want to know. Thanks, Kevin
  5. I was just wondering if AZO was going to produce a 2010 Calender for the new year. I enjoy the current one and look forward to flipping over the pages every month. Kevin
  6. Happy Prospector

    New to detecting

    HI Jim - are you replying to my post? I'm not sure what you mean. This is to criptic for me. Sheri, Around the Rand area, West of Hiway 395, you need a permit (free) from the BLM To be in the area, they have closed off a lot of the area and you can only go on certain trails and roads. The BLM says there is contaminated dirt in that area and they are worried about the dust. I hope this helps. Kevin
  7. Happy Prospector

    24K Club News

    Hi Chris, When I was up there yesterday I was told that it was the Devil's Nest Claims that were sold and a fellow in a Hummer was posting new claim signs saying "No Prospecting" "Southwest Minerals" Kevin
  8. Happy Prospector

    GPX-4500 Video

    Thanks for the quick reply Chris I can hardly wait to get it. Kevin
  9. Any word on the release date of the new video Chris? We were told late October, late November, and now it's the end of January. It sounds like it should be a great video, so can you throw us a bone and give us an update on when you will be done editing it, and the expected shipping date. Thanks, Kevin