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    Hunting,hiking,mtn.biking,atv's,& now metal detecting.
  1. ddog


    Anyone do any frog giggin in Az ? Seen em on the menu at a seafood joint the other nite. Later
  2. Sounds like some punk so called minors [notice spelling] needs their fannies spanked or show us the legal paper that gives them the rite to deny access. Call authorities depending on cell service or bring the authorities back yourself. As for The old boy that had a gun on him that was bigger than he was , might need said gun inserted up Rectum. Semper Fi I also like grubstakes idea of the twin 50's
  3. Hi Chris Any way to attach a tether to the pinpointer? I have CRS syndrome. Thx
  4. Hi Guys, Don't think this is GPAA,I'am am member of that club. This is [AAGP] Az association of gold prospectors, they meet at a Denny's in Phx according to there website. GPAA meets at the Italian American Club in Phx. 2 different clubs. Guess I'll have to head to Dennys & check em out. Thx
  5. Hi Guys Anyone belong to the [AAGP] in Phx. Arizona Just curious about the claims and such? Think I may go to one of there meetings & check em out. Thx for any replys.
  6. ddog


    Thx Ron I can see where your coming from, like I said just curious.
  7. ddog


    Why Uncle Ron ???? Is it because their a legacy from the past? Not trying to cause trouble,just curious!! Who said SHOOTIN, that's not legal + $10,000 fine & possibly jail time,I can buy a lot of BEEF for 10 Grand. ???? Lv ya Unc your one of my favorite gold getting guros. Hope to see ya at the outing at LSD in March. Jerry L
  8. Hi Guy's Was out puttin the sneak on a critter during archery season in a Jan. A small band of them pesky Burro's got in the mix & screwed up the plan. Any how I know it's illegal to shoot em $10,000 fine. Even though they trash the desert. Suppose you find a fresh Lion kill,[yest sayin] just's minutes old [if you know what I mean] Those little younin's look awfull tender/tasty. Has anyone tried wild burro/donkey? I would think it's like horse, which they eat across the pond. Later
  9. Wanted used Garrett 5x10" DD Search Coil (Infinium LS) Going to adapt it on my Garrett Atx.Hopefully. Any suggestions ?? Later on Jerry Semper Fi
  10. Lobo is my back up dect. to my atx. Just took it in to Tesoro factory in Prescot on Vet. day, bad move, to many parades and blocked off streets. Got it all tuned up and back in 3 days, no charge. Great service. Disc. works fine but I dig all targets, I don't trust any of em. Later Happy Huntin
  11. Location:phx. az. SOLD-SOLD-SOLD Hi Fellow Prospectors, Time to get a new/used ride. Wife cannot ride on the back of the Griz like she used. B-tch getting old. Need a side by side.Would like to sell or partial trade for a 2008 or newer Rhino, Razer. She runs great, everything works as it should. Has a removable gas or bucket carrier on back, back carrier bags, and saddle bags on the tank. Fluids recently changed, always stored in my garage. 70% tread left on the m/s tires, bullet proof never had a flat on the trail.Has 250 hours and 2226 miles on it. Just getting broke in. Askin $ 3995 or partial trade for sxs. Going to try to post pictures on this post. Here is some propaganda I copyed -------------2003 Yamaha Grizzly 660, - Presenting the top of the utility ATV food chain. No four-wheeler packs as much advanced technology, all-terrain performance and flawless fit and finish as this incredible beast. From its mighty, liquid-cooled, 5-valve, 660cc powerplant and smooth Ultramatic V-belt transmission to 3-way In/Out 4WD with Diff-Lock and fully independent four-wheel suspension, there's simply no other four-by like it. Add to the roster of features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, multi-function digital instrument panel with LCD display and fuel gauge, sturdy, powdercoated, wrinkle-finish steel front and rear racks, electric start with backup recoil starter, standard trailer hitch and winch mounting tabs, just to name a few. Anyway Thanks for looking PM me and I will give you my phone no or you can leave yours if you want to talk to me instead of this pesky machine. Again Thx Jerry & Semper Fi
  12. Found a pinpointer at lsd 10/25 Sat. PM me and ID it if it belongs to ya. Later & Ghppy Huntin.
  13. Thx Bearcat Spent 9 wks at happy camp this summer.Got out before the big fires hit. Glad most people were ok. May come up next summer. Long drive from Phx. Had a great time did a little highbanking & metal detecting. Thx for the info on the 2 mach. Going to try both. Kinda leaning toward the Atx. Happy Huntin Jerry L Oh ya don't forget to VOTE the BUMS out in Nov.