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  1. Very nice! That's what it's all about!
  2. Looks like your buddy. Wonder where he found it?
  3. What's it weigh? Great find!
  4. Looks like the gold I used to find in Folsom.
  5. matt

    Almost an Ounce!

    I love the look of freshly unearthed gold nuggets!
  6. Great way to start the new year.
  7. matt

    A good day out

    With all that dirt being that is being turned over, I bet there are more fantastic finds to come. Wish I had the time to get out there!
  8. I remember the same that this was found by Shep while hunting with Grubstake and Miner Matt. What a great find! It was something like 2 pounds found that day?
  9. I have one and will be using it on my gpx5000, but with all the rain in NorCal haven't had a chance to get out. Will post about it if it ever stops raining long enough to go detecting!
  10. That is a beautiful nugget!