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  1. I wish I could retire on 100k
  2. One thing for sure other than you find gold is that you go on some very nice vacations! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Makes me want to take my family on that same trip.
  3. Very nice finds! Congrats to the lucky prospector. It's been a while since I found that many nuggets in one crevice, but it's also been a while since I was out prospecting...
  4. Dang! I got all excited that you were distributing the magazine again Chris. I am in for a yearly subscription if you can bring it back.
  5. I hate people that can't keep their word. Karma is a bitch.
  6. matt

    Saying Goodbye

    My condolences to you and your family Chris. It's the hardest thing to lose such a big part of your family. I lost my golden in 2004 (he was 12 also) and still think about him every day. 12 years of life is not fair for something so kind.
  7. Great looking gold amount from 18 buckets. Not sure if you meant 10 years, cause that is not very old.
  8. Looks like it could have been a sunbaker?
  9. You ought to think about writing an article for the ICMJ. What a great title and I am sure that many people would appreciate the time you put into the test proceedures. Thank you for posting your results on the forum.
  10. Happy Birthday Chris and happy prospecting!
  11. hi my name is oakwoodcutter and I have a...(fill in the blank)
  12. Pard has never had any postive imput on this forum. I hate claim jumpers as much as the next guy, but sheesh...
  13. I use one to power a few small compact flouresecnt light bulbs in my camping cabin. It can run the lights for a couple hours a night for almost a week.
  14. Congradulations on a really nice find!
  15. Thats a good deal Ray. Congrats on the gold. I have not been out prospecting since the Indy hill outing. Thanks for sharing!
  16. I don't mind seeing dig holes in a new spot. I know I am better than that previous person and enjoy every time I dig up a nugget in a spot like that. Attitude plays a big part in this game...Congrats on the gold Ray.
  17. I have a 20" round dd xp coil I would be willing to sell. PM if interested.
  18. It sure is great to read a post from you Chris. It's been a long while. Hope all is well with you.