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  1. Post up the pictures of the high graders Chris. That would sure liven up the forum!
  2. That is a great find! I would be happier with finding that than finding a gold nugget.
  3. Congradulations! That looks like a beauty.
  4. Look for the broken bedrock pieces in the tailing piles and detect there. The problem with the tailing piles is the amount of trash. It is not the best place to detect for gold, but will give you plenty of practice on retrieving targets.
  5. I always enjoy reading your posts Ray. Thanks.
  6. Great looking spot Ray. Thanks for sharing your finds.
  7. I coach 2 youth soccer teams and I know every one of my kids knows when they have grandparents there to watch them play. It may not feel like they care, but they do!
  8. Those are some great finds. I have never heard of anybody finding gold buttons. That is very cool!
  9. God bless you and your wife. I am so sorry for your loss.
  10. Almost didn't recognize you without the stash!
  11. The two pieces, one at around 4 o'clock and one at about 7 o'clock appear to have been one piece at some point. Did you break it when you dug it up? I can even see the little point that sticks out fits into the other piece. Either way, that sure is some nice finds.
  12. matt

    1851 Gold Dollar Pendant

    That is a fantastic find! Congrats!
  13. Great find Ray! I would get out as much as possible now and figure out how to best process it later. Congrats!
  14. I have seen some pictures of gold from Washington state that looks very similar. If there was something like a coin in the picture it would define the size.
  15. Really nice piece. Did the finder mention the weight?
  16. Nice job Ray. Looks like a fine swimming hole also.
  17. Hope you have a great birthday and get out and get some gold. Does 56 qualify you to be labeled an "old fart" yet?
  18. Indeed a beautiful piece!
  19. I don't see it as a big deal. The guy wrote a book and is probably proud of it. Not many have the skills and time to accomplish something like that and it probably relates to all the forum members in some way. It's not like he has 1 post and joined just make make some sales. His profile says he joined the forum in 2009. Give the guy a break.
  20. Looks like some real nice gold Chris! Can't wait to join you up there for some hunting/ exploring. Made it up with the wife and kids for a night last weekend so no prospecting. Kids loved it! I'll keep in touch in hopes of checking out those spots we discussed. If nothing works sooner, maybe we can get together at the wspa outing this year and try for an extra day or 2. Take care.