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  1. When did JP get out the video on the 5000? I don't know how I missed it. Who is selling it?
  2. A great read to enjoy while I drink my morning coffee Lanny.
  3. That is a beautiful gold nugget!
  4. matt

    Are you packing

    I occasionally carry while detecting in a remote area and I carry in the city all the time. It more dangerous in populated areas of the city than it is in the country.
  5. Thats a nice nugget. I think the flood was in '97 though.
  6. Nice pictures Bob. That pic of the hydraulic pit looks fake because the landscape is so odd. Oh, and nice pile of gold also!
  7. It's a Chinese coin.
  8. Sierra County needs something different! We also need cell phone service!
  9. Calaveras Big Trees! We had a huge group for a friend's 40th birthday bash. 2 kids+2 dogs+high maintenance wife=motorhome! Seriously, I would rather tent camp, but I caved in to the pressure! We had a great time though. When the kids get a bit older, I'm tenting it for sure.
  10. Mike, You could always drive up here and then rent if you plan to prospect this area for the week. You can leave your car at my place. I rented a class c last weekend. It was pretty expensive, but cheaper for a weeks rental. PM me if you need some more details. Matt
  11. That rules! Looks like a goose just got up from her nest!
  12. Sounds like a good time Bob. You are the Goldbug master. Actually, you are the Minelab master also!
  13. Those a some good looking gold nuggets. Wish I could have made it with you guys Bob, but I have to take all the work hours I can get while they are available. Looking forward to hunting with you guys and going on "the ride."
  14. That is very impressive Gus. Way to go.
  15. More nice gold Gus. I like that leaf type gold. It resembles some of the gold I have been finding. Bang out some more!
  16. matt


    I have to add that cigarette butts thrown all over piss me off too. Especially in an area with dry grass and brush.
  17. I agree with Wes. That is definitely a nice piece of leaf gold. It resembles a lot of the other gold you post that appears to be leaf gold also.
  18. The pics are gone cause the post is almost 5 years old...
  19. Left a message for all three. Sneaky bastards!
  20. That's a beauty! Crush it!
  21. I meant to say the Cali ouncer club!
  22. It took me 9 years to join the 1 ounce club and you did it in a few months! Congrats.
  23. Nice gold. Sounds like you guys had a good time. I love ribs and been itchin' to slow cook some on the komado smoker. It's getting to be that bbq time of the year.