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  1. Mike- I own or have used all of the above mentioned pinpointers. The Pistol Pro by Detector Pro works the best with my GPX 5000. It is a PI pinpointer and works really well when using it to pinpoint with a large coil. I've located over 3 oz of nuggets with it since last May. Dave
  2. highbanker58

    A slow day...

    You could see that one from Google Earth.
  3. highbanker58

    Oversized 1993 D Penny

    Everything swells up in our summer heat. Check it's size after it cools down.LOL
  4. highbanker58

    Bunk's New Specie

    Nice piece Bunk !! Were you in Stanton last weekend? Thought I saw your truck???? Dave
  5. Weavers claims are a great place to start. Dave
  6. Ganes Creek has announced that it won't be allowing any more detectors to come up and detect.The end of an era.We had some great times. Dave
  7. highbanker58

    Ganes Creek's Over

    Doug and Dan the owners have decided to concentrate on their commercial operation. In 10 years the detectors have removed 1700 oz. of gold, over $3 million at todays price. I was lucky enough to be there 4 times.It was AWESOME, a look into the Alaska that few people will ever see or experience. It was the topic of many bucket lists. Dave
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    Customers New Specimen!

    Nice presentation in the photo. Dave
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    2009 Suzuki Kingquad

    I have a 2008 and it's a great quad.Is it the 750? Dave
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    Detecting for Gold

    A real beauty, congrats. Dave
  11. Our country needs some R & R. Get out and vote.
  12. My first of 2 weeks at Ganes Creek this year.I ended the week with 16 nuggets totaling 1.75 oz. Had a pretty rainy week with lots of mud. The largest was 17 DWT. The large shiny one below it, is a wafer thin 4.5DWT. Most were found with the MXT with a 12" SEF Butterfly coil. A few were with the GMT. I took the GPX 5000, but the trash kept it in the cabin. Dave
  13. I don't always read the classified every time I check the forums. I would have not known about the book until I needed something and checked the classifieds,and then it would have been buried. I'll check out any book that is about a famous area that I hunt regularly.Dave
  14. While out detecting yesterday, I started getting bumped by a couple bees. I could see there were hundreds of them up ahead of me in the wash, flying in and out from under a large flat rock. I quietly backed up and climbed the hill to get around the hive. I was alone, probably 1/2 mile from my quad and 5 more miles of VERY bad 3 MPH road to get to my RV. There are no buildings or places to take cover up in this area.------ What are the rest of you doing to protect yourself if you were exposed to this bad situation? These bees will attach for no reason, going for your eyes, ears, nose , and mouth, stinging you through your clothes in places you wouldn't think they could put a stinger. Dave
  15. Mike yes I came back with just over 3 oz that trip. Dave
  16. This how bad the mosquitos are at Ganes Creek. We use deet 100 and a net and it's still BAD.Dave
  17. Pard--That will give you more time to build up your hole diggin muscles. I buy Craftsman shovels, they are guaranteed for life. When you wear them out- they just give you another NEW one. Dave
  18. Welcome back Grub, from a fellow Vietnam Vet. Hope you had a GREAT Memorial Day remembering all of our buddies that didn't make it home!! Dave
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    !902 Quarter hiding in Gold Country

    Bunk-I'm having trouble getting it online I got it on nuggetshooter.com--Dave
  20. <p> I was out this weekend with my GPX 5000 working a wash in the mountains above Stanton Az. looking for that yellow metal. I got a faint signal in the middle of a 30 ft. wash. I excavated the sand down 12" and hit hard decomposed granite.The signal was blowing my ears off by then.I went down another 4-5" and it was still in the hole.I got out my pin-pointer probe and slowly scratched down another inch. And there it was......... a 1902 Barber Quarter, it is in VERY GOOD condition for being in the ground for all these years.It has very little wear, all of the edge lines and words are like new,a few light scratches,and a little discoloring. What a find, I can only imagine how it got there. Went after GOLD and came home with SILVER. ANOTHER GOOD MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!! Dave Quote MultiQuote Edit
  21. highbanker58

    GPX 5000 Manual

    Thanks Robert, I knew someone would know where to find one. Dave
  22. I left my well used GPX 5000 manual laying on the seat of my quad while I was unpacking from a trip to Stanton, my new puppy thought it smelled good and ATE IT. I called Minelab today and tried to purchase a new one and was informed they don't sell replacement manuals. They said " it's online so you can print it". Thats fine if you have a place in your backpack for a 3 ring notebook.I don't have that kind of room. So I'm looking for a dealer or individual that has one they want to sell. I use that thing every time I go out. I had 16 months of notes, GPS locations and coil settings written down, I salvaged most of them thanks to scotch tape.Now I need a manual to put them back in. Please call my cell 602-617-6487 Dave
  23. Chris- I just got the current issue of the GPAA magazine-Gold Prospectors. Great article on those illusive MONSTER- deep nuggets. This is exactly what I was talking with you about, at the Decision Corner get-together. We have all dug that hole and when it gets down past the 12" mark ,we have to dig deep to keep going. It's over 100 degrees and the end of the day , for a beer can. Thanks for taking the time to share this kind of knowledge in an article. I guess I need to get a larger coil. Dave
  24. Bunk- Have a happy birthday.I hope you spend it doing something fun like --swingin that metal detector. Thanks again for looking for my wedding ring that disappeared.I gave up and ordered another one. Dave