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  1. Hey LipCa, Yes; I did a short video of my ATX with the Infinium 10"x5" DD coil on it. It works quite well actually and the iron check even worked! Hot little combo it is. Coil was loaned to me from Paul (Ca), which he rigged up. Check out the coil on the ATX in this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb-k8iTUshs
  2. Hi Jerry, Tough call on SDC vs ATX. The ATX bang for the buck wins hands down. Small gold they are cose but the SDC 2300 gets the nod. Were talking about .08 for ATX and .035 gram for the 2300. Price is definatley better for the ATX even paying for 2 coils. I do like the 8" mono on the ATX, it does false more than the stock DD coil - just got to detect more careful. SDC 2300 can be bumped a bit more without added noise. The ATX so far I have not found a hole in its detection field like I have with the SDC 2300 due to it being a single pulse, single channel machine (TDI also) - unlike the GPX and ATX which are multi pulse - multi channel detectors which do not have detection field holes. But it was on 2 nuggets out of 50 that had the hole or on the edge of the whole. Both handle hot dirt well, just different. 2300 is always ground balancing and the ATX when dirt is changing you must manually re-ground balance. The ATX is lighter to swing on the toe than the SDC 2300 ,8" coil to 8" coil. I like both - but if money/performance is an issue, The ATX gets the nod. Yea; I'm hoping to spend next summer in Happy Camp dredging the Klamath River! Looking better and better- always got the Rogue for backup.
  3. Out on a nugget hunt the other day in N California...an area I've been going for years. Just south of the Oregon border. First time there with the ATX...might take the SDC 2300 next time too! Enjoy... Bearkat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPGfBk-6ocM
  4. Bearkat4160

    My first two nugget day

    Oh yea! Very nice nuggets...
  5. Good review there Walt...and a very good detector that ATX!
  6. Oh Yea! Good nugget find Chris! I m lovin my ATX...what a smooth detector...now I just need to find me a nugget too!
  7. I don't see how Minelab can improve on the 5000 without making it more complicated...maybe come out with one that is butt simple like the ATX and has same performance as the 5000. Now that would be cool...
  8. Yea; likes me Garretts....I'm the same as you, but me, not liking the Minelab audio, you know, the whale in labor sound, Lol. Coils are a bit pricy, but there is only 3 of them. Get some gold!
  9. And picks up invisible Nuggets...with the stock 12" DD coil. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM4E7FzGvlY
  10. Small Gold Nugget Test Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siHlcMgRNSE First Targets Found with Garrett ATX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUpHRhn406E
  11. Hey thanks for the tips Tom and others...I know the 5000 should have screamed at that big nugget also, that was why I was so surprised it didnt in the video. It is definately more complicated than my Infinium. Just need to learn it a bit more... Nice nuggets Tom!
  12. Bearkat4160

    BLM and Google Earth

    Thanks Clay for all that info! This is getting ridicules on our Gov keeping the mining information from us or making it extremely hard to find now, and it is funny how it coincides with the prices of gold going up. You think they would encourage us to go get it for people that have lost there jobs or need employment. Yeh; fantasy land right? I like the Gold Atlas, unfortuantly I got it a bit late and have not seen it work to its full potential. Here is the link below I used in the layer feature, which always allowed me to get BLM boundaries, and just that, in Google Earth:,US+Forest+Service&STYLES=default,default&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=image/png Not really sure where it comes from, I found it years ago doing a Google search, and now doing same search cannot find anything like it or how do use it...like, all that info just disappeared. Thanks for all the input... Alan
  13. I had BLM layer in my Google Earth working for years and all of a sudden it does not work. And the funny thing is I do a search on "how to get BLM layers in Google Earth" and not much there like it was a few years ago, there was tons of stuff on how to get it in there. What is going on? I downloaded Gold Atlas .kmz and it is useless also, seems as it got its info from Geocommunicator...seems the Gov is doing what it can to stop research on gold/mines/claims etc... Any help on how to get it back? I had a URL link from GeoComm added to the layer overlay...useless now also. Thanks, Alan