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  1. It’s a Chinese character and means one wood. Think it part of a song.
  2. Great find congrats to whoever found it. He sure got that thing clean, judging by all the nooks and crannys it must have been difficult to clean.
  3. SOLD - Selling this great looking California Mother lode gold nugget, Weight is 6 Dwts or 9.33 grams. This nugget is perfect size and shape for a necklace. Asking $450. Prefer paypal, PM me if you have any questions or want additional photos.
  4. SOLD - Selling 1 semi crystalline nugget found in Calif Sierra foot hills. Nugget is 3.7 dwts (5.75 Grams) asking $255. PM me f your interested
  5. SOLD Selling this 7.7 dwt or 11.97 gram nugget I found a few years ago in the Calif Sierra foot hills. Its a solid nugget with no quartz in it. Asking $500. Send me a PM if your interested.
  6. schiara

    Eureka Buckle

    Wow, nice find for sure. I want one.
  7. Chris, nice job on the video, you should definately film more.
  8. LipCa, I saw the blades and they were less than a 1/16th of and inch more like 1/64th. Yes the gold mass weight is from before the cut.
  9. schiara

    A very good day

    Its about time you had a decent gold day.
  10. LipCa, its listed in the post above, just over 17 dwts. The lapidary saw blade is very thin. Each slice is @ 1/8 in thick. except one slice is thinner.
  11. I tried ebay, it looks like I will end up sending them to the smelter.
  12. A professional lapidary shop sliced them. Its located in Grass Valley CA.