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  1. I just checked and the site is up and running now Renegademiner Bob
  2. renegademiner

    Legal Claim Question

    Chris you have the rights to extract the minerals that is all. You can not keep anyone off the claim. They can do what they want to do BUT they can not remove any minerals
  3. renegademiner

    What coulda-shoulda been...

    My wife found one about 12 years ago and I found one about 10 years ago it does get your heart pumping
  4. Well guys got out to cleator detecting run into a 30 inch coon tail he did not rattle until he got back under his bush I was about Five feet from him when I spotted him Renegade bob
  5. beatup do you have any pictures might want some if I can afford the price thanks renegade Bob
  6. renegademiner

    Another unusual find

    to me it looks like the top end of an old wood bit
  7. Chris sending our prayers hope everything turns out ok renegademiner Bob
  8. renegademiner

    gold coin

    Mitchel thanks renegade Bob
  9. renegademiner

    gold coin

    one more time my coin renegade Bob
  10. renegademiner

    gold coin

    well I got my coin posted on the GPAA forum but can not get it to post on here Iam not too good on the computer but keep trying thanks renegade Bob
  11. renegademiner

    gold coin

    well guys I do not post much but I had to tell someone yesterday I detected my first gold coin a 1869 gold sovereign and it was detected in my back yard where I have detected too many times to count in the last 20 years I tried to post photos but it tells me I can not post that photos maybe I can get help to post photos later renegade Bob