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  1. I would like to thank those who have thanked me and other Vet's on this Forum. It has been an Honor to protect freedoms we ALL enjoy. Serving the Nation for 30 years and counting...F-16 Crew Chief, Special Programs and Afghanistan bound...Guido
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I am very excited about my new detector the Minelab GPX4500, man after hitting Gold Basin with SD2100, 2200D, GP3500 and GPX4000 I can say this GPX4500 is the BEST hands down. I wish I could of had one sooner. It is a real pleasure to operate and one smooth threshold! Changing the subject not that I am ungrateful I really want to find gold at Gold Basin! After my fifth meteorite I am beginning to think it is easier to find space rocks than gold. Maybe we should change the name to Meteorite Basin...
  3. Alright Chris...Congrates on the space rock. Always nice to find one. I does kind of look like a Chondrite. The ones at Gold basin are L-4 Chondrite...L= low iron/nickel content, which makes them the most common type of meteorite to fall on Earth. The following is a quote from http://www.worldtrading-usa.com/WTUSAMETEORITEBOOK.html...Objects of about 10 grams in weight (approximately a U.S. Quarter sized stone sphere) fall at something less than the rate of 1 per 1,000 square miles per year. And ... as the size of the object gets larger & larger, the rate of fall becomes "Exponentially Smaller" so that we can expect that an object over One Kilo (approximately 2.2 lbs or about baseball size) might fall to Earth in a given 1 square mile area of land only about once every 50,000 to 100,000 years !!! The estimates of meteorite fall rates vary widely, and the above numbers are probably even quite Overly Generous...unquote. Let us know what the official answer is on it. Sincerely; Guido
  4. Just wanted to share a new find. Was out in Gold Basin today...And bought my new GPX4500 and a brand new Hodan Pick from Chris. I was in the hunt for 15 minutes when this slightly broad signal came threw. This was my first time I used the new pick and it dug up this 70.6 gram Gold Basin meteorite at four inches! Defiantly a lucky pick! Thanks Chris!....Guido...
  5. Road Dog...man you have scored big time. I was floored with the pictures. Everyone here would love to have the chance to have a day like that...Amazing...Guido
  6. Hello all, I believe I have made improvements to the hipstick process and would like to share them with you all. I have noticed that the hipstick belt ball anchor portion on the waist is uncomfortable and unstable as well. The enclosed picture is a hipstick ball anchor cut in half and screwed on to a Paddle Holster, A Paddle Holster is a concave shaped piece of plastic or stiffened leather designed to be worn against the body inside of the pants. It seems to work well as a gun holster, so I decided to try it on a hipstick setup. Las Vegas had a gun show not too long ago and I bought a paddle without the holster, price $10.00 dollars. I drilled a hole threw the hipstick ball anchor as you can see in the picture and glued it on as well. After finally having a chance to take it out in the field for the first time today here is the preliminary report. The (paddle hip) is EXTREMELY stable, the old version slides back and forth or longitudinally, since there is more surface area and concave to distribute the load to you hip it stays in place and is more comfortable as well. The only bad side I can find this early is the hipstick is mounted lower than at belt level, so you will lose about 1.5 to 2 inches in height so you sick will be a little bit shorter. The epoxy did not hold but the screw did. The epoxy may not do well with this kind of plastic. As for the hole that is drilled threw the front to the back so you can use a hex head tool to tighten the anchor ball to the paddle. I noticed I can drive the truck now with the paddle hip still on my hip with little discomfort as well. Also I have noticed it works better with a belt as you can see in the picture included. Guido
  7. Wow...I guess I have to rethink my Paradigm...I have read 90% by 10% before, but I wasn't sure if that was so. Makes you wonder about what the 10% is like, but it would be a long time for that to come to pass..That would explain a great many things! <_<
  8. Alright Montana...I have been trying to pick up an 18" Advantage for a while now. I rather chase down the bigger nuggets than focusing on smaller ones. I think that's the way to go; not to mention more rewarding. I know there are more small nuggets than larger ones, not too sure of the ratio between large and small, what do you think? In any event I personally know there would be a loss of finds with smaller nuggets that would most likely not add up to one large find by 18" coils. Guido
  9. Guido

    Nice 1-oz Specimen

    Very nice nugget there Chris!...An awesome find for the customer!! Quartz laced with gold...or maybe the other way around Gold laced with quartz! Guido
  10. Your welcome Gary...I have played with most covers before and this one is well padded, built, firm foamed and the style and quality of Mil-Spec accessories as with combat gear. Guido
  11. Just got this puppy in the mail today and tried it out at Gold Basin. Comes in Coyote brown, Multicam (in picture provided) and UCP / ACU Digital Camo. It has a pocket shown in picture, very functional...I keep my GPAA card in it. Found on Ebay at under Minelab. Guido...copy paste address ...http://cgi.ebay.com/Minelab-GP-GPX-SD-Padded-Control-Box-Cover-With-Pouch_W0QQitemZ260500011778QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3ca702bb02
  12. It sure looks like a meteorite to me! The color and texture is about right. As Chris already said...is it slightly magnetic? If so I think you have a space rock!!!
  13. Awesome find there Wingnut...That must have felt good to nail some nuggets like that! Congratulations....Guido
  14. Beautiful nugget, I see the seller has a Zero on items sold! That is a concern to me!!! No history on this brand new account. If your going to sell something like this right off the bat the savvy Ebay people would be suspicious!
  15. It looks good because I only buy equipment that is in good shape and I take care of it. Also it has a protective adhesive transparent plastic on the control box not to mention a control box cover as well when I am in the field as well. I bought it as a back-up Minelab detector and it's only five months old. I replaced the stock shaft with an Otto fiberglass version (which looks still new) and I have extra front and back end caps with the stickers to go with it if it get too nasty or if I want to sell it! You cannot eliminate the hazards of life, but you can minimize them. Guido