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  1. That is exciting, I hope to have some updates on their success. At the Tucson Gem show a couple years ago there was a a guy selling stuff at the "African Market" with a KEENE shirt on. We got talking gold and he was heading back home to the Congo loaded up with a couple big suction dredges. Lots of gold in that country apparently.
  2. IDdesertman


    Really nice gold!
  3. Jeez that's a good one.
  4. IDdesertman

    Nice one with the 19"!!!

    Jeez that's a pretty one!
  5. I'm still waiting to find an old tobacco tin packed full of nuggets. Some day...
  6. What is considered a deal is all relative I suppose. I would guess they make a healthy profit margin on their detectors, even at this price. If I didn't already own a 4500 I'd be on this deal like a duck on water.
  7. IDdesertman

    Out of the Ordinary Find

    Neat find for sure!
  8. IDdesertman

    Freshly Dug GPZ Gold

    Why do you need pictures? Anyone who has used one for a very short time will tell you that the thing punches deep. It will obviously find good sized stuff at great depths. It's funny how some people are so concerned with how other people spend their money... Oh and glad to hear that no one has ever discovered your spots. But I know plenty of guys who have had it happen and stopped posting pics altogether, or just post their crumbs and don't post the big slugs they're finding.
  9. IDdesertman

    Where do you see Gold?

    I hope it does go up.. but I'd guess it will stay in the 1050-1250 range for the next year or so.
  10. Kidgold, Electronics go down in price... go to the store today and buy the biggest, baddest television you can find, then try to sell it in a few years and see how much you get for it... nowhere near the price you paid thats for sure. If you've got one of those "useless and outdated" ML 5000's laying around, I'd be happy to take it off your hands...